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Why do Ranged have the better Melee skill then melee classes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Trooper909, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    As the title says,To elaborate.

    Ranged guys are total beasts at melee,better then a guy who trained his whole life to kill with a with a melee weapon.I mean they can block a mace with an electric field around it with a knife,what more evidence do you need?

    To be serous for a moment,Melee are totally under performing.As any core class,shooter,tactical,avenger etc I destroy melee classes in melee.Its dumb and I feel bad for them.They light attack I Dbash and shoot them in the face,they heavy attack I shoot them in the face during the wind up.If the poor git has no gun I just back peddle and watch as he his blows just miss me,I can kite him for days.
    If that wasn't bad enough I can go toe to toe easily with a combat knife.At the moment you might as well get one of the unique knifes on core class if you like to melee and have a decent gun to boot.This shouldn't be so.
    I even killed a JPA as a loota once,alright he was bad but it should never happen.

    Also Melee has to have the best weapons from 30k crates to go from total suck arse to mediocre (at best) in most cases.I mean god forbid a new guy comes into the game and goes strait on a melee class.
    I know some of you guys say you can make it work and will show a heavily edited video of your cherry picked best kills and say its fine you just have to have skill but that is B/S.Also I know Eldar melee sort of works but they are sneaky and you can't hear them (or see in the scorps case) coming so they can 1shot you from behind but the toe to toe races are broken.

    I could propose fixes but with a melee system overhaul on the way maybe there is no point,Just wanted to share my 2 penny's.
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  2. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    Because the devs dont know how to balance melee.
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  3. Morguemeat Morguemeat Active Member

    This was me, either the first or second round after getting the only decent melee weapon Orks seem to have. Melee can be great, you just have to play smart.

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  4. Alb - Alb Alb Steam Early Access

    There's a few things I would like to see changed.

    1) The durability system sucks. Durability loss on winning clangs also sucks a lot. I would prefer if it was replaced with damage. So if 2 people clang, the one with the higher impact simply does damage equal to the difference (significant health loss). If both are equal, they both lose significant health. That's it.
    2) Ranged shooting into melee is a huge problem. Melee has some animations that take time to wind up, and that gives anyone outside of the engagement a free, easy to hit target. Ranged pot-shotters constantly ruin otherwise good melee fights. Those that are stuck in melee need some kind of protection from ranged classes, to the point where it would be better to pull out the knife instead of trying to shoot.
    - I've talked about an idea where melee attacks could produce short lived "melee clouds" when someone hits an enemy in melee. Anyone inside the cloud would take considerably less ranged damage, as well as do considerably less ranged damage (or have terrible accuracy).
    3) At the very least, implement a cooldown between performing a melee move and shooting a gun.
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  5. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    I've seen that video before and it is what inspired me to get the burny choppa myself and get some choppy bizzo done.Also some other ones.

    You have to admit that that is an ideal situation.Unaware enemys that don't know the melee system that mostly come at you one by one.Not saying I'm great and I'm not saying you are bad but if one of those tacs was me or anyone with experience you would have been dead again not because you are bad but because the system is broken.I think this was made when the game first went f2p and those were stock guys,the Apoc didn't even have the healing nade the ground assault had the standard chain sword etc.

    You see my point with having to have the burny choppa or go home though.Its dumb.

    Again no disrespect intended.
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  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    I'd also like Dbash to be melee only,it makes no sense ranged have everything melee have and good a gun as well.
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  7. mew282 mew282 Recruit

    The best way to buff melle I feel would be to just buff the TTK across the board.
  8. Morguemeat Morguemeat Active Member

    I honestly haven't noticed much skill difference with the release of Free To Play, but that's just my experience though. Marines will be marines.

    It's pretty sad that we have to rely on a Unique to actually do well in melee for the most part. When I first started using the Burny Choppa I was amazed with how much it felt like older iterations of melee that I personally liked more. TTK felt more in line all around.
  9. There are plenty of times where I am on a melee class and get wrekt by another melee who is more skilled with it than I am. There are plenty of matches I have played where melee classes dominate the match, overwhelming a team of mostly ranged players by catching them offguard and taking advantage of the chaos. If you take d bash away from any class it will make it too easy for melee and hurt balance. It makes sense that guns should be able to shoot melee in the face. I disagree that melee are useless, tell that to the khorne berserker warbands that steamroll ppl. I normally use melee just to distract and delay the enemy so my team can push the lines, other then that I use it to watch my teams backs and hold off other melee from breaking our formations, like when I am on defence, guarding confined areas with capture points. I think the problem is that a lot of ppl want to play melee to rack up kills, but can't stand the fact that a middle-ground ranged class can sucessfully defend themselves 1v1. If you go around trying to 1v1 ppl as a melee then chances are you are not playing the class right to begin with. They should require more skill to play considering you have to contend with actual guns.

    I don't think the melee system is perfect, the dbash doesn't always work, and the clanging system seems to be buggy at times. In a 1v1 melee encounter it does favor melee over ranged in most cases because as a ranged the dbash is the only hope u have to survive the encounter because if your weapon breaks you might be screwed, idealy you should try to last as long as possible and hope for backup to come help you out.

    The basic shooter class needs to be able to actually stand a chance against melee, as well as long ranged, where as the heavy weapons class are the ones that are easy kills at melee range since they are on opposite end of the pvp spectrum.
    If you can't beat a heavy weapon ranged class in a pvp encounter with a melee character, then I'm sorry for you. When you go to fight the medium range classes just know that they actually have a chance to defend themselves and come out on top, instead of assuming that you should get an easy kill like you would against a heavy/long ranged class.
    There has to be some balance between the two extremes and that is it, melee own heavy/long ranged classes in 1v1 melee range. The middle ground calss is in the middle and therefore stands a fair chance against either of them, where as the long ranged destroys melee at long range. Guns vs. swords, think about it.

    I have seen ranged only players ask that melee gets nerfed in ways that would make melee only players cringe, such as adding friendly fire to melee(also a horrible suggestion imo). How do you think that would play out if we all just catered to one crowd of class loyalists over the other? Plenty of ranged only players that say melee is OP so I can't help but wonder about these kinds of threads.

    Dispite having said all that I could understand and agree with the possibly of bringing down the durability of knives so that they at least break against swords and axes more often.
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  10. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Because ranged stamped their feet, cried and got the brainless easymode shooter clone they always wanted to the detriment of the games overall health, well being and life span?

    Yeah that's what happened.

    This is nothing new, Ranged have been over performing for months on end, well before the "Tactical Escalation" that was put in place when it didn't need to be as the devs themselves confirmed that Ranged have been over performing the entire time. They simply had a louder, whinier voice than anyone else so they got Melee nerfed into extinction, Ranged buffed into the stratosphere so only the foolish, or too stubborn remain playing Melee stayed.

    These people are probably just too stubborn or too stupid to give up the hope.

    Over 2 months ago after the Tactical Escalation "Ranged Heresy Content Update Patch 1.3 which should have been hot fixed out immediately but wasn't because we needed the learning / skill curve to be low for F2P to players on the recent marketing campaign who are used to the Ranged meta in other games.

    Soon to be 4 months later after the "2 month road map" completes, once these newly acquired customers are hooked and have bought into the game to have the Melee system apparently "re worked" to allow Melee more of an advantage in their specialized area over Ranged, which is of cause supposed to be Melee.

    And so continues the farce that is Ranged vrs Melee.

    However, the Noah Ward protects - Faith is the guttering spark that fans my existence.

    Till then Melee must suffer the miserable, grueling pain filled ordeal that is their craft, and weather the endless bolt storm and jacked up Ranged favoured mechanics.

    On the other side of that storm only the most stubborn and hardened Melee warriors will remain, and there will be a reckoning.
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