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Why do Elites require 2 credit purchases or over-buying?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShadowMage, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. ShadowMage ShadowMage Active Member


    You cannot straight-up buy 25k in RTPs... You either have to buy 21k and 4k in two transactions or you have to buy 56k and grossly over-spend.

    Really, I think just 20k would be a lot more reasonable as it would just be $20 and you get a 1k "bonus" with it.

    Also this update broken my melee specs because Sluggas can no longer equip med paks...

    Edit: Also, why is it literally just a skin locked to a un-changable loadout? Why does it cost $25 if the main schtick of the class is unlockable FOR FREE?!
  2. so 21k pack + 1 referral ^^
  3. I. Macha jassz Firebrand

    It's because "FUCK YOU GIBME MONIES" that's why. It's all deliberate
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  4. Welcome to F2P models.
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  5. ShadowMage ShadowMage Active Member

    Except, not only have I bought the game, I was a founder for a large sum of money and I still get screwed.
    And I guess I wouldn't have AS MUCH of an issue with it if the Elite class purchases I made before the game launched weren't revoked and made unobtainable. ...So yeah...
  6. Jaywalker Jaywalker Steam Early Access

    Just earn the missing 4k from campaigns. Those skins are still part of faction specific cosmetics, not an account service.
  7. Didn't they refund you RTC for anything you bought early on and got changed/dropped? Or did they give you actual money back?
  8. ShadowMage ShadowMage Active Member

    They refunded it, I'm sure. But as far as I can tell, I was never really given the opportunity to purchase the elite class with the RTP I had before.

    Essentially I had RTP, spend them before the game launched. That stuff got revoked.
    Then I got the game as was like... "What the fuck is there event to buy with RTP?" So cosmetics, lots of cosmetics.
    Well, now there's other stuff, but fuck me I guess. I never realized there would be elite classes (I thought that would just be covered by AP stuff).
  9. Eh, as far as I know you can buy it with Faction RTC that you can earn for free over time. Plus look at it this way, that Elite is an unmoddable skin version. You're stuck with that gear. You can equip the stealth wargear on a Slugga Vet(to my knowledge) and have more control over your build without spending RTC, you just won't look like that.
  10. ShadowMage ShadowMage Active Member

    If it's effectively just a skin, then why the ZOG does it cost $25?!

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