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Who Will You Enjoy Killing The Most?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thalias Blackhammer, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. larrence larrs Curator

    I IZ LOOKIN FORWARD TO KILL THEM CHAOS. I know chaos marines are just like space marines except they are corrupt. That is why I hope chaos demons come out as a playable sub faction. I would love to fight the demons.
  2. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    Orks. Orks is tasty.
  3. Failsnake Failsnake Subordinate

    Bah you should'nt be picky you should kill everyone from every race even your own , a kill is a kill after all . And a good enemy is a dead enemy .
  4. Dunther Dunther Subordinate

    Nurgle cares not who is killed by his Plagues
  5. Chompster Chompster Subordinate

    the Emperor's wrath will be bestowed equally upon all those who stand against us.

    though if the Crimson Fists ever make it into the game the Orks are going to have an especially bad time..
  6. PalmerC PalmerC Subordinate

    Orks of course they are the bane of the Biel-Tan. Must be exterminated from the galaxy. (And green is our color! lol)
  7. Dis ork iz gunna 'njoy stompin on da speece panzies! Da humies fight at least!
  8. zok uprising Subordinate

    I love hunting chaos, and impaling them on my boneblades!!
  9. belevan belevan Subordinate

  10. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    Weedy beaky advice aint wurf nuffin. Prepare for a crumpin smurfette!

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