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Which Chaos Legion Will You Be Joining?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by StevenLumpkin, Nov 4, 2013.


Which Chaos Legion will you be joining?

  1. Black Legion

    501 vote(s)
  2. Iron Warriors

    551 vote(s)
  3. Word Bearers

    500 vote(s)
  4. Night Lords

    695 vote(s)
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  1. Samiel DanteYoda Subordinate

    Anything with Slaanesh... So none of the above i guess.

    If forced i guess Word Bearers.
  2. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    Also Abaddon's Grace which I assume would also be a BL weapon follows the more golden trim.
    I was actually playing DoW / DoW2 recently again and noticed the BL scheme there IS the golden trim.
    To be fair though I actually do prefer the copper / bronze overall.
  3. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    Personally I went with Black Legion although I did consider Word Bearers and Iron Warriors as I do like their lore and style. Unfortunately there was 1 thing hindering my choice which was the voices. I honestly can not play a faction if I don't like the voice as it's something you'll hear often and I prefer the BL voices and their lines more.

    Iron Warriors have a couple 1 worded lines which are very abrupt. i.e DEATH. Like it sounds like they're going to continue the sentence but the mic cut out immediately.

    I did like the Word Bearers voice because it sounded slightly higher pitched and a bit faster, making them definitely sound like chaos fanatics but overall I think the BL has the best mix of a good threatening voice with good voice lines.

    Just my opinion on them anyway.

    [Edit] If I ever had some spare money, I might consider buying a couple of character slots so I could have a a Word Bearer or Alpha Legion as well. They were the first 2 Legions I was introduced to in DoW so they do have a soft spot in my heart (Although I will admit I don't actually know a lot about Alpha Legion..Really need to read up on them)
  4. MefDaFixa GeorgePhillips Arkhona Vanguard

  5. Aesthetically it has to be word bearers because who wants silver headgear on a black legion toon?

    Out of the four I would rather go black legion but the colour clash ugh no can do.
    So my compulsions drive me to bear the word.

    Personally though I really want to see the Emperor's children brought in.
    I need me purple/gold/black up in here.
  6. black legion, because the other legion doesn't have khorne berzerker
  7. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Man, i'm so with you.

    I played just a couple of games as Alpha months ago but since i haven't created one single chaos character, patiently waiting for the eaters of worlds to arrive.

    Couldn't care less about which craftworld, clan or even chapter i play but when it comes to chaos i do am the choosy one.

    Which sadly means that i'm not going to play chaos anytime soon lol.

    Ah well, patience is a virtue.
  8. Dirty_Jackal Dirty_Jackal First Blood!

    I'm not sure if the ever will put in one God warbands in cuz of the God traits. I am sad because I want TS and EC as well as DG. I still will say they might not add one God worshiping chaos warbands because of the whole God trait system.
  9. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Well, personally i would already be quite happy with just the color scheme and some nice Khorne related lines from my dude.

    I mean, i'm not asking for berserker, plague marines or any god specific units like that, i do understand that it could be complicated and more work than they can handle at this point. No problem.

    But you know, the name and the colors scheme would be a nice touch.

    And well, soon or later some kind of skins or whatever are going to hit the shop. That bounds to happen.
  10. Dirty_Jackal Dirty_Jackal First Blood!

    I agree but I'm not talking about units basically I'm talking about the whole chapters that are one God devoted, because if you notice the chapters they gave us worship all of the Dark Gods.

    I will say I understand what's why I love TS the cosmetics for them I love most but i play ingame as nurgle or slaanesh since I love the spells and I run sorcerer 90% of the time or tact/hav I love to support my team but I would die to see the others put in for those chapters since I love all chaos I am runing 3 chaos player NL WB AL but I'd love to see more cosmetics for lore not what most of them get but all I can do is wait I will say I'll pay to get more player slots so I can play as IW and BL but I do play ork so all my slots are full lol.
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