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Who Should We Stomp First

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GorgutzEadUnter, Sep 25, 2014.


Who are you most excited to STOMP

  1. Dem humies (Space marines)

  2. Spikey boyz (Chaos)

  3. Puny Eldar (Eldar)

  1. *Sniffs the air* Oi, I smell panzi?*Stares intently at Mngwa* Do ya see any panzi?
  2. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Roight ere ez why ya kan't ave dem pointy earz en a propah WAAAGH!!!. Sneakin' bout wiff no good flash o bitz ta loot.
    *pulls out wraithbone chunk, and proceeds to eat*
    Ez good eatin' dat ez.
  3. Oi
    All You boyz ain't finking all big like!

    Why'z are you finking to small, We'z got dakka, wez got bikes, and wez haz a lot of Red.
    We'z can just fight and ztart krumpin anyfing dat moves dat ain't a Ork!
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  4. Wahéhéhéhé, soundz az a plan. Juzt stomp tem all. Stomp tem; kill tem, chop tem. Da world is ourz an tey won't ztop uz. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
  5. Dar be a nid im our group, Iz confuzed if wez outta stump on da bug or watch his kills ztuff befor we krump him
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  6. Ill show ya da tis bug iz az good in killin az te oter boyz. ;) Ya now da da bug iz 'ere already a long time do ya?
  7. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    It's cuz' you ain't cunnin' enough, if we'z finking big like, dem 'umies will be fightin' erryone 'ere, dem poncy Eldar will be too busy bein' poncy, and dem smelly spikey boyz will be fightin' the ovvah 'umies.

    If we'z cunnin', which we is, we krump da 'umies first. Dere's more of 'em dan anyone else, and everyone else 'ere hates dere' guts! Ha!
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  8. Youz tryin to be All sneaky like, Bein Sneaky ain't Orky, Wez all gotta be Brutal and cunning not cunning and Brutal to ssmash all des grotz at da zame time
  9. Gwah! As da prophet of da Waaagh I feelz like itz me duty ta set you straight. Orks are brutally cunning and cunningly brutal. Just like Gork an Mork after all kommando's are sneaky, dez da sneaky'est! but dey be Orky too just ina different way.
  10. Youz Fink youz da Bozz of me? dem kommandos are just a sneaky lot dat are allz cowardly wretches dat dun't know how to fight all proper like.
    Imma krump youz good on me bike when wez get in the fightin pitz you weak little grot

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