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Who Should We Stomp First

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GorgutzEadUnter, Sep 25, 2014.


Who are you most excited to STOMP

  1. Dem humies (Space marines)

  2. Spikey boyz (Chaos)

  3. Puny Eldar (Eldar)

  1. Ay, tatz an option to.
  2. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    Ya. And da first minifigurinz of meganobz was a Nob in a humie armor. ;)
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  3. I tink wez shud stomp da Orks cuz I tink wez shud stomp da Orks.

    For the WAAAGHemperor!
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  4. Da rate wez goin wez alrdy gunna do dat
  5. Zoatibix Zoatibix Preacher

    Well, i say we give those Beakie chaps a damn good thrashing.

    It seems there will be more than enough of them for us all to have plenty of them to bash. Additionally, i have always found them to be worthy adversaries, jolly good fun to fight, wot?

    The Pansies...well i don't think there will be very many of them. Plus they don't seem very keen on a good stand up fight. I mean have you read any of their forums? It's all flanking, and tactical withdrawls, ad nauseum. Very un-Orky. *sniff*

    Obviously we all enjoy a good scrap around the campfire but with a legion of Beakies to take on i suspect we won't get much time for that sort of thing.
  6. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    We'z been doin' dat fer a long time now. It's wot we do. As I always says, dere ain't no better enemy ter fight, dan anuvva ork, because orks is meant fer fightin.

    Also, I find your lack of exclamation point at the end of WAAAGH!... disturbing....
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  7. I wan a hit somefin else ten anoter boy. Me like to smash some space elves.
  8. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Me plan ez ta get dem umie gitz en one place, den stomp den good! Dem pointy earz ez gonna be sneaky though. Gotz ta make sure dey don't ruin da WAAAGH!!! befer et getz ta da good partz.
  9. I findz ur gud gramer n puntugatun kind uh weard its gud enuf to be a humie.

  10. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Not oll Orkz gotz bad strukture! Uz Freebootaz ez da best wiff big 'ard wurdz n runty complikated wurdz...


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