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Which Race Would You Like To See Implemented Next.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FASAStampede, Oct 24, 2013.


So which is it?

  1. Necrons

  2. Imperial Guard

  3. Adepta Sororitas

  4. Tau

  5. Dark Eldar

  6. Other (out of slots here)

  1. Stampede FASAStampede Active Member

    I believe it was Mr. Caron himself who stated that every race would be implemented during the lifetime of the game. So which one do you want to see following launch? Necrons? Tau?!... Sisters of Battle? Maybe even some Dark Eldar or IG... No bad answer, really... Just your own!

    I am torn between Necrons and Sisters of Battle. Sisters would be a nice addition since female gamers are quite numerous and I personally like the army concept. But Necrons are a weakness of mine since DoW and always will be my favorite army after Blessed Chaos itself.
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  2. The Necromancer Well-Known Member

    The Necrontyr

  3. Mirijas Mirijas Curator

    How should the Imperial Guard and the Adepta Sororitas be implemented as race?
    Doesn't that mean, that they would have to fight against the SM?

    I mean, I would like to see some Imps and SoBs dying through my hand. But I guess it would be hard to add them as a own "race".
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  4. Kithrixx Kithrixx Subordinate

    Tau with Sisters of Battle coming in close second. I personally would like the SoB to come in first, but they have access to much of the same wargear that the Space Marines do and there are fluff issues with SoB organizing against the Astartes. While they would be easier to balance due to using largely pre-existing wargear templates, they would not bring enough unique gameplay to the table in my opinion.

    Tau, on the other hand, are not similar to any of the current factions and there's nothing keeping them from crashing into any conflict.
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  5. Stampede FASAStampede Active Member

    As for any fluff or faction issues... Really? This is 40K, everybody kills everybody, SPECIALLY the Imperium forces. Having IG and SoB as a separate faction would be no more unfluffy or difficult than having SM chapters fighting one another in PVP. For reference - DoW Dark Crusade/Soulstorm.
    IG would fit well with the F2P model - get the game, pay nada, plays as either ork or guardsman.
    Sisters can have unique twists and mechanics, from classes to how faith can be implemented, like in Soulstorm.

    And... REALLY!? Since when are there armies in 40K that have trouble annihilating each other...
  6. Mirijas Mirijas Curator

    Maybe I'm to much infuenced through the Deathwatch P&P.
    There we would never fight against Imps or Sororitas, except they would give a reason like influence of Chaos.
    Due to this fact, I would not fight a table top game including Imps and SMs fighting against each other (except against the Chaos influence ;))

    SoB organizing against the Astartes, was a new point to me. So, if that is true, there would be no problem to add them as race.

    Maybe I'm (deep in my heart) to loyal to the Emperor, that I can not believe, that Imps/AS/SM would fight against each other.
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  7. Sanguinius Sanguinius Subordinate

    Well, in my opinion next implemented race should be Tau Empire. Becouse it will be totally different style of gaming then races available at start. You know, like pure shooting, battlesuits, some gadgets helping in fights etc.
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  8. Stampede FASAStampede Active Member

    Indeed... I agree fully, once rid of my prejudice and personal liking. Still Tau vs Sisters is a valid point - unique gameplay vs female interests... I'd support both, honestly.
  9. Kithrixx Kithrixx Subordinate

    Since the Horus Heresy. It's a careful balance between doing whatever you want and doing what won't get you into enormous trouble with the Imperium. There are a variety of ways to justify it, but I'd prefer we get to the factions that do not need justifying first.
  10. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    The DoW sery is not a reference of staying true to the lore... by far. Not only it would make no sens implementing other Imperium factions, but they'd be really hard to make : for example IG classes can not compete with classes already announced in the factions featured, whereas GK would be utterly overpowered.

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