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Why a higher TTK could be healthy for EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. I am not talking about what weapon to nerf or what class to buff, but general the beneftis and disadvantages of a higher TTK.
    Currently, the TTK is quite low, even for our "tough" classes the Meta is to play very, very carefull if they don't want to waste their lives away.

    So, my suggestion would be to bring TTK up quite a bit. Before 1.3 we had something like 11 Boltshots(Body) to kill. And i think this was a good one, a vanilla character without wargear (for the good, like better armor, or bad, like Mark of Tzeentch) should take roughly this damage before he gets downed, or even more.

    What would that mean for our gameplay?


    o More time in combat situations
    Just ask yourself, when is EC fun? It's those moment's of thrill when you spot someone and he spots you. When you bring up everything you brought with you, try to bait him into a bad move, take advantage of something you payed LP for, when you help a teammate and he barly survives and is another gun for the comming assault, when you try to figure out the next move of your opponent in the RPS System and counter it. Nobody is in EC to show off his skins, or to chat, or to drive round vehicles without beeing in combat Situations, or? With a higher TTK, you can stay much longer in those situations, which for me is equal to more fun

    o Less Waiting Times
    This is more or less the exact opposite of the things above. Nobody buys EC (or tries it in F2P) To see... Respawn Screens or running up to the capture point, as your transport was blown up again. These times where you are out of combat should be kept as small as possible imho

    o New-Player friendly
    With the new F2P Model we get a lot of new Players. And the more time they spent in combat, the more they learn and the more will advance to a better playstyle. If you always just die and barly know why, you can't improve but only get frustrated and move on.

    o Lag compensation
    Nathan aknowledged this as a top priority, the Top 10 Issues with EC Survey he made also showed Lag as a relevant problem of EC.
    Lag combined with a short TTK leads to a lot of "WTF?!" moments, where you die out of nowhere from health. This feels unfair and dampens fun a lot. A higher TTK doesn't fix lag, you will still be in a disadvantage, but you have now the chance to escape, seek cover, maybe come back... otherwise you are just back to your respawn screen... neat

    o More Team / Tactical Play
    "The heck has this to do with TTK?" You ask? Let me as support player tell you what i mean: I can heal. That's my classes main job, to heal people and bring them up so they can fight again (Combat situations instead of respawn screen) But i can't do that if my allies die so quickly (If they don't take long till they are downed, a few more shots are enough to kill their bleed-meter too) So they are not just less in combat, but support-classes also becomes less usefull.
    For other Situations, you can't wait for backup if you die before it. you can't retread and regroup if you die before you realize it's pointless.

    o More Lore-accurate?
    Some people complain about that their all so powerfull characters in the lore die much too quickly. For me not a real complaint, but you have to listen to the masses i guess...?


    o Weapons would feel weaker:
    Of course, if your opponent get's tankier, your weapon feels weaker. It's totally possible that people then only go for the highest DPS Weapons and class variety is gone again

    o No solo Heroes:
    With short TTK (and if lag doesn't cripple you) you of course have the chance to eliminate someone, before he can get help, if you pick them out 1 by 1 you can rambo a whole capture point. That would be harder, as people could regroup more often. For me that wouldn't be a problem, and afaik also the dev's want teamplayers, less lone-wolfs, but those wolfs would become less effective and dislike this change of course.

    o Game could become slow-paced
    Right now, 1 successfull push is enough to clear a capture point, cap it and go on. With higher TTK we would have more "trench-battles" where you exchange a lot of shots, and progress is slower. Some people like the fast gameplay more i guess.

    o Guild vs Pug could become even harder
    Right now it's totally possible that you score some lucky shots and kill someone who moves in with his guild. This weakens the squad and makes it maybe bearable for the defenders of the capture point. With higher TTK, also Guilds could become even more dominating. Could be bad, i dunno

    TL;DR: Higher TTK is more time in combat, more time in Combat is more fun, but weapons would feel weaker

    But, as always, this is just my point of view and why i would embrace a higher TTK overall.
    What do you think? Anything i missed? Any oversights?
    If you disagree, please bring up arguments on why you think so, im not too sure myself, convince me :)

    @NoahWard (As we talked about TTK recently)
    @Oveur (As i think it's your interest in keeping F2P peeps around)
  2. Kurze spunkymonkeySK Subordinate

    I'm not going to go into detail.
    There are pros and cons to both high and low TTK.

    The only thing I will say is this - for a new player a low TTK makes it so they can score kills. With a high TTK the experienced player usually has time to react and win.
    Yes low TTK results in dieing quickly in many annoying ways, but it gives the newer player a more level playing field.

    I can work with whatever they give us, but personally would welcome a very slight increase in ranged TTK.
    I think this would come if they'd just sort out the pen values and toughness - the last change didn't make much sense to me.

    However the low TTK promotes sticking together a bit more (not for all the right reasons unfortunately!).
    High TTK let's lonewolf players split off from the pack.

    Meh, whatever they decide - it will help some and hurt others!
  3. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I don't like wasting 70% of clip to down a singular player.

    Current TTK is fine, if anything, weapons/mods are not valuable enough and armor/survivability wargear is overpriced for what it provides.
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  4. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    For range players.
  5. The game can still be fast paced and the weapons can still feel great.
    All they need to do is improve the visual and audio feedback when hitting someone with a weapon/gun, thats really all you need, unless the TTK is longer than like 3 seconds.
    Increase HP and Armor by like 30%, thats all they need to do.
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  6. I am all for raising the base ttk back up to 11 bolts. I think that puts the toughest and most durable non-vet at 16 bolts.

    Lowering the TTK as much as they did is what made everything seem broken. Raising the base back up is the easiest way to make things not broken.
  7. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    The game isn't actually balanced around how many bolter rounds it takes to kill someone, is it?
  8. No, that's just a well known forumla from before the patch ;)
  9. I'm using bolter because it's what I use as the "standard" weapon. I'm assuming all other weapons keep their relative damage to the bolter.
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  10. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Why did you just say, "No, but yes."?

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