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Which Bolter Ammo Mod Do You Like To Use?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by acepost, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi guys, I think I have all the ammo mods for the Boltgun and I mostly use Drum Barrel Mod and AP Ammo Mod, just wondering what do other SM players use usually for the ammo mods for the Boltgun? I think the Blaze Ammo Mod is ok but rarely use it these days.
  2. Started using the fire rounds recently, mostly against Orkz as it should help mitigate toughness and I've seen some effect on them and Chaos SM, not entirely sure they're worth it but it does make them panic a bit. AP rounds aren't worth it for their price and you're better off just using a plasma gun vs heavy infantry (though if I could I'd have them in my stalker), and the drum mag is always a good choice; 30 free rounds and potentially doubling the amount of kills you can get before reloading.
  3. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Standard Tactical - CQC Barrel, AP rounds, though some prefer the Drum. AP is better if you can/usually pace your engagements. Drum is better for if you often find yourself firing on groups/outnumbered, or if your squad/guild is constantly forcing you to fight battles other than paced 1 vs. 1's.

    Veteran Tactical - CQC Barrel, Blaze rounds.

    The most important things to know are this...

    1.) Because Blaze rounds take time to do their fire damage tick, they won't do well in straight up face to face ADAD fights. So if you're the kind of player that most of your shootouts are you going around a corner or something, where you end up face to face with an enemy, and you ADAD it out until one of you dies, the AP rounds will actually do you better. Basically, in battles like those, that are short, the extra damage from Blaze rounds won't kick in fast enough to save/help you.

    2.) Blaze rounds do an extra (10?) damage no matter what the distance. This means, if you combine Blaze rounds with the CQC barrel, you can effectively mitigate the only downside, which is the reduced longer range damage. So, you get the power of a CQC Barrel (and the Blaze rounds) up close, and at far away the increased damage dropoff of the CQC barrel won't even matter due to the extra damage from the Blaze rounds. AP rounds on the other hand only raise your pen by 10, so you still suffer any damage dropoff at those ranges.

    3.) Blaze rounds are Vet only. On the plus side, you can put them into your Bolt Pistol, which is an extremely strong upgrade (Dbash, then Blaze Rounds to the head).

    4.) Technically Blaze Rounds will give you a higher DPS once the fire damage starts kicking in, but that second or so before the Damage kicks in, the AP rounds do more damage.

    5.) So the common consensus is, if you fight at longer ranges and duck in and out of cover alot while pacing your engagements go with a CQC and Blaze rounds on a Vet. If you get into life or death ADAD 1v1 fights at closer ranges with your Vet go with AP rounds and a CQC Barrel. On your standard loadout, go with AP rounds, Drum, and/or CQC barrel depending on your preference and playstyle.
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  4. acepost acepost Active Member

    Does anyone use the quick reload magazine? I feel it is not that useful most of the time.
  5. ItGetsAllOver ItGetsAllOver Steam Early Access

    The usefulness of the quick reload magazine is so incredibly situational that it's not worth it 99% of the time.
  6. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    I have a Tac Vet loadout with armour regen cut down to around 1.6 seconds, that's the only one I use the quick reload mag on. It is situational though, as I need cover to be available to get the most out of it.
  7. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Quick reloads, in almost any game, are only worth it if you can survive under direct fire (no cover) long enough to reload and keep firing (like Borderlands games). In games like this, where traditionally it doesn't matter how fast you reload, you'll die before you's useless. Why you ask? If you're going to die anyway, then you're going to duck to cover to reload. If you're going to duck to cover to reload, 9/10 times you can stay there long enough to reload even a normal magazine (or drum), thereby rendering a quick reload magazine useless.
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  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    10 ap is roughly 4.5% damage increase
    4.5% of 10 damage is 0.45 extra damage
    A bolter does 38 damage so that's roughly 3.8x 0.45 which is about 1.7 points of extra damage .
    I'd stick with the flame rounds .. fire damage doesn't get mitigated by T as well .
  9. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Reread what I said, because you missed it.

    I said if your fight is over before the extra DPS ticks from the Blaze rounds kick in, then the DPS from the Blaze rounds is basically neglible/nonexistant because your target is already dead before the damage matters. Doubly so if you want to take into effect latency, low durability targets, and/or in straight up ADAD face to face fights that won't be drawn out.

    Also I said, the AP rounds do more damage BEFORE the Blaze rounds extra damage ticks start kicking in (as in before the +10 damage) and for that short window the AP rounds will have a higher DPS assuming the Target has any kind of toughness.

    Come on man, you're better than that.
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  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Actually I already corrected the post before I read your reply. did indeed misread that.
    However my argument still stands , flame rounds are way more effective than 2 ap ammo clips would be ( which would also cost 100 LP)
    Also AP ammo has been tested by many people using all the ehp calculators and damage calculators available to the community and the results have always been the same , they are disappointingly low performing most of the time not even decreasing TTK by 1 round on T120 or T130 targets.

    Seeming only effective against very High T targets such as MoN 160T or 150T orks.
    and than barely decreasing TTK by a single round.

    only on the ultra hard targets such as a full MoN vet assault that has 160T 266 HP 300 armor barely decreasing TTk by 2 rounds on this fat mofo.
    Compared the flame ammo always ticking for 10 and not being affected by T ap ammo is really underwhelming in performance.

    This is why most people use the 60 ammo drum over ap ammo on regular loadouts. since the benefit isn't consistent and depends a lot on who you're fighting against. and there is always the plasma gun for high T targets.

    I personally only use AP ammo on long range bolter loadouts to counter some of the damage drop over range . it's actually quite good for a long barrel bolter loadout but sadly my MoT vet cant acces long barrels ( or flame rounds for that matter!! damn you eternal crusade!! ** shakes fist**)

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