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Why are we crazy and giving 5K or 10K RTC? Trading cards? News!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, May 26, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    (Repost from Steam)

    Yes, we've always been crazy, or at the very least, mildly insane. It comes with the territory. This isn't one of those moments.

    We do frequent changes to our packages, pricing, and setup with the Steam store team, as our business model simply doesn't fit very well. Steam has been great and helped us out with a lot of special requests and unorthodox setups, and part of the effort of cleaning up the old and making things future proof.

    Some packs have had the same 20K RTC "DLC"

    That is not good, as if you say, bought Squadron, then went for Imperium as well - since Imperium is a $50 packages containing $100 of RTC and items - then you might not have gotten the RTC in your second Imperium purchase.

    This is about to be fixed. Don't worry. If you contacted support before and got your RTC, we're sorry for this, and if you end up with more RTC, it's all yours. We're nice like that.

    Part of that transition, as well as separating Squadron and Imperium from the basic RTC Credit pack that have a built-in discount, we're increasing the amount of RTC coming with Squadron and Imperium to enhance its value. It will now be 25K RTC in both.

    So if you ever bought one of those two, you are now getting 5K, or 10K RTC if bought both when you log in.

    I guess we are accidentally nice again. Sorry, it won't happen again.

    For those of you that bought the game recently, you may have noticed a lack of Trading cards and such. That is also because of our complicated setup, as our full version of the game configuration is a DLC on top of the Limited free version.

    Steam fixed this yesterday, so now all our DLCs that are above $9 will drop cards again.

    News on move, Eldar, and degradation of performance

    In other news, we just moved to a new office last weekend and are now getting up to speed. So we're preparing some small deployments, such as the Legionnaire (flaming guy) and further fixes and improvements.

    We've also noticed a slow degradation of service, which we are investigating. If you have experienced a massive change - as in massive, please submit a bug report to us, describing:
    1. WHEN it started degrading.
    2. WHERE you are in the world with your SteamID
    3. WHAT degraded (Ping up 100ms? Rubber banding? Special map?Framerate)
    And last, but certainly not least. Eldar campaign is in preparation. It is weeks out as we do changes to the setup of the campaigns, and we are waiting for all the unique rewards for it that are delayed. I'd rather wait than half-ass it.

    The changes specifically are to provide small goals for the other factions, while the big campaign is still Eldar and as glorious as the others.

    This will help to provide a bit more targets on all sides, as you can play the Eldar campaign, and jump back to your other factions for a little something-something.

    The campaigns will work better, and the matchmaker won't break, as to be quite honest, the faction focused offering, and in-game campaign coordinated efforts were simply too successful for us.

    We wanted people to try the other factions, and with all the doubts that nobody would ever play faction X and everyone plays faction Y, we were pleasantly surprised to see our system bombed disproving that theory.

    That's all, for now, crusaders, in our efforts to be eternally yours, we try to improve and be better people. Sometimes. Not really, we're all evil. Stop it, Nathan. No. Yes, It's Friday. OK.

    Nathan Richardssons
    Senior Producers
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  2. @KatieFleming oi, Nathan hacked your Forum Login again! "GlittergrenadeXD" wansn't the best password to come up with, you know?
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  3. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Oh good news. I will be able to easily afford the Squad pack if my new job comes through!
  4. Ultrarius Ultragoy Drill Abbott

    Can elaborate more?
  5. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    Does this mean you are crazy enough to give my Eldar some more cosmetic choices?! :D

    If not I will be happy to introduce you to some Chaos gods that might get you there. My species created at least one of them... :EldarDragon:

    Seriously, though. Nice to see some info and I am excited for the Eldar campaign.

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