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Who Should We Stomp First

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GorgutzEadUnter, Sep 25, 2014.


Who are you most excited to STOMP

  1. Dem humies (Space marines)

  2. Spikey boyz (Chaos)

  3. Puny Eldar (Eldar)

  1. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    It´z more funny to kill da Space Marinez. And we can loot there tanks. Da tanks of Da spikey boyz are strange and the tanks of da eldars are not easy to loot.

    And Da Space Marinez are more numerous than Da other on Arkhona.
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  2. I don't care. Iff I can get zome more dakka an loot zome nice fings ten I don't care o we attak first.
  3. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    Ya, but if you want more dakka, attack Da faction which haz' da more tanks and Dakka. More loot.
  4. I be 'ith da smart boy der! Da 'ore der be da 'ore we get ta dakka and den loot!
  5. Youz obviously neva been in a fight against a kommando or fur dat matta a Warlord. Har har har if youz think youz hard enough Ill ram ya inta da dirt along wit dat poncy bike a' yourz. Now shut ya Gob else ill give ya a painful lesson in Ork kulture!
  6. If Iz didn't be promisin sum Smelly Spikey boyz dat day gunna be da first uns to be krushed under meh bike, I would be stompin all ovur yur face ya squig

    Yu'z All be weak und be kowards fur finking dat wez need to fight dem umies und dem skinny uns by demselves,

    We'z da Orks!
    We'z fight dem all und wez will win cuz we is green and all da orks know

    Green is da bezt colur
  7. Bu'losh 'Eadcraka Bulosh Active Member

    (Fixed that for you)


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  8. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    Stomp Space Marinez---> next stomp the ozher.

    Da humies is like Da grot: easy to stomp.
  9. Get da weakst onez out o' da way so we can get ta da good fights!
  10. But da space elves has nice shini dakka an flashy telaportas which we can uze to strike da 'umies quikly.
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