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Who is the real "Big Bad" of the 40k universe?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Dreadspectre, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Then you want to mess with the imperium (be giant a holes killing any imperials that might make the imperium increase in power on worlds near craft worlds) or ( use them as meat shields). You wouldn't want the imperium exterminated because you know if you do that the galaxy gets even more screwed with not much to halt trynids, orks or chaos from eye of terror while the imperium would want to exterminate you but wouldn't bother because they have bigger things to worry bout and kill namely orks and the nids. Or if your a real proper stuck up and never gonna learn eldar try to fight them constantly to 'reclaim the eldar's proper palace in the universe"
  2. Well, as an Eldar the Imperium is a shield. It is best used to deflect the attacks and attentions of others, though it is risky. However, it is a shield that is slowly perishing, so an alternative must be devised if you are to achieve anything. It is essentially a stopgap method, though one that can empower you enemies. Be wary of overusing it.
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    If the Eldar have a fleet of starships that they live on, why don't they just leave the Milky Way?
  4. Several reasons. One, they lack the ability. The Eldar Ftl (the webway) which also isn't theirs it's stolen from the old ones, well before the death of the old ones it was never extended beyond the limits of the galaxy, so ftl id right out. Two, they don't know where to go. All the nearbye galaxies have been eaten by the nids, and just blindly flying off into darkspace is risky. You could run into a hivefleet, or something even worse. For example, the outsider. The third reason is fairly simple, the galaxy is their home, and they do not want to abandon it.
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    Well, you don't really need FTL speeds to get to other galaxies. Their ships maneuver in space in a manner useful for space battles and planetary invasions. So they're pretty fast. Just locate a galaxy that looks like it hasn't been eaten, and go. Space is empty enough that running into objects isn't likely, and they can use their sensors to scan for things as they go. You can spend generations traveling there, since your craftworlds are self-sufficient starships. And maybe they could just live in the expanses between galaxies. And if the Tyranids have eaten a galaxy, surely they'd've already moved on, having eaten their fill.

    The Tyranids are vast, but their vastness is as nothing compared to the vastness of the universe.
  6. This is true. However, not only would this method likely take longer than 40k has been going if sunlight is used, but galaxies can move. This also runs the risk of moving a wraithbonr structure far from the warp. I honestly have no ideas what that would do. It is, however, worth a shot. It should be a last resort however, as returning to a conquered galaxy would be...difficult. It would also surrender all those Slaanesh has claimed, though those were likely unrecoverable regardless of what prophecy says.
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    Could always wander around between systems in the Milky Way.

    I mean, Earth's closest neighbour is Proxima Centauri, which is like 4.3 LY away.

    That's 25 trillion miles, or 40 trillion kilometers.

    Also, apparently we have a theoretical design for a FTL starship in real life, which we may be able to construct if we can ever find the right kind of energy.
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  8. I do believe that is what the craftworlders currently do. 4.3 light years is a lot closer than I thought the nearest was. If imperial combat speed is 0.75c, then actually a much faster Eldar ship could probably make good time between this galaxy and that. Only a few years. Hm. I did not know we had figured that out in ork yet. What sort of energy is needed?
  9. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    "In order to form the warp field/bubble, a region of space-time with negative energy density (i.e. repulsing space-time) is necessary. Scientific models predict exotic matter with a negative energy may exist, but it has never been observed. All forms of matter and light have a positive energy density, and create an attractive gravitational field."

    Also, at 0.75c, it would take about 6 years to go from Earth to Proxima Centauri.

    The theoretical FTL starship described in the article I linked would be able to make that journey in days.
  10. So what your saying is we already outengineered the Eldar? Smughuman.jpg

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