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Who Should We Stomp First

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GorgutzEadUnter, Sep 25, 2014.


Who are you most excited to STOMP

  1. Dem humies (Space marines)

  2. Spikey boyz (Chaos)

  3. Puny Eldar (Eldar)

  1. Stelff Stelff Subordinate

    Dis is Stelff 'ere, i am gonna try an' spy on da stupid 'oomans an' see what deer plan is. WAAAGH!!! If we hit em 'ard and fast wiv red den dey won't no wat hit em... HeHeHeHeHe
  2. I 'ope ya mean az a kommando and not a stinkin' playa-sneaka wot pretends ter be on da udda team. Dat'z not only bad gamin', dat'z unorky!
  3. Stelff Stelff Subordinate

    Of corse as a Kommando ya stupid GIT! I wuld neva betray us!
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  4. 'Ad ter ask. It wun't long ago dat one git in anuvva race's forum posted a thread wot sed dey shud aktooly hack ter win. Evah since den, I sed ter meself I'z gunna be extra kareful ter keep an eye out fer gitz dat ain't gunna do da right fing.

    Ya understand dat?
  5. Is I an Ork! Raaaagh!!! (tosses biker troll like the puny umie he is) mouthy little git he was. I didn't say we couldn't win iz just we needz ta be cunning bout it dis time since we orks iz usually not in dis sorta position.
  6. So'z you just be sayin dat you'z scared of da umies cuz da fink since day have mur den us day are stronger!?
    You sur iz a yella belly Ork aint cha
  7. The only course of action would be to utterly destroy eldar. This would throw balance out of the window, and the first few weeks of the game would be complete orky destruction.
  8. Da spess merines be da biggest an' da baddest! Rukk dem first!
  9. (Facepalm) I don't even know why i botha anymore. Okay i'll say dis ONE MOR TIME! We iz gonna be outnumbered, we know dis. Iz gonna win? a course wez da Orks afta all. Dat being said we cant fight dis war like pee brained squigs. Wez got ta be tougher, meaner, greener, AND YES more cunning den evar before. Now if you don't want ta listen to da most successful warlord in all da verse fine. Go riding in on your poncy bike all alone. You'll be one dead nob before you can say Waaagh!!!.
  10. Works for Meh, For an of you boyz dat dunt wanna juzt zit arund and wait till someone wurks up da gutz to fight fullow me. Wez will start off gettin sum eadz for meh pole und makin da other races fear da orks even mur den they do now! WAAAGH!!!!
    Da rest of youz can sit here und wait till dis grot finks its safe to join da fight.

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