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Who Should We Stomp First

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GorgutzEadUnter, Sep 25, 2014.


Who are you most excited to STOMP

  1. Dem humies (Space marines)

  2. Spikey boyz (Chaos)

  3. Puny Eldar (Eldar)

  1. Sigh... Dis right ere is why most nobz stay nobz and die before dey can get any bigger. Youz never gunna be any kinda boss ignoring da teaching of Mork. But don't worry your little head one bit. Daddy Ghazghkull will stomp 'em all before youz even get a chance har har.
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  2. If youz not just gunna be sittin around all day finkin if itz safe, Imma go und juzt start krumpin sum weak lil Gitz
  3. Stelff Stelff Subordinate

    Ya i gotz it
  4. Flashgit Git Cipher

    Gun straight for the Space Marines and loot everything.
  5. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Why ez wez so worked up bout hoo were gonna Krump furst? End da end, wez gonna krump all da ovah gitz! Den were gonna krump each ovah! Den wez gonna move on ta da next planet!
  6. Grimgrub Dregdakka SneakyGit Arkhona Vanguard

    krump da Spikey Boyz first! They'z propa 'ard and make for a gudder fight! Plus deir kit makes extra flashy loot.
  7. nikel nikel Arkhona Vanguard

    First, you stomp yourself, then, stomp yourself again, and after that, you and all other mon-keigh's will stomp each other again and again, until stomped out at all, just as planned.
  8. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    Wot? Did some'un say somefing? Nah, musta been hot air blown' my way.
  9. OI u lot!

    *ahem* Going on the fact that space marines will (Most likely) out-populate EVERYTHING, we need to focus the space marines. (I kinda wanna do ork voice but i know some of you wont get my gist, so) History repeats itself - Look at Boodica and Caeser. Boodica had so many troops that they outnumbered Caesers army 10-1, and they still lost. Horribly even.
  10. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Da free ta WAAAGH!!! Boyz should even fingz. Not loik da polls ere translate exactly ta wot da games population ratios. More spess marines just means more playerz, playerz will play two o more sides ov da board. Wez just gotz ta show da playerz dat da Orkz ez where et'z at! Derz olwayz more Orkz!

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