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Why do Elites require 2 credit purchases or over-buying?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShadowMage, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. right, I honestly was shocked when the first pricings were out. I still believe everything is 3x overpriced (unless they orientate themselves on the swiss market...then it would be spot on)

    from my 120k RTC I have spent only 19k so far...and thats only because I am a MkVI fanatic (each transaction made my brain hurt but I needed those armor pieces ^^)
    So the rest is sitting there waiting to get spent, but I am not stupid and throwing around money for something which I could buy as a better looking physical plastic miniature.
    For anything else I've only spent my earned faction RTC.
  2. ShadowMage ShadowMage Active Member

    Yeah, but I wasn't expecting just a skin that hamper your loadout.

    I've made this point elsewhere in this thread. I've been pretty patient with Behaviour over the years. But this is just insulting to me.
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