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Where are the ORKS these days?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ryo_VG, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. You've got balls, I'll give you that much.

    Yeah, I prefer Dok Bomb to the Sicky Bombs. Would be nice if we could get a small one like SM; why did theirs need to be so small again?
  2. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    1. "I mention recoil and the counter you have is that one can adjust for it. Sure, some can. You both probably can. I can. But many players cannot, making every other tactical far easier to play and as such gives them a degree of power."

    The recoil for the Ork weapons in this game is some of the easiest out of any FPS to control and takes literally 5 minutes, if that, to get adjusted to when playing.

    2. "For even if they learn to adjust for it in the heat of things, they're taxed with other things that might escape them, like people moving at the corner of their eye or the landing of a grenade. Some people manage that too, others do not, but the more skill required, the less power it holds in general. In general means on average across all skill levels."

    It sounds like to me you want the skillfloor and skillcap of this game equal and to have no player skill progression at all so everyone performs the same. What you're describing is called "learning how to play the game". Learn to control the recoil (which is bloody easy), and you can allow it to become second nature without thinking about it and focus on other things lol. Quite simple really. If people can't learn how to play an easy 3rd person FPS lobby shooter, then that's on them. The game isn't going to cater to players that can't perform a basic function of the FPS genre.

    3. "Jumppacks can catch up by auto-lock and RMB. The stormboy fares worse."

    There is literally no difference. A Stormboy can do the exact same as it has happened to me on multiple occasions. Of course, he died because he spammed 1/3rd of the RPS system and it was easy to counter him like any other JPA would have been, but nevertheless Stormboys do NOT fare worse than JPAs. They fare better in EHP and scrapping ability having the Ghost Choppa available to them. I would ALWAYS prefer to play a Ghost Choppa Stormboy over a JPA anyway excluding Raptor NCS with Slaanesh due to how ridiculous NCS can be for players to deal with as a weapon.

    4. "for all of your blustering and insults you've offered little alternative to the fact that Orks are the faction most in decline besides "looks".

    I don't remember insulting you myself, but ok. Also, the faction has been in decline mainly due to DLB "leavin' dis mudball" for, what is it, 2 or 3 times now? I lost count, but you get the idea. A big faction guild like DLB leaving will impact the faction if no other big guild is there to claim all of the other Orks. It's why the Eldar are also small in population but have had a recent resurgence due to MYST being around to keep those numbers up, whether they be in a warparty or a few of them solo queueing. It's not because they are "weak", for some reason Thrakka still thinks they are and won't stick around for that reason which I find ridiculous because WCA finds great success in playing Orks against guild stacks, as would BLOP if they were to switch to Orks for fun. Also, another big reason is that everyone who plays this game aside from any new players that may have come in already know that Orks don't have a lot of numbers to begin with, so they remain away from the Ork faction because they want faster queues on LSM/CSM or even Eldar at this point since they get games more often now pre-campaign. There's multiple reasons, and "looks" are just one of the few that also contribute.

    5. "It's far more likely, given it's a competitive game, that players felt the faction was underpowered and most of all, buggy, which caused frustration and they left. Just look at the forum history for a glimpse of that frustration. The disadvantages, higher skill level required, and the bugs are a far better theory than "they just ugly" or indeed no other explanation at all."

    I mean, maybe some of them thought that, but you don't really know for sure. If they thought Orks were underpowered and swapped factions or quit the game because of it, then they probably wouldn't have stuck around much longer regardless. Orks are almost equal to CSM in terms of strength due to how much EHP they get and their high RPM/DPS weapons on their Tacticals, let alone getting the option of having Suppression on top of higher DPS with Big Shoota. Orks have no factionbreaking disadvantages that I have noticed in my hundreds of hours playing that faction in my personal experience, and they definitely don't require a higher skill level than other factions. That medal belongs to the Eldar when it comes to making a faction work to it's highest potential.

    So no, Orks are strong and not underpowered, and there's plenty of reasons to prove this notion whether it's dubbed as an opinion or not. The consensus amongst the top players left in this game with several hundreds or even thousands of hours in this game is that Orks are strong, and given the presented math and facts from multiple players when it comes to EHP/TTK etc, I'd agree with that over them somehow being "weak".
  3. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    My dankest secret is a macro that randomly uses one out of the 3 melee moves, profit.
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  4. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    I don't think you understood what I said at all. You should probably just stick to the RU sub-forum. I'll repeat myself again, not EVERYONE wants to run around as a greenskin hunchback with crutch stats and beefy guns.

    You can see this during every meta, take for example the genocide pattern plasma cannon (sometime during early access or launch) there was still plenty of people using other weapons when it was just straightup the best weapon in the game. Or that time eldar weren't even fully fleshed out and missing a ton of shit, people still played them. Perhaps you played back in founders when melee infinitely staggered people and JPAs were practically unkillable? Others were still playing heavy weapons/tacs/supports etc.

    Probably carried by hero avengers and/or fire orangutans.

    Well you see, to reach this "max potential" (A skill ceiling to put it into better terms) you'll have to actually be good for once, something the majority of ork mains are lacking in.
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  5. TurtlesInTheSky TurtlesInTheSky Well-Known Member


    edit: waagh
  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Orks are just better (and Greener!!) LSM....
    Everybody who thinks LSM are under powerd should just stop crying about it and be playing them instead of LSM.
    They'd get everything they'd ask for.
    A Life steal weapon , a Dot weapon, lifesteal melee buff, move speed bonus for 5 minutes, buffed JPA, Buffed Support, higher melee damage weapon for the Tac. Capping with GA. better grenades, Bolters as pistols . higher Toughness. more Health. SMART Poison pistols. Cyber leg Cosmetic's.. The ability to damage vehicles with APC. Rocket Launchers.

    And we'd get some more people playing Orks!!
    (Do ya see dah plan ere lads?)

    And only at the cost of Functional vehicles and Grav weapons.
    I'd be swapping Factions in a heartbeat if I was them.

    Think about it Marine!!... R_O_C_K_E_T_L_A_U_C_H_E_R_S
    They 1 shot people's!... WITH AIR TIME!!!
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  7. SakitPerut Steam Early Access

    Huh weird, could have sworn it lasted a whole lot longer than that, pretty sure I teamkilled a bunch because of it.
    I don't know if/when it had undergone a nerf, and I literally can't get Ork matches lately to have known of it.
  8. USSRxGrabli USSRxGrabli Arkhona Vanguard

    Lol. I may say "Well you see, to reach this "max potential" (A skill ceiling to put it into better terms) you'll have to actually be good for once, something the majority of ork\LSM\CSM\Eldar mains are lacking in.". Best argument. Again an example of hypocrisy.
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  9. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    If it hits you directly, it applies a near full-stack. If you throw it, you need to wait a second or so before it starts dealing damage as a cloud. It's essentially just a really solid tool for preventing people from rushing through, because you'll sabotage any break point optimized loadouts (like the ones BLOP runs).

    Jog on my Russian comrade, this level of denial and delusion ain't good for you.
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  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Sorry but he is right 99% of players dont play the factions at their best
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