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Who Is The Best Primarch?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Grigdusher, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    Of course it Russ! there should not even be a question about it
  2. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    I think we've established though that no Primarch was 'perfect.' I think that was the entire point to be honest, and why even they were susceptible to Daemonic influence.

    Dorn I think was too noble. He didn't like the idea of Assassins because he didn't like the way they fought for example.

    I think I honestly like all the Primarch's, although of them all I dislike Roboute the most because I think of him as an interfering busy body (whether justified or not).

    Hell, just in the past couple of days, Jaghatai has gone up in that meter of 'most' favourite, despite the fact that to me at the moment he actually hasn't really done anything other than drive around on a cool bike.
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  3. HABARI HABARI Subordinate

    While I do like the wolf and the space wolves have been my favorite legion for some time now.....if we are talking overall best I think it was Sanguinius.

    Also in regards to Guilliman, there are plenty of arguments to be made on why the dividing of legions into chapters makes it even easier for people to fall to chaos while also making it incredibly difficult to keep track of what they do or to round them up in case of a heresy-like disaster.
  4. Draven Malloc Member

    Good thing I was't implying that my choice was perfect. Just that he was a better Primarch. Dorn's ways were dangerous to himself and his men, and he ultimately paid the price for it later on. But of course it's a subjective issue. I happen to like Dorn and the Fists, but nothing says it better than Horus himself, that Guilliman and his legion MUST not be allowed to reach Terra. So they committed to Calth, and the creation of the ruinstorm.
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  5. Kuniku Kuniku Subordinate

    Mortarion, because who doesn't love a nurgle worshiping scythe weilding bad ass?
  6. Lau Lau Subordinate

    Hang on. Wasn't Guilliman, the pen pushing administrator, manhandling Angron AND Lorgar before they jumped ship to Deamonhood? Sure Angron was one angry geezer, but best fighter?
    From my limited lore knowledge, it would seem Horus was most capable in combat of all primarchs before Heresy. Haircut nothing special to write home about though.
  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    When I said haircut, I was referring to the Nails coming out of his head :) they look cool to me, like Predator and shit :D

    If I remember correctly (I do have the damned book "The Betrayer" over there, but really can't make myself to check it :D), Guilliman fought and almost got himself killed by Angron during that battle. He did, however, fight both Angron and Lorgar (and managed to hold them) until Lorgar broke off to chant the ritual which would transform Angron into Daemon.

    And ofc like in the movies, when Angron was just about to kill downed Guilliman, Lorgar finished chant, Angron screamed and shit, blood rain started falling and Angron entered metamorphosis. Then those loyalist World Eaters started attacking Lorgar and all went to hell etc. Guilliman, always the smart one, saw that and ran for his life :D

    And concerning Horus - I don't like him really much, because I don't like the way he jumped ship and turned Chaos (saw visions of future? - it's like, they say world is going to get hit by a meteor "at some point in the future" - best dig a deep hole right now and stay there so we can opinion ofc) and killed his men.
  8. Draven Malloc Member

    Angrons was a beast. Top dog in single combat, I would think... As gladiatorial single combat was kinda his thing(as well as berserk rage). Not to mention He beat down Leman Russ. Not saying that Guilliman wasn't a tough SOB, and who knows which way that fight woulda gone, but it wasn't looking good for him near the end.
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  9. Saguinius, because I like him. That is the only criteria for my option.

  10. Wait wait.. when did Angron beat down Russ? If you're talking about the Night of the Wolf i thought that was a tie and it was fought between their Astartes?

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