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Which Rogue Trader items are you getting?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by VoxC, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Tengu Tengu New Member

    I'll wait until devs will show eldar stuff, need to see how Outcast and Autarch will look in game.
    P.S. really hope that I could make facial customization of the Autarch - wanna make her look like Kayleth :p

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  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I don't think I've got an Eldar item yet. I might go for the Dragon's Tooth. I love them Striking Scorpions
  3. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    In regards to the Outcast Ranger this was said in a past thread about it "So About That Outcast Ranger..." (June 2014) by BrentEllison (Lead Game Designer, acting Creative Director and Protector):

    "Founders can buy an Outcast Ranger with a limited loadout. This character has his own flavor (he's particularly spec'd for sniping), but he's not the only way to fill the sniper role at launch.

    Yeah, roles are actually based on loadouts (and in particular, weapons), not classes. There are multiple roles in any given class based on how you equip them. Therefore hero/elite characters are mostly limited to a single role.

    Dire Avengers are able to spec out into a role more like a sniper if you upgrade your weapons and outfit yourself in that direction."
    "Annnnd yes the Outcast Ranger is spec'd with specialization towards shooting people from a long range but the founder character should be considered more a step towards a sniper class than a full-on sniper spec'd towards the extreme end of the sniper role. Keep in mind that with all of the Founder Program characters, the draw is in their unique identity more than specific gameplay mechanics. The purpose of any special mechanics/tuning they have is to support that identity, not to give them an advantage over loadouts earned in game!"

    So Dire Avengers will have access to the sniper role too not just the Outcast Ranger.

    Then other things said in post #1 here,

    "-snip- Rangers will be available as a proper class some time post-launch -snip-"​

    Does that mean rangers will be added as another basic class for Eldar in the future?

    In combination with post #12 here ,

    "-snip- This also means that we'll be adding more of the sniper class-style gameplay in the future when we expand the role (hiding while staying still, scouting, long-range status effect application, etc). It's just that at launch we're focusing on the more grimdark & personal forms of warfare before pushing out in that direction."​

    Rangers will become more long range sniper-y later.
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  4. I've bought any eldar items/heroes in the Rogue Trader, because I intend to walk through every path leading to the extermination of Eldars' foes :mad:
  5. Auzor Auzor Menial

    I haven't made a selection yet; game mechanics aren't very clear at the moment yet.

    General remarks:
    * the master of relics is listed to bring a knife, pistol and combi-plasma. He is displayed with one hell of a knife then..
    * the damned legionnaire has.. boltgun, knife and boltpistol. Ermagerd, hype lol.
    * the fallen captain seems to be an assault marine that decided to go without jet pack. Powersword, bolt pistol. That bolt pistol in the picture looks a lot like a plasma pistol to me..
    * the Possessed: another melee hero without jetpack.
    * Orks are getting plasma weapons. Doesn't seem very "correct" nor "original" to me.
    Does this mean eldar will get plasma guns and pistols too?

    Pistols are not specific to a class!
    So if you see a pistol you like, you can use it on every class; where-as a plasma cannon is specific to the devastator.

    The "bikes" could be really good..
    a predator at the moment has 5 seats from the dev-vids: driver, main gunner, stormbolter gunner, 2 sponson gunners.
    Bikes: driver gets some weapons, and the gunner too.
    I'd hope bikes with AV weapons are added too. I think it is strange that only founders would be able to spawn an attack bike with heavy bolter however.
    For eldar, the viper jetbike is even more iconic..

    Space Marines:
    Things that seem
    "meh" in the rogue trader listing:
    Erasmus Pattern Plasma cannon: lighter, but less shots for your Plasma cannon. The reason to bring a devastator is to have a heavy weapon.
    From the gameplays, I'd say ammo in the current game is definitely limited. (a realistic thing). Example: stormbolter on a predator has some 500 rounds in the dev video's it seems.
    The relic Fenris Pattern power axe: pick a melee weapon that does less damage, in return for better melee block.
    TBH: killing an enemy ranged fast should be your main concern I think.

    The gilded bolter, the master-crafted power sword, the relic power fist: these seem cosmetic items.

    Things that seem awesome to me:
    Sternguard bolter: enhanced scope and specialized ammo types? Sound pretty cool to me. Not sure how effective, but..
    Apollo Pattern Plasma gun: more Damage Over Time? Burn baby burn.
    Hagen Pattern Narthecium: longer and stronger drill, designed to work on Terminator armor, as well as standard space marine armor.
    So it seems to me the "normal" narthecium won't heal terminators..

    [Hell Breach Plasma cannon gives you a plasma grenade launcher.] edit: from the stream, it seems every Plasma cannon will have the bombardment option..
    Reapers tongue plasma pistol could be good;
    the relic bolter seems interesting: a scope, extra ammo.. and at range in many games you tap-fire anyway.
    Flesh ripper could satisfy some Khorne fanatics, and an axe for the sorceror.. sounds good to me.

    Da Orks:
    Spare keys combi-shoota for the lulz.
    Clutch missile into space marine face, pesky entrenched devastator removal,..


    The cloudsweeper: this sounds like a 3-round burst weapon. Thank you, I like full auto, and I'll manually tap-fire.
    Gateskeeper bastion: far less prone to clogging and jamming?? Should I be worried about such things at all?
    At least it brings a scope..
    Asuryan's fury: no offense, DoT effects on high RoF weapons: I think it is unlikely the DoT will stack.
    I'd like to see eldar stuff in action before making any decision.
  6. Yvaelle Yvaelle Curator

    So far just the Witchblade and the Vyper Jetbike for me. Witchblade so sexy. Too Sexy. Clearly made by Slaanesh to arouse me! :D
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  7. Kelvara Kelvara Member

    When I get a founder's pack the first thing I purchase will be the Lael'Shan Witchblade.

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