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Why duz all dem gitz blame da orkz for dem bein bad at teamwurk?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by TheBigDakka, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    It dun' make no sense wot all dis blame bein' put on us orks jus' koz we da bes'. Sayin' wot we "ovapowa'd" coz we win all da time, NO YOO STOOPID GITZ! WE'Z WIN KOZ WE DA BES'! 'AN WE LISSEN TO OUR BOSS('S) WOT WEN DEY SHOUT ORDAZ AT US! 'An dat, iz why we winz, koz we LISSEN, wen sum git sez, "OI! I iz da biggest, so dat makes me da boss! 'An all you boyz iz gunna lissen to wot I sez!" 'An den us boyz we sez, "Well, yoo IZ da biggest, 'an yoo DUZ kno a lotta kno-wotz, arrite, I'z lissen!" Anywayz, wot I'z gittin' at iz. Yooz got all dat fancy flashy stuff wot makes yooz betta, and git all ya shiny bitz 'anded to yaz on silvery plattaz, ('An don't yooz dare sez yoo duzn't!) But, yooz neva beat da orkz kozza two reazuns.

    1: We lissen to wot our bosses sez, koz deyz da boss 'an wot we iznt.


    Tranzlay.. Tranzy... 'Umie speak fer yoo gitz wot too stoopid to unna'stan' orky:

    A lot of matches I've played in, all the other races seem to blame orks for being overpowered in SOME different aspect, spoiler alert; we really aren't. We have a lot of broken points that have never even been THOUGHT about being fixed, but this isn't the case here. The main reason we win, is because ork players aren't just ork players, we LITERALLY have the mindsets of an ork. Meaning that when an authority figure comes in, we listen to them, cause clearly they are superior to us and are worth listening to. Also, unlike most of you people who like to complain, I actually HAVE tried experiencing the other side of it, and it is HORRIBLE, the LSM has so many new recruits that they're either too busy learning the game or just not caring to follow orders, CSM is too busy yelling insults at their own players or teabagging someone after an execution to even follow objectives (let alone orders), and as for eldar, well I'll admit I haven't touched eldar, because that would make me the biggest traitor to Gork and Mork (Or is it Mork and Gork?) even if for the sake of testing things out. You also like to REALLY complain about pre-mades, well there is a simple solution to that, JOIN A BLOODY GUILD, AND PLAY LIKE A DAMN TEAM.
  2. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member


    I'd Orkify this, but i want to get the points across.

    They do say they hate premades. However. They want me to not play the game socially, as it was intended?

    They do say we're OP. Though, no matter what weapons get nerfed from the Noise, It's indeed our teamwork that makes us win, and so we'd still find a way. The only way (To steal a term from CSM) They'll win the Long War, is if something or everything's nerfed to the point there are no Ork players anymore. It took how long for the PC to get a nerf compared to the Rokkit? And how the Rokkit was?

    new LSM players think the games won by killing the Xenos, which it's not. Sure, you can clear a point, but You jus' told da boyz wer ya are an' 'ow gud da fightin' iz!
  3. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    See datz my point bout da premades, if ya gettin' angry bout all dem guilds wot usin' TEAMWURK, den kleerly datz sayin' sumfin' wot yoo shud heed!

    'Umie Speek: If you get salty because a guild, or more accurately, an Organised TEAM, ruins your little solo run around, JOIN ONE, AND FIGHT AS A TEAM, Battles aren't won by several gits running around all unorganised, it's won with TEAMWORK and CO-OPERATION. Even if you play PvE with a bunch of randoms, you will find it shockingly hard to do well without organised co-operation.
  4. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    As a Blood Axe it always make me wunda why da uva beakies don't all wurk togeva on dis rok. Afta all, dey get a single boss tellin' em 'ow to be roight propa. Da tiny 'umie boyz lissen to da wuns wiv da big 'ats too! Maybe it's cuz, and dis is me tryin' to sound like a brianboy 'ere, maybe it's cuz dey is all wun size! So da gits don't 'ave a clue as to oo's in charge of dem!

    Lotta Muckin about, if ya ask me.
  5. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Salt ain't got nothin on you Boyz.

    I've played many a casual game with Orks. Their PuG crowd is outstanding. On the level of CSM no doubt. They are honestly one of the few races that regularly does better without guilds.
  6. After pugging on Orks tonight, it was so fucking terrible and souring. Calling out transport locations and such... Generally met with effectively "no u" as a response. Total shutouts are usually rare but they happened many times tonight. (Attacking team cannot even take a first node). Hopefully it was just a bad night ... all night. Had one victory as Orks and it was somehow by defending Maggon.

    Oh and of course most every match had an outnumbered opponent. Thanks blessed matchmaking.

    Another surprise, most matches were also against LSM warparties making up a good portion of the matchups.
  7. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    It's a shame I haven't seen an Eldar que as one of da boyz in ... ages actually
  8. Guess you haven't played tonight. Surprising number of Ork v Eldar matches just now. More than one even! Unfortunately the Ork teams stood no chance at all.
  9. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    Shame that. Did we have double one or something?

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