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Why Eldar AV is OP

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

    use multimelta afd.jpg_large.jpg
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  2. Marat Al Fattakh data_angel Steam Early Access

    people will always find what to call OP in eldar race) Soon they will call the absence of eldar race OP as well. You can't win anything that do not exist)
  3. Till we have quantum internet speed is king in online games, surely everyone knows this? If you have speed -which Eldar have- you have the meta. Doesn't get much simpler than that.
  4. 1. Deploy as a, Fire Dragon.

    2. Grab a Serpent or a Falcon ... and maybe a player that's as psycho as you.

    3. Zip around, turning opposing players into roadkill.

    4. Park, pop out, pop an opposing vehicle, pop back in.

    5. Repeat 2-4.

    I'm the most (self-appointed) hated bitch in the Eldar faction :D:EldarDragon:
  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Ahh, the memories. I did that for quite a while, especially on Maggon, following the path of the Dragon.
    It is especially fun when you realize half the enemies can't even duel a Fusion-gun.

    Nowadays...there already are Dragons on every team and noone really fights back against us anymore, it just seems mean.

    Also, you need this (or something similar)
  6. Tuggers Tugnut Member

    Left the game some time ago.... played a few games remembered why i left.

    Any ways lets say the topic of this post is correct... they kill our tanks we kill theirs just as easy - Elder have the advantage in speed with out transports so still in there favor. played a game trying to keep me transport alive... to the point that i could not go close to the cap point and took 2 of us to keep it alive.... still did not work and was no point to it anyway as to keep the transport alive for any time had to hold so far back from cap point anyways.

    Anyways the game is dead to me... is a shame the game could of been sooo much more :(
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  7. Eldar killed the game 100%
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  8. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    Because the one rule when fighting against Eldar is to never stop your transport if your the driver. As soon as it has i can almost guarantee It's dead. Haywire bombs on Hawks are a way for them to make you stop, which is usually what a decent Eldar AV will do. A haywire hawk spotting for a WS of two dragons. You think it's bad on a rhino? Try having a transport you can't turn on the spot, or hide behind cover though that's AV in general not just Eldar.

    At least it's not Orks OP anymore.
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  9. JackleLantern Recruit

    It’s sort of a catch 22.

    Given the aerial domination, you need everyone to rush the point to have half a chance of getting inside to cap. To do this, you have to leave the transport. The second you leave the transport it dies. It’s an all or nothing approach but it’s what we got.

    Not to mention haywire makes the whole ‘moving it to avoid death’ thing kind of useless. Multiple times I’ve tried the strategy when the fire Drake’s come out, but 1 haywire grenade is all it takes if you’ve got 2-3 fire drakes on you. “But you should have defence!”

    Well except we have to cap the point, and to have a half decent chance of capping the point, everyone needs to leave the transport...

    And on and on and on.
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    2-3 Fire Dragons + 1 Hawk on your transport => 3-4 less people on the point, 3-4 less people you need and who could be defending the transport whilst still having equal numbers.

    Now all you need to do is watch the ledges around you and put two bullets in every Hawk that shows so they have to retreat before they can deal damage, not further acknowledging them (Do not stop moving to wait for a Hawk to come back out!), move together, ress your downed, get to the cap ASAP and you have a point.

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