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Which Basic Features are needed to make EC f2p ready?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zhull, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    Like the title says.
    EC will go f2p, what are the most important features EC should have before it goes f2p?
    Let's make this a concise list like the 'gimme list of actionable items i can work on' @Oveur makes every now and then.
    Please let's not have endless discussions, make a top 5 (not 10, 5.) list of features SPECIFICALLY related to F2p status and player retention.
    Some general issues can overlap with issues needed for F2p, but keep it as F2p focussed as possible.

    Here is my top 5.

    1 Optimisation of maps
    still way too many places in every map that stops a running spacemarine dead in its track.
    some semi high walls a havoc can brace his weapon on, other he can not.
    if you look really close, the thickness of those walls are a (almost invisible) hint for whether he can brace or not.
    too many times my traitor or assault is rolling against a wall instead of vaulting the window (you have to be EXACTLY at a certain point before vault option appears) character collision right after spawning (you get turned around when spawning with several dudes, running into eacvhother, its goofy and annoying as fuck)
    Things like that need to be smooth over.

    2Social functions
    VOIP in match, or at least a Warparty chat system, whether you are in Hub, queueing or in match.
    No more leaving warparties because you wanna change character within the same faction.
    That kinda stuff.
    Make it easy to form up groups and make those groups stick.
    Also make it easy to invite to group while in match.
    Lots of times pugs meet players in a match they get on with, so its handy if they could immediately create a group and send invites.

    3 Visual clues.
    In match we need bigger or brighter visual hints.
    Instead of blue Squad commands, use bright red or brightgold, and or make it bigger.

    4 Tutorial and user interface explanation

    Maybe it's me, but with advancements there are still items to be unlocked that have the wrong description: fuelpack grants stamina, assault icons grant extra fuel, and so on.
    If you are in loudouts, at a certain point it doesnt say 'Back' (buttons on bottom) but Hub.
    Remember, not everyone is native english speaker or an adult, this can get confusing.
    It's little things like that that need to be polished up, expanded or implemented.
    'If I knew nothing about this game, how clear and intuitive would these instruction be to me?'

    5 An easy to use votekicksystem, and perhaps lockable squadrhinos.
    90% carrot, 10% stick.
    Squadleaders should be able to lock their mobile spawnpoints so a random guy who doesnt know whats going on or how they are used decides to get in and take it for a drive.
    For example:
    1 lock rhino to all but squadleader
    2lock rhino to all but squad
    3 open to all rhino.

    Again guys, this isnt about huge discussions about how you feel or what you think about f2p, its coming either way, so stick to the top 5 of most immediate needed features, thanks.
  2. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    Proper faction lobby chat out of game.
    Proper guild chat out of game.
    Proper warparty invitation straight out of guild list.
    Proper onboarding process with optimal tutorial going through all basics of map objectives and controls.

    AKA key social features in team based multiplayer game.

    Everything more then above is "nice to have" but not mandatory.
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  3. Good points. nail on head.
  4. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    I might add my humble wish for a Member rank in guilds. Unimportant, but it bugs me everytime I take a look at the guild list.
  5. Nic NicholaiPestot Well-Known Member

    A limit on how many f2p newbies can end up on my team at the same time.
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  6. I would add better presets. At least an AV one for every faction but also give the presets just generally better gear. Make the presets a loadout that a genuine level 4 player from each faction would put together.

    Other than that I agree with all the other points :)
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  7. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Whips and other torture devices.
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  8. Details Details The Spriteful

    better matchmaking should be a key request: something that tries to fill the sides in a match not only considering the number of players but also takes into consideration levels, premade squads and guild-tags.

    anti-armor preset loadouts: practically mandatory considering the types of games they could be part of in relation to the awareness new players have towards what's important to buy in the store first (ie: a multimelta or lascannon)

    more informations on the advancement trees: if what I understood is true, f2players will have a more difficult time unlocking stuff, it should be important in my opinion to know what's the loadout cost of things before spending AP to make the progression more conscious and possibly less disappointing

    more tooltips and guides to game mechanics: I didn't follow the progress on the UAT server so I don't know how better they have been made, if they have been made better, but it seems there's still stuff that isn't really understood; an incentive to hang out more in the garrison could be to finally integrate the queueing (or whatever) from there as was the plan

    better optimisation/netcode/whatever affects game fluidity to make the game, if not look good, at least get judged from its working state
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  9. Kurze spunkymonkeySK Subordinate

    Your 5 sound pretty good to me Zhull.

    I'd probably say we're going to need some beginner matches/lobbies only available to players with less than x amount of hours - or to keep these servers active for when new players become a trickle, it could be after x hours of play you can only join these games with loadouts maxed at 750LP or something.

    I'm a stubborn git and will die, and die, and die until I learn - can't say that's true for everyone though. So anything to help toughen the fresh meat, before it hits the grinder, is a good thing.
  10. Well, if you only die you barly get success ^^
    Of course, trail and error + trying something different when the situation occurs again does help, but i learned the most from watching other people doing it. This is especially viable as Sorcerer while healing, you follow some melee dude around, keeping the beam on him and he does a neat trick or beats his enemy with a new mechanic, copy-paste next time you get into that.

    Noob only matches would just be a sandbox i guess... and after that, you suddenly get thrown into the cold water. Don't you think? Im not too sure

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