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Where Others Fall, We Rise! [Primaris Marines RP]

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    It is the end of the Indomitus Crusade. A hundred and a handful years of non-stop war against the denizens of the warp and all other foes the Imperium of Mankind under their reborn warmaster, Roboute Guilliman, encountered. It may not have been The Great Crusade, but it was the same idea. To reconquer space for the Imperium that was lost to its enemies. The Unnumbered Sons, de-facto Legionnaires made from Belisarius Cawl genome project - the so called Primaris Marines - having risen to life and war during this crusade. It was the edge in their superior genetics compared to their legacy brethren that allowed the Imperium to triumph over and over and over again. But of course it was also the very fact that Guilliman himself oversaw the planning of this campaign and the new equipment that was delivered to chapters of old and new.

    After his speech following the Battle of Raukos, he had gathered a group of Astartes that all came from the same batch and yet were unknown of what their original gene-seed was. These Primaris Marines were all warriors of the Indomitus Crusade and had seen through it. This meant that despite their relatively young age, they gathered more valuable battle experience than on any other battlefield.

    "You are warriors who have excelled in not just aggressive tactics, but also defensive ones. You were fluid as water, and that is what kept your casualties low and your enemies annihilated. You utilized basic training quickly and adapted with your cousins swiftly. Furthermore, you have expanded your relationships outside of the Astartes, having bonded with Imperial Guard Regiments, Battle Sisters and even the Adeptus Mechanicus. Your actions speak volumes of your loyalties to the Imperium you have become to serve as the newest Angels of Death. And due to the trust that other chapters have shown you and the past conflicts in the Segmentum Sol, on Luna to be specific... I shall name you the Luna Legion and shall station you on the very moon of Terra. May you aid the Imperial Fists and Adeptus Mechanicus to tighten the security on my father's throneworld, while the other chapters and I will continue to battle in the depth of the Great Rift. You shall dedicate yourselves in the defense against all threats, so that something like my brother's secret assault on Luna or anything remotely similar will not happen again. Where others fall. You rise!" Roboute announced and explained them, rising his fist into the sky. And with it, so did the assembled, newborn chapter, the Luna Legion. Roaring in victory and glory.

    And so the Luna Legion had left Raukos and the rest of the Unnumbered Sons to follow their own fate and destiny, having earned their homeworld and permanent position in the Imperium. However, by the time they arrived in the Segmentum Solar it was not ruins they found from the aftermath of Magnus The Reds attack. Instead, Cawl and many servitors once from Mars, now home to Luna, had constructed a massive fortress monastery, various defense installations, military outposts and even an orbital defense and additional elements for their fleet. But beyond that - there were also 500 more Astartes of the same gene-seed ready to join ranks with their brethren. After the orientation, all of the Primaris Marines were gathered in the chapel of their monastery where Belisarius would hold a speech before the Luna Legion.

    "I must admit my greatest sin was in creating you, the Luna Legion. As much as it may cause confusion, perhaps hate or straight out confusion, I cannot hide this - not from those that I have brought into life and war to protect the Emperor and the rest of these core worlds. From tales and hypnotherapy you know of the arch-traitor, Horus Lupercal. Once the Primarch of the Luna Wolves, then the Sons of Horus and after his death the very same entity being renamed to the Black Legion. That monster and traitor. Is your gene-father. But obsess not with the deeds of evil that had been done. Instead focus on individuals like Garviel Loken who has shown time after time that even as your chapter or legion even falls into the temptation of the dark gods, that a handful of individuals can resist the temptation of the whispers and do the right thing."

    The reaction amidst the Astartes were mixed. But overall they were happy that their gene-father, the creator of the Primaris Gene, Cawl, had been honest and upfront with them instead of the Astartes giving a chance of finding it out behind his back. But he also warned them to never speak of it outside their chapter, especially with Guilliman having promised swift judgment to those that were made from the heretic legions. Cawl however made the Luna Legion of Horus' seed before the Warmaster made his announcement to only use loyalist seed. At some point their chapter master, Lacrepul Suroh, rose to the occasion and held a speech of unity and brotherhood. Eventually the Astartes settled down the wild emotions in the room and the chaplains started to establish the first steps regards their chapter history and culture so they may never be lost to the temptation of the dark gods - instead respecting their past, owning up to it and together they swore once more: Where Others Fall, We Rise!

    That was six months ago. Ever since small skirmishes were battled amidst the 4th company, the primary battle company of the Luna Legion, as they had quite a unique structure with 3 veteran companies for example. But the new Neophytes were ready for combat, and the hardened veterans eager to prove themselves. So naturally their captain volunteered to aid the world of Ryza which was under a massive daemon assault. They just had entered warp and were now scattered aboard the mighty strike cruiser Luna's Shadow. It took a warp day, or a week in realspace time, in this case anyhow. Fully battle clad and eager to jump into action the entirety of the company stood ready at the captain's command to be deployed either in united force, or individual squads.

    The Hangar bay was completely filled with anything from gunships over transporters and tanks to drop pods in an adjacent room. Briefing and Status reports had presented that the whole planet was under attack from all sides. The local guardsmen did all they could, but in the end of the day they would never be able to keep up with insane amounts of daemons. High priority targets for the Adeptus Mechanicus were obviously to secure the manufactorums which were responsible for a lot of warmachines, ammo and regular. The Imperial Guard would obviously appreciate to have their men being dragged out from the horrors they anticipate and fight day in, day out. The Imperial Fists had apparently lost a handful of brothers there a long time ago during a rebuild period erected a shrine with his corpse, weapons and name engraved - which of course the Dornians would have recovered rather than fall into the hands of daemons. Luckily they would be able to reach one of these shrines almost at any position where they deployed.
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    The captain, Brendar Lupus, prided himself in his appearance - even if, after Cawl's admissions and words, he wasn't fond of the uncanny resemblance to the Arch-Traitor - and this time was no exception.

    A dark-haired, handsome and charismatic man with the same strong brow and broad jawling, that straight nose. The clear vigour and energy in his eyes that could inspire even the lowliest of Guardsmen. And this was merely including his face, not that of the plating that he wore.

    His top-of-the-line Gravis Armour that he was gifted with was painted with a marvelous tone of light Gray, his helmet being mag-locked to his belt. In one hand he held his custom-made, Proteus-pattern Thunder Hammer that he had dubbed 'Pridefury', resting its head down on the ground for the time being, landing with a loud 'thud' upon the metal flooring, its power generator deactivated for the time being.

    A marvelous weapon, it had been forged in the Depths of Mars by artificers and handed to Brendar who used it to great effect throughout the Indomnitus Crusade, being stained with the blood of the champions of Chaos, whether Astartes or Daemon, he had not faltered or given an inch.

    His flowing coal-black cloak that clung to his armour's backside almost acting as a 'buffer', enlarging his silhouette even if slightly in such a way that it - even in such a miniscule way - added power to his presence and words; he'd distastefully remembered in how some of those amongst his Company - and even one other Captain, in private - had lightheartedly mentioned how he was so akin to their genetic father.

    Still, he held the weapon close and looked over the holo-map within the War Room, thoughts of tactics and their previous alliances coming to his mind; the Imperial Fists were in need of aid, and though if it was little more than a shrine that they had to aid in, he knew that even a symbolic gesture of aid was something this Imperium treasured.

    The Guardsmen regiments were losing men nearby as well, and he recalled fondly through the century of the Crusade how such valiant men and women fought with understrength equipment and won through sheer force of numbers and tactics.
    Even a handful of men would be worth something, their ingenuity from on-field experience could be useful.

    Elsewhere however, he knew that tactically, the factories under the Mechanicum's control were of higher strategic importance and value, and that their allies upon Mars - and those upon the planet itself, as well - would all appreciate having the manufactorum in working condition.

    But, what to place where...

    Merely seconds of thought went by before he spoke, his voice calm and deep that spoke to those within the War-room with him - his companions as well as those other advisors outside of his Command Squad.

    "I need info. What are the forces we're going to be meeting?" Brendar asked. "If we can, I may advise sending the Inceptors on their orbital approach from here," He then said, bringing his mighty Lightning Claw up and pointing directly above the shrine in question, "and have what squads we have to divide themselves to either location."

    "The Astra Militarum need our aid, and I will not be one to refuse them; make sure the Inceptors know that they are to shoot without prejudice upon the foes. Only the sight of the Aquila or Mechanicum robe shall grant their target safety, as we know our kin have them in great supply."

    "We'll see to having the bulk of our forces - and as such, the bulk of our recruits - to go here," He pointed lower upon the Holo map, away from its 'sky' and upon the Manufactorum, "via Drop Pods. Someone tell the pilots to ready themselves and get our tanks ready, I want them to land within thirty seconds of our men, before or after."

    Thirty seconds, he knew, was a surprisingly long time for Astartes standards - but for all they knew the Manufactorums may not even be under attack yet and required their defenses for the hordes that were to come. Which in that case, thirty seconds was fine.

    But even if it was under attack, to see the Aggressors and Intercessors land and gain armoured and air support within even a minute was more than enough to make a difference; he'd seen how mere Guardsmen could last an hour or more to get their reinforcements, and had himself survived minutes.

    Astartes could manage merely thirty seconds.​

    "If we can, I want to see about getting vox communication with the Sons of Dorn, and with the Imperial Commanders if any yet live. I shall lead the forces to aid in saving the Imperial Guard; give me a total count of the units we have under our command and I'll see to tallying who goes where."

    The lighting claw was pulled back soon enough and clenched at his side - the talons moving as they mimicked his hand's movements. Some found it a bizarre choice in how he had made the weapon a lightning claw by personal choice, even if he had kept the boltstorm-pattern bolter equipped upon it to be able to have at least some form of ranged capability.

    Let us hope I do not grow fondly attached to another, and be forced to strike them down, he thought to himself - the grim yet amusing irony passed his mind once or twice. Still, Brendar knew he had to do something, and now, all he had to do was wait.

    Once he'd gotten all the information required, he would know how to proceed; and hopefully get some assistance along the way.

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    Agran, resident demolition expert and aggressor in Brendar's command squad, stood with his left weapon gauntlet on the table along with his helmet. His missile Launcher was as imposing as ever on his back, though it had none of his explosives loaded yet. The rest of him was fully suited in his Gravis armor, which had a black dragon wrapping up his right arm in the light grey coloring. It was a mirror to the ritual brand below, and was an honor given upon him by Brother-Salamanders, having saved a squad of them at cost of his arm.

    The left arm, which was plated in golden metals and carefully crafted by those same Salamanders he had saved, and with whom he had found a strange companionship. Agran himself was near as compassionate to the guardsman and humans as said chapter, and it would show on his face.

    It was not beautiful, perhaps, but it was soft and kind with few marks to mar it. His short hair was a slight natural grey not unlike their armor, and his eyes were a brilliant green. Those eyes would scan the war table and he would scowl, before looking up at his captain. A report had just popped up on the hologram in response to the captain's question, and he knew the answer would sent a shudder of hate through the entirety of who was there.


    Agran flexed his fingers in anger, and glared down, itching to get into the fight. There opponents may be monsters of the warp, but they would explode into gore just like any of the rest of them. With a glance to the captain, he stood straight and was allowed a small smile. "Brother-Captain Brendar, whatever you decide, I am with you." he said proudly as he once more looked down at the holo-map.
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    Levos Endus stood at the head of some forty or so of the astartes under him, fully clad in his war panoply and armed with his new weapons. Since ascending to his new rank, he had traded in his power axe and auto bolt pistol for two boltstorm gauntlets and it took countless hours of practice in the training cages as well as a few battles for him to adjust to the shortened reach of the power fists. Now, however, those that just met the lieutenant might have thought he was born with them attached to his arms. Honors from all nine of the original chapters adorned his armor; reminders of all the brothers he had fought and bled with during the Indomintus Crusade.

    Part of Levos wondered if they wear his gifts to them as proudly as he did theirs now. Still, he turned back to focus on the task at hand. The lieutenant had gathered those under him in the hanger now, so that after the briefing they may quickly ready themselves at the armory nearby and be readied to deploy at a moment's notice. Holding his grey, white and red helmet in his deactivated power fist, he addressed the astartes in front of him, confident that only those of the Luna Legion and those knowing their origins were within earshot. "Sons of the XVI! Today marks yet another step in our quest to destroy the enemies of Man and to continue the legacy left behind by our forefathers! The heretics and traitors dare attack the forge world of Ryza below us, and we shall end their miserable existence briefly, but before that, I wish to address something that concerns our origins."

    "Some of you may not have known of our chapter's origins before Chapter Master Suroh's revelation. Fear, doubt and guilt may have plagued your mind, creeping into your soul as apprehension or worse, as weakness. I am here, along with Chaplain Minos," with that Levos nodded to the chaplain standing to his side, who nodded back, "to put an end to such things, once and for all." He made a point to have his helmet off right now, so that his own eyes may stare into each of the astartes' in front of him, whether it be eye contact or into their visors. "Our gene-seed may have been from a disgrace of a primarch, once favored only to spit in the face of a father who gave him everything, but it is the blood of heroes that courses through our veins!"

    Levos began raising fingers in his free hand, lifting them up to allow those in the crowd to see them. "Heroes like Garviel Loken, who foresaw the coming storm before all others and fought to uphold and defend the Imperium even when his own so call 'father' offered him a place at his traitorous side! Heroes like Tarik Torgaddon, who steadfastly held on to his loyalty to the Emperor even unto death! Heroes like Ghrastak, who, in the face of the ultimate betrayal, sent many a traitor to oblivion on Istvaan III and in whose name we will send even more to follow! These are the legends that we inherit the XVI legion from! Not the disgrace that fled from the Emperor's Light in shame, and certainly not from any Warmaster, self-proclaimed or otherwise!"

    Levos could see the light dawning on many astartes eyes in front of him, as though his words pulled a veil from them, replacing conflicting emotions with steely pride and determination. "We are the rightful heirs of the XVI, not those treacherous curs who cower in the Eye of Terror! We shall follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, the true Luna Wolves, and correct the mistake that was Ezekyel Abaddon and the misbegotten ilk that chose to follow him! We shall be the bane of treason! The scourge of betrayers! The end of the arch-enemy!" As he roared those words and raised his free fist into the air, dozens of astartes shouted their approval back to him. "For we are the sons of the Emperor, servant of the Imperium! We are the Luna Legion, the one and only successor of the Luna Wolves! Where those of Istvaan and elsewhere fell, WE WILL RISE!" The hanger erupted with cries of affirmation, mixed along battle cries of anger and determination from the Luna Legion.

    His speech finished, Levos stepped aside for the Chaplain to lead the astartes present in purity exercises, as well as address any personal concerns present. Waving the sergeants present over, one of them greeted him with a sly grin on his face. "Hell of a speech Lev, you gunning for the captain's job?"

    Rollings his eyes, the lieutenant retorted with a simple "shut up and listen Kalus" before continuing. "We're in orbit over Ryza right now, and the Adeptus Mechanicus are hard pressed in their defenses. Even with the help of the Imperial Guard regiments stationed there, it's a miracle the defense lines haven't broken yet, given the time they've had to hold for and the foes they're facing. We've got reports of chaos troops escorted by daemons running wild all over the planet, and the typical regiments in the guard aren't as prepared as most chapters to handle that sort of thing. So we're going in, and making sure this world stays in Imperial hands."

    "Any other astartes forces accompanying us?" another sergeant spoke up, and Levos shook his head.

    "Not that I know of. Heard something about a shrine by the Dornian Sons on the world through the grapevine but haven't gotten anything confirmed yet. I'm going to strategium to get our objectives. Have your squads ready to deploy by any means the moment I get back, low orbit drop included." The sergeants saluted before Levos returned with a quick gesture and dismissed them. Turning on his heel, he headed off towards where the rest of the command squad, as well as the leadership elements of other forces, resided.

    Arriving just as their captain started speaking, Levos would listen patiently as his eyes scanned the holo table, trying to absorb any information he may have missed prior to his arrival. When Brother Agran finished, he spoke up. "With respect captain, I believe that we should focus upon the manufactorums and the shrine as our objectives. Undoubtedly the Astra Militarum require our assistance, but it will be likely that many are dug in around the manufactorum anyways, being such an obvious objective for the enemy. Deploying there may allow us to complete two objectives with one-half of our forces. Two birds with one stone as they say."

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    Temujin listened to the personal vox channel he had currently open in his helmet while checking the slate he held on his left hand. Unlike the captain who just arrived, he could be said to be average not only in looks but almost in all aspects. Neither tall nor short, ugly nor handsome, robust or lean he had the quality of a thin almost nonexistent presences and whose averageness made him an easy face and name to forget. If put in a coward he would easily blend in and become just another face within the flow, assuming of course that the crowd he was put into would be marines old and new and not normal humans.

    Clad in his reiver armor painted to fit in as many of the landscapes of ryza as possible he would have been a slightly odd sight within the command center if not for his camo cloak which hid most his body. Within his helmet, his tan face was creased in a frown while his light brown eyes rapidly read the multiple lines of messages he was receiving. Part of his mind focused on listening to the others tacitly while the other half was focused on the task at hand. Once he was sure that the others had spoken their part or at the very least that he had time enough to say what needed to be said he addressed the captain.

    “I have already sent one revier squad to the shrine to scout it out and split the rest of the revier squads in half. One-half will locate the Imperial guard elements that are in the most critical locations while the other half will scout out the Manufactorum. On that regards captain please push back the drop pod deployment until we receive news from the reviers. To avoid unnecessary damage to the Manufactorum as well as avoid losing any drop pods it is best to wait for the reivers to locate relatively safe locations for the drop pods. To facilitate data retrieval and accurate data gathering I have assigned the squad I sent to the shrine as well as two others who were sent to locate the imperial guard forces locator beacons with teleport homers and advance sensory equipment, unfortunately I could not do the same for the Manufactorum as the machinery there plays havoc with our sensory equipment. Transmissions and marking beacons along with vox work fine but the sensory equipment picks up too much machine activity as a movement.”

    Pausing to let the others digest what he had just said and to read a few other lines of messages that had popped up Temujijn continued onward.

    “As for advice, I recommend splitting up the Inceptor Squads in half with one part being sent to the beleaguered Imperial guard forces whose morale should improve upon seeing flying angles of death help them and the other part to the Manufactorum where their agility will be needed. At least two Aggressor Squads with AV options should be sent to combat any daemon war engines assaulting the Manufactorum with the rest being deployed as needed. Hell blasters should be sent to the shrine and imperial guard forces as their weaponry will not be of much use in the confined, shrouded and often volatile places of the Manufactorum. The rest can be sent as others suggest or as you wish. I have instructed the squad sent to the shrine to only recon it from a distance while those sent to the Manufactorum and the rest of the important locations have been told to only engage as need be and to focus their task on linking up lost groups, collect data and route any Imperial or mechanicus command structures to our ship so that we may work together.”

    Looking around to see how the others to react to Temujin essentially taking command of the reviers he would add as the last snippet. “ This was done nearly an hour ago so it should not be long before we hear back. Apologies if this constitutes a breach in your plans captain.”
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    Moments of thought went by now as he looked over the roster and their armoury, Brendar mentally imagining how it would play out; he knew did small calculations in his mind as to when things should be dropped, when units should deploy, whom should go where, etcetera.

    A glance towards Levos however, interrupted his thoughts. As he entered the War Room, he was met with a stern 'glare' - one that anyone but these veterans within the room would presume to be truly hostile, even if it was merely in good humour.
    "Stealing my spotlight, I see; next you plan to steal my rank and speeches?" He asked jokingly now, the scowl turning to a mild smirk soon enough. "Though, in all seriousness - I've said it before, though I am the captain; the final say on deployment is on my words. I'd rather they know that we are as one, within this Command, not to get orders from one and another to argue against that."

    A glance towards the Reiver amongst them - Temujin - made him go quiet and listen to the words, soon nodding. "Forget about splitting your men - send all of them to defend the Guardsmen; the rest of us shall deploy as is standard."

    With that, his voice was clear - the Mag-locked helmet was pulled off his belt and placed upon the Astartes Captain's head, environmentally sealing him within the mighty Gravis Armour - thick plating allowing him to act as a tank of life-support, second only to Terminator or Centurion Armour in protection. Pridefury was lifted off of the ground and the large lightning claw was brought up again, being used to point at various points on the Holo-map.

    "The Reivers shall do what they can and help the Astra Militarum; whether you save one or a thousand, so long as we make our intentions of aiding our allies clear. Had Sixth Company joined us, this may have gone more in our favour."
    "Our men shall deploy mainly to the Manufactorum. We shall deploy in twenty minutes, enough time for the Thunderhawks to all get loaded with their respective vehicles and land. Get the men to their drop pods - and have a thunderhawk filled with all our Inceptors; seeing as brother Temujin has his men on the ground, they'll get their orders to round up and protect the Guardsmen. Set the Imperial Fist Shrine as their rendezvous."

    "Now," With that, Brendar straightened himself and stepped back, his lightning claw clenching and a tilt of his head being given - almost as though in 'mock' cockiness. "Time for the Captain to make his appearance."

    And so, he stepped out of the room before anyone could protest, his titanic footsteps within the mighty Power Armour thudding loudly enough that all knew his presence - it was easily identifiable compared to the Aggressors themselves, purely through how he carried himself.

    His footfalls had meaning to them, purpose, far more than even chapter masters could show; it was as though he knew he had a higher calling, as though he knew that his importance and the power of his actions, and relished it.
    Confident past the point of being arrogant and to an almost 'angelic' point, to any normal man.

    He inevitably watched as the Company set themselves in order in front of him, the 'podium' that he stood at doing little more than giving him a place to stand.

    He called out, his voice booming and crackling through the amplified Vox-casters his Machine-spirit linked his Gravis Armour systems to, "heed me; today, we fight the Traitors once more. Below us, men and women die whilst they spew their profanity and perversions, aiming to corrupt the world and bring its beloved manufactorums to the use of Warpsmiths and the Dark Mechanicum."

    "To let this happen, shall be unacceptable - a taint upon our honour as the Primaris Astartes, as the Soldiers of the Imperium. Ryza is a beloved Forge-World of our brethren within the Adeptus Mechanicus, and it houses mighty plasma weapons for as far as the eye can see."

    "It is here,"
    Brendar continued, his Lightning Claw outstretching to gesture to a holo-map that popped up at his whim, "that lies the sole Forge World which creates the Leman Russ Executioner for our allies within the Astra Militarum. Should we let this fall, we let down not only ourselves - but countless others. Here stands glorious relics and STC's upon which holy knowledge has been imbued, and the genius of the Techpriests of Mars."

    "Our stand shall be here - a true battle to mark our legend. Through the Indomnitus Crusade we have fought alongside one another, bled for one another and for our other brethren. Here, we shall show our true capabilities as the Luna Legion."

    "For Where Others Fall, WE RISE!"
    Brendar swung up Pridefury into the air of the mighty hangar, activating its power generator and causing a crackle and 'snap' - sending a bolt of energy briefly up. While it could barely so much as tase any lesser mortal, the sound it gave was akin to a thunderbolt, a rallying call to his brethren.

    He watched as they shouted and cheered - many joyous at the thought of glorious battle, others showing their anger at the idea of such Enemies to defile this world. Some remained quiet and nodded, others rose their arms in celebration.

    All that came to an end once he brought the weapon back down and 'tapped' its head upon the floor beneath his feet, a 'crack' being heard that silenced all and made over two hundred boots stand at attention, acting as one entity through sheer discipline.

    Once more, the Captain spoke up, his voice losing that charismatic, pleased demeanour and replacing it with a cold, steely fury. Cold, analytic.

    "Pilots, get to your ships - I want all of our Predators on the ground, and two Vindicators. You shall depart in ten minutes." Brendar watched as his orders were followed, the Astartes on the sides that were the pilots immediately going into a run towards their respective vehicle both tank and Aircraft.

    "Inceptors - both squads shall get to the Thunderhawk 'Timeless Gaze' - they shall have their own objectives that you will be briefed on." The bulky Inceptors nodded their helms in response and moved to the distant Thunderhawk, their sprint being just as heavy as the Aggressors' own, if a bit more mobile.

    "The rest of you; we shall descend via Drop Pod Assault." Brendar declared, now giving a few seconds of silence for this to settle in. "This is not your typical glory war as it was through the Crusade. We are not thousands upon Thousands, able to rely upon the sheer bulk of our army to guarantee victory. You are merely one hundred and forty one men."

    Even if he sounded grim in making them sound so puny, it didn't take long for him to soften and speak once more. "But even so; you are the Luna Legion. You shall fight, shoulder to shoulder with the brother beside you. You shall as the newest recruit fight fluidly alongside our hardest veteran. You shall as a Shock-trooping Aggressor fight in unison with the Intercessor. We are one in this; do not forget your training."

    "Aggressor squads; you shall land some ways ahead of us and draw their fire after the rest of us have landed: remember to use terrain to your advantage, do not let yourself be outflanked."

    "Hellblasters; send the scum back into the Warp. Focus your firepower upon any Terminators or high-value targets, and leave the rest to the others. Unless you have opponents in spitting distance, or there is nothing else to fire your carnage upon, your primary objective is to deal with these foes. You have the right of way on this mission short of the Aggressors. If you are to order someone to duck, they will duck; do not be afraid to voice yourself for the kill shot."

    "Intercessors, last but not least - I have no further orders for you specifically. You already know your orders; protect and quarantine the Manufactorum, and we are to aid any Militarum or Mechanicum individuals we might come across. Let your training guide you, and don't be afraid to pull out the knife if the stubborn bastard takes too many bolt rounds but can't get up."

    Those words had gotten a chuckle out of a bit under two dozen of the Company, at least.

    "Men of Loken; you shall remain behind, at your Drop Pods; while it may not be enjoyable, you shall act as a rapid-response Assault Squad. At my discretion or that of the Lieutenants, you shall be summoned upon the coordinates given; show no quarter." Were his next words however, looking towards the Loken Squads in particular and giving little more than a nod.

    "Let us move, men - Let us show the Luna Legion that the Fourth Company is the stuff of legends!" The cheers and yells of celebration at this as the men moved into their respective squads and going onwards to their drop pods was one he always enjoyed; causing rivalries with the rest of the Chapter he knew, worked well for the most part, as they knew of the legends others had within them, both veteran and recruit.
    And yet, he did not aim to cause so much rivalry that they were alienated; simply enough that it was to make them strive to be better. It had occured once where his words were taken to the extreme, but never again; he saw to that personally.

    Still, now he turned and glanced to his brethren standing behind him, giving a nod of his helm.
    "Our duty will be, with two intercessor squads and one Hellblaster squad that Lieutenant Lurik have voxxed, to secure the Shrine. I'm at least partly expecting that we may need assistance in that, hence why I saw to the additional forces and the Loken Squads being kept back."

    "Now - unless there are any questions, we should get to our drop pod. We have a war to win, after all, and no Daemon Prince is going to wait for us to get to him, and ask to politely leave."

    This day shall be a glorious one.
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    Levos Endus grinned as the captain 'scowled' him, turning to their commander, eyeing his lightning claws. "Not before I steal those sweet claws off of you cap." However, as the conversation turned back to command, a more serious tone settled on him. "Which is why I told the battle brothers to await orders, be prepared for deployment and to shut their traps outside of that. I know you like to do things a certain way and I'm here to facilitate those orders being met, not counteract them." The lieutenant watched as the captain gave his orders to their Reiver Lieutenant, then followed him out where the commander addressed their troops.

    While Levos' speech pointed to the chapter and their place in the Imperium as a whole, Brendar's focused on the battle of today and their orders. Listening with a bemused smile on his face on the side, he made sure to hide such a facial expression from the troops behind his own helmet, as to not cause them to lose focus on the speaker in front of them, or for the captain to spot his face. The lieutenant understood the captain's orders; they were quite in line with the Luna Wolf's historical tactics and even Guilliman's old Codex Astartes, and he could appreciate that. Despite the sentiment, he couldn't help but be slightly disappointed.

    As they headed towards their own drop pod, Levos opened the command squad vox channel, before speaking up in a much more joking tone than a disappointed one. "Aw, here I was hoping to catch some fresh air on the way to planetside." He had come to enjoy the low orbit deployments accessible to Inceptor Squads. Nothing quite compared to jumping off of a strike cruiser or battle barge with thousands of his brothers at his back, with nothing between him and the planet teeming with enemies beneath him. The look of shock and amazement in many of the enemies of man's eyes as they see roaring comets of fire descending directly upon them, at its core an indomitable warrior with nothing but hate in his eyes and vengeance in his heart (all protected by the gravis armor of course).

    Still, the drop pod was the staple of the Adeptus Astartes, and Levos had to remember that not all in their command squad had gravis armour on. So he would climb onto the drop pod with the rest of his brothers, looking forward to getting his fists to the enemies' faces below.
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  8. Agran had been silent as the captain spoke to the others of his command squad, placing his helmet upon his head and settling his left hand into the gauntlet which housed his weapons. Flexing the fingers of his powerfist, the Aggressor turned and followed his brothers out, standing to the side while the captain gave out his orders. To keep himself occupied, he checked over his missile stocks and prepped his auto-loader. With a smirk, he found everything was working as it should, and every one of his missiles was in working order. He was proud of them, especially those special designs.

    In any case, he turned and followed his captain to the drop pod, looking forwards to the battle against the deamons, the lost, the damned. His plasma incinerators, as if sensing his excitement, glowed and hummed gently. Everything about Agran screamed heavy hitter, and such would he be. And should his brothers need it, so too would he be their shield.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Temujin gave a curt nod to the captain before switching his vox back to the reivers channel. Walking along with the group to the drop pods he relayed the captain’s orders. "Team Epsilon close half distance to target but do not enter, you have an arrow incoming so wait until contact before grouping up with team narik. Team narik maintain operation open path until the link is established with the spear, then meet up with team epsilon. Team faceless switched your focuses to helping the guard and have a link with imperial guard and mechanicus forces ready for command when we get planetside. Team Epsilon and narik will join you after command lands."

    Once the orders were relayed Temujin looked around him at the captain giving his speech and the joking of levos. He observed every one getting into their positions before he did the same. Turning his attention to the command he replayed what information he had received so far.

    “Not much backbone to this fight yet, just plenty of legion of the damned wretches. Some daemons and war engines but not much. Main enemy target is the storm blade factory. Other locations of import are also under attack but the reivers report its just a tactic to keep the imperial guard and mechanicus forces split up from the main battle. The shrine so far has some light activity in the legion of the damned wretches scouting near it but nothing major. The inside of the shrine seems clear but I have had team Epsilon assigned to the shrine only monitor from the outside and not go in yet.”
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @Vlayden - Captain Brendar Lupus
    @Tamu - Temujin Ogedei - Reiver Veteran
    @WanderingJester - Levos Endus - Inceptor Lieutenant
    @BadDo9 - Agran - Aggressor

    The second Lieutenant's lead Sergeant from one of the Intercessor Squads, Apolos, approached the Command Squads drop pod as they were all settled in. "Good speech, cap'n. Although I did not come to dish out compliments, rather I came to let you know that I will ensure the Manufactorum shall not fall until you have cleansed the shrine and returned to our sides. From the local command it seems the Manufactorum that we will defend is being guarded currently by three regiments of Elysia. So once I land, I will see their drop troopers to be deployed side-by-side with our Inceptors. May the Emperor's light guide you, my brothers. See you on the other side." The Lieutenant gave a quick salute in Luna Legion fashion and gave the drop pod two clasps, signalling the servitor to close it. As the drop pod closed, the command squad could see Apolos leave towards one of the new and improved series of Thunderhawks - called Overlords.

    Once the entirety of the Luna Legion's proud 4th company was ready to deploy, several lights would swap from red to green, across HUDs would 'launch' messages come to life, and of course the ringing cacophony of the Adeptus Mechanicus' flawles workings in the sounds of powered thrusters.

    Several Drop Pods shot out - manned and unmanned alike. Those without men would be equipped with deadly bolters and missiles to clear the area before the Intercessors and Command Squad would be freed. The Overlords almost looked as if they attempted to race the pods as they hurried at full speed towards the planet, though their trajectory was slightly different.

    For the command squad there would be no sight-seeing as the drop pod offered no windows, only tactical maps. The layout already was fed to the system, but there was a lack of red, green and blue dots showing enemies, allies and luna legionnaires respectively. The sounds of combat were already very audible from outside, before the drop pod doors shut outwards, clearing the landing zone and the safety locks blew away, allowing the Astartes to get up and do their duty.

    Once the command squad marched outside, they would see their Intercessor and Hellblast support getting just now out of their drop pods as well, ready to get to work. The shrine was only a hundred yards away to the east, towards the enemy line. It seemed that the drop pods had crashed into a scouting party of the enemy, as just the armed drop pods alone decimated the enemy far enough so they scattered and ran - being nothing more than cowardly heretic mortals.

    Information feeds came to life on the HUD, blue and red dots popping up all over showing their deployed brothers which Captain Brendar had requested. Though the red dots disappeared to a 0 quickly as they fled out of range from any auspex. And as expected, there were no Imperial Guard around the shrine. Most likely not even trying to defend it, or having died in attempt to protect it - they had to see once they got there.

    For now, the roughly third of the company was looking into the gaze of a ready army surrounding the shrine. Command Squad Lupus stood on a hill, while the enemy was in a valley beneath them. Artillery fire was advisable - was it not for the shrine that they wanted secure. Although they were totally outnumbered by the Lost and the Damned, it would be quite a fair fight, with no Astartes standing in the ranks of theirs. But with a zoomed-in glance there would be quickly spotted well equipped heretics, not just scavengers. They were supported by a handful of Chimeras and sentinels in trios seemed to walk patrols in a wide square, counting easily fifteen. The soldiers, along with estimates of what might be up as reinforcements from Chimeras or further behind the line, they were anywhere from five hundred to one thousand.

    The Intercessors and Hellblasters along with their support gathered around the command squad in their respective formations, waiting for orders.

    Enemy Forces:

    Imminent Area: None; Cleared by Drop-Pod automated Weapon Systems
    Target Area (Imperial Fist Shrine): 500-1000 Total Lost & Damned (well equipped); 10-15 Chimeras; 15 Sentinels

    Luna Legion Forces:
    Command Squad Lupus - 4 (Brendar Lupus - Captain; Levos Endus - Lieutenant; Temujin - Reiver Vet; Agran - Aggressor)
    Intercessor Squads - 2 (16 Intercessors + 4 Aggressors)
    Hellblaster Squad - 1 (8 Hellblasters + 2 Inceptors)

    None present

    (As long as I don't mention the Manufactorum or other places - just assume it goes well or at least okay; rather have you lot just worry about where you are than multiple conflicts :))
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