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Who Is The Best Primarch?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Grigdusher, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Boss BlakkFlagg WillBilly First Blood!

  2. Horus was a pretty cool bro pre-Davin.

    Blame Loken for being an idiot.
  3. Or blame Lorgar for being a bit to sensitive.
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  4. Meh, If Loken had just slit Erebus' throat it wouldn't have really gotten all that far.
  5. To him at that time the murder of a fellow astrates was a completely alien/impossible concept just see how Garro reacts in the 4th book.
  6. True but god damn I don't know how him and Tarik didn't do ANYTHING about it or tell ANYONE what Erebus had done when they found the Anaethame.
  7. Who could you trust with such knowledge? What could you do about it other then something that your mind won't even think of as an option?
  8. Sysphus Member

    My Primarch El'Jonson! For the Dark Angels!
  9. ME_2K11 New Member

    Ferrus Manus.
  10. Typhuss TyphD Active Member

    That is also the reason why I don't think they would make a good fit to the game. Their tactics are more subtle and I don't think they would risk open war in trenches and stuff like that. I think I would be more fun if you wanted to play as Alpha legioner is that you would found secret cult of by yourselves and "infiltrate" other legions. Chaos or loyal... But yeah that is only my opinion. No secret infiltrate forces here :D
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