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Who Is The Best Primarch?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Grigdusher, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. I'd have to say Guilliman. Him and Dorn were the best alternatives for the Warmaster position. The reason i go for Guilliman is cause he was more coolheaded than Dorn while still being a great fighter and excellent tactician. The planets under his rule were utopias and he held the Imperium together after the Heresy.

    One other favorite is Magnus. I found his story kind of tragic.. how he was loyal to the Emperor until the "end", unwilling to turn against him even when the hounds of the Emperor unfairly came to burn his city for believing him a traitor while he was one his most loyal sons.
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  2. FenriR Member

    Сангвиний - воплощение идиала Примарха!
    Он умен , силен , быстр , могуч и при этом имеет состродание.
    Слава Сангвинию!
  3. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    All dem hummie bossez look da same ta me....You'll all get stomped soon nuff hehaha. And da Blood angel primarch was a GIT! And he got stomped but guud! (Legz it to his krooza before blood angel trolls go nuts at that last orky comment) LOLOL
  4. Duros Duros Subordinate

    Brother Fist, you do the Primarch proud!
  5. Primarch New Member

  6. Its good to see another son of Dorn joining the fight. We will fight many a glorious battle together soon! For that I am sure Brother!
  7. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    I can't decide.

    Rogul Dorn - For his mastery of Fortification and his task of defending the Emperor's Palace.
    Night Haunter - The master of Fear.
    Corax - A master of stealth regardless of his size.
    Lorgar - He brought together those who opposed the Emperor, that's impressive.
    Angron - He never liked behing addressed by some rank or title. He was never blind to the truth of battle and always met his enemies up close with his Axes.
    Sanguinious - Probably the most devoted and fatherly of Primarchs to his Space Marines, especially when they suffered from the Black Rage.
  8. Casper spar7an211 Subordinate

    Either Guilliman or Sanguinius
  9. Helvetius New Member

    Leman Russ,
    -He is believed to be responsible for the destruction of three heretic chapters, orders sanctioned by the Emperor.
    It is not for nothing SW are called the Emperors executioners.
    - Brothers! He treats his warriors as brothers, not as little children like some other stuck up primarches.
    - What other Primach dared to walk into the Eye of Terror? It would not be surprising if he came back with sorcerer primarch Magnus the reds head after having broken his back over his knee earlier.
    - While SW hunts with the cunning of the pack, trained by Leman, chapters like Sanguinious Blood Angels fights like rabid dogs, not in control of their powers.
  10. Me, followed by my friend Guilliman. :D

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