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Which Chaos Army Do You Like The Best?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by IvanMulkeen, Nov 18, 2014.


Which Chaos army do you like the best?

  1. Alpha Legion

  2. Red Corsairs

  3. Crimson Slaughter

  4. Company of Misery

  5. The Cleaved

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  1. Word Bearers are pretty cool I guess
  2. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    I played Black Legion for a while due to being lazy about painting. Came up with several color schemes but never went around to repaint them.
  3. Orderdrake1546 Orderdrake1546 Steam Early Access

    Can we please get the Sons of Malice chapter :D
  4. MefDaFixa GeorgePhillips Arkhona Vanguard

    Doez dont sound very Orkz so dez gonna get Krumped ANYWAYS!!
  5. Emperor's Children plox
  6. Samiel DanteYoda Subordinate

    None of the Above??

    Flawless Host.
  7. MefDaFixa GeorgePhillips Arkhona Vanguard

  8. Give us Emperor's Children!
  9. Personally I want Emperor's Children.
  10. Razmirth Razmirth Subordinate

    This is a hard one for me. Out of all the traitor legions, I like a villain who's more of a tragic villain than inherently evil. Angron and the world eaters just "being angry" is great and all, and it has its place in the setting. However, my favourite traitor legion has to thousand sons.

    Magnus is great. He remained loyal even admist the heresy, trying to warn the emperor telepathically that his brothers were rebelling. He decides time is of the essence, and instead of taking the long way which would cost the lives of tends of thousands, he decides to use his psychic abilities and project himself into the emperors throne room and warn him, even though he knew he could be in trouble for doing it, as it was not allowed to use psychic powers in the imperium at that time unless u were a astropAth or whatever.

    Emperor declares him a traitor because when he projects himself to terra, he unknowingly screws up emperors secret webway reactivation project for the imperium, and emperor refuses to believe Horus would betray him. Sends space wolves to destroy his home world and kill his legion, in which they partially succeed.

    So Magnus sort of was forced to join chaos, because his dad was an idiot. He calls the one son who WAS loyal to him a traitor, and with all his apparent ultra intelligence, plays favourite to Horus again and appeases space wolves and other psyker hating legions. Which is humerous, considering almost all chapters now have librarians in them...which use, you guessed it, psychic powers.

    And he's now the herald of tzeentch and chilling in the warp, daemon prince and all. Love thousand sons!
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