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Who is currently working on Eternal Crusade?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Data8671, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  2. Katie's on dead by daylight now. And Nathan's appears to be twiddling his thumbs in Iceland..
  3. Katie isn't on DbD. She went to help man the tables at PSX, but that's to be expected as Community Managers are part of the Promotions department, not the Development staff, and so if they need more hands they reach out to the promotions people in other teams to fill spots. I got that straight from @KatieFleming.
  4. Hairgoy Subordinate

    So when are they going to go ahead and rename this forum to /b?

    only guis left are CSM/LSM shitposters and Xenos who mutated and learned how to shitpost themselves.

    lets just come full circle and make this forum a place for banter to roam free. I mean its not like anyone is actually making a game here anymore
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  5. I dunno some intern in a closet or the janitor.
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  6. Unless you know for a fact what your saying is true what a lot of you are currently posting is hearsay or speculation and honestly you look silly posting it. Please stop

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