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Why Does The Iron Hands Get No Love Here?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Barsabbas, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. That leaves the real question of "what's he doing while he waits for them to find them all?"
  2. Vulkan is supposedly guarding some kind of gate which of yet has been mentioned little in the lore and was only mentioned twice in the Vulkan Lives book. The lore behind the Tome of Fire states that once the Salamanders have recovered all 9 artifacts he will return to take charge of the Chapter once more. On top of this Vulkan and Corax both asked Ferrus to pull back with them to let the fully armed 4 legions behind them have a turn at the glory. It was Ferrus who desired to charge straight up the middle knowing that the Salamanders and the Raven Guard were pulling out.

    I like the Iron Hands especially in Vulkan Lives Ferrus seem to be a more than honorable Primarch but he was also far to head strong which is what led to his death. That's a very basic rough over view of what happened I only know this from the Salamander point of view of course as I run a Salamander Chapter on the 360 and have all the books.
  3. kernowstig Member

    Ferrus was headstrong and the Raven Guard and Vulkan weren't cowardly they just lacked resolve. After the hard won success of their initial offensive on Istvaan V Ferrus saw the opportunity to press the attack and defeat the traitor legions. You have to remember that at this crucial point in the battle no one had any idea that the 'loyalist' legions waiting in reserve were about to turn traitor. Ferrus wished to press their advantage, smash the traitor legions and take the fight directly to Horus. In theory it was a sound idea with a good chance of success, indeed had it been successful the Horus Heresy would have ended there and then. Corax and Vulkan were more cautious and wanted to withdraw, regroup and wait for the reinforcements from the other legions to arrive. Of course when this support arrived.....

    As for Ferrus being killed by the 'fairy boy' Fulgrim well this is a common misinterpretation of what actually happened. Manus, having decided to press the attack, accompanied by his elite company of Morlock terminators smashed their way directly through the centre of the Emporer's Children legion,(apparently the Emperor's finest warriors) and Fulgrim's own Phoenix Guard. Fulgrim was already falling under the power of the Slaanesh demon within his Laeran blade. Having watched his 'perfect' legion fail to deny the loyalists a landing zone and then take a hammering from the Iron Hands was becoming too much for the fairy primarchs vanity and ambition. During their battle the Phoenix and the Gorgon were evenly matched, the speed and finesse of Fulgrim's blade countering the power and ferocity of Manus's hammer. It was only after they had fought each other to a stand still that Fulgrim's control finally crumbled and the demon within the Laeran blade took over filling Fulgrim's body with warp energy and demonic strength and killing Manus. Fulgrim was and always had been weak. He was too proud, too vain, too ambitious and too selfish all of which made him weak and easy prey for the powers of chaos. It was the demon within the Laeran blade that killed Manus. Fulgrim was merely a flesh puppet, the last shreds of his sanity looking on in horror from the darkest corners of his psyche as the demon of Slaneesh possessed his body and killed his brother. It could be said that both Manus and Fulgrim died on Istvaan V.
  4. Barsabbas Active Member

    Thank you for the respectful post. I always feel pity for any primarch to die unless its Russ Or Roboute or dorn or fulgrim.
  5. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    Technically Fulgrim didn't die. When he killed Ferrus, he was filled with so much guilt that the daemon promised him he oblivion (or was it death? I can't remember) but instead the daemon locked Fulgrim out of his body, as Fulgrim was forced to watch the decapitation of Ferrus and all the other events that happened after that.
  6. Barsabbas Active Member

    I thought Fulgrim was back in control of his body mow?
  7. *why do the iron hands get no love here*

    get ur grammar right, this isnt a doge thread.
  8. Barsabbas Active Member

    Listen Muppet stop being a twat.
  9. He is. Or, at least, the Emperor's Children are convinced that he is (as at the current point in the Horus Heresy series).
  10. Barsabbas Active Member

    Thank you for the insight.

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