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Which Chaos God Is The Best?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Aadil, Feb 3, 2014.


Which Chaos God is the best?

This poll will close on May 3, 2022 at 3:55 PM.
  1. Khorne

  2. Malal

  3. Nurgle

  4. Slaneesh

  5. Tzeentch

  6. Undivided

  1. Timarius Timarius Curator

    And where would we be without it? Playing nice with one another? Picking roses and daisies and merrily singing whilst we dance in joy?

    There is no room for weakness in the warriors of Chaos!

    (...I should probably stop posting in character before it becomes a really bad habit.)
  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    It is, and the majority of the forumites dont practice it as you can attest to, and for good reason. That shit spirals out of control fast, and has spiraled many times before not only of the Chaos subforum.
    Houman didnt sticky rules and guidelines for no reason in each faction forum, they were basically the response to good threads spiraling off-topic cause someome threw a match for no reason.

    Lot of good threads ended the way of the off-topic section too because of such incidents.
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  3. Alpharius Unfairly_Lucky Active Member

    Well, the thread itself did set up for something like this. If the question was "Which Chaos God is your favorite?" then anything said is clearly opinion. Saying "IS the best" makes it sound more factual and leads to *gestures to above posts* this. Clearly we should try and keep the language in check, no doubt in my mind on that. Just mentioning that while the thread title sounds really definitive it's all still opinions.
  4. Timarius Timarius Curator

    I mean no disrespect or ill will. I've just been over zealous waiting for Eternal Crusade. Absolutely NOTHING seems to scratch the itch, and I might be losing it.

    That said, it's nice to meet you all, and remember, Chaos Undivided means you get to shout "FOHR KAYOSS" in a creepy accent more often.
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  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    I guess the title is misleading when the OP mentions "favorite god". But in any case was more of a preemptive response since i dislike seeing good threads go the way off-topic, a good few did in the cleansing when the "Rules and Guidelines" went up, along with some very good ones (Favorite Chaos Lord being one example).

    Fair enough, none taken. Welcome Undecided....ummm... Undivided one.;)
    If it makes it any easier, we all got the itch (some more than others, especially us covered in poxes).
  6. undivided, out of all the gods the one id be least thrilled to worship is nurgle, but in war i would happily use his diseases and ailments to my benefit and would repay him in the souls of the ill.

    knowledge and ambition have always been passions of mine, i never stop quesitoning or aspiring for greater things, those who die by spells or my manipulations will be dedicated to tzeench

    khorne in his simplicity (and awesome war cry) has long since been my favourite, the ease of worshipping him and the satisfaction of hacking through terrified faces and screams...

    slaanesh in its own way has been in close contest with khorne for my favourite, joy, pleasure and pain. as slaanesh say, "pain and pleasure are a wheel, one will end and the other will begin, and it will keep on turning for all eternity"
  7. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    Dang, late to the party. Again!

    Anywho... Nurgle is love, Nurgle is life.
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  8. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    Small, parasitoid life, but life nontheless! :)
  9. Tien Guan tienguan88 Subordinate

    nurgle is awesome, it has better toughness and they look cool
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  10. rotwarrior sparta Subordinate

    I have no clue why this is not obvious NURGLE hes the grandfather after all easily most powerful everything decays and dies but him and his minions are everlasting warriors of the other Choas gods will die of wounds but Nurgle's boys lets just say i lost about half my body once but hey im good, btw did i mention lost body parts re-animate and attack have fun with 2 of me

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