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Where are the guilds at in Discord?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Deathwish, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Seriously. I thought the Eye of Terror channel was the main go-to place to find some guilds but I never see a single person in any of the voice channels. Surely there are some west coast american guilds that play in the evening.
  2. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    General activity in the game is dieing.

    Many guilds are playing another thing, and only gather for campaigns...
    Seems about it...

    In general there's just less ppl, and playing less time
  3. Baelugor Bugz First Blood!

    I suffer from the time difference with a lot of players ... round about 1 - 2 am aest (Australian Eastern Standard Time) , sorry I don't have a conversion for the states, seems to be best time to jump on.. most nights we can get few lads banded together. I hope to see you in the EOT soon mate.
  4. well at least not completing the short campaign will be due to lack of interest and not because CSM is UP. as for myself, i dont have anything to buy on the store with RTC anyways so camps just arent that important to me anymore. anyways, Im not having fun playing anymore these days so i guess until they make some changes to melee Im out. peace yall.
  5. Well... if we have the same ammount of players now then we had before F2P became a thing...
    And assuming F2P dudes are still partially motivated to achieve at least veterans and such...

    ... can only mean a lot of veterans left. And that's how it looks like to me at least
  6. That's the vibe I got by the looks of it. Played some UA DoW1 last night. 10/10 will continue to play DoW until EC is fun again.
  7. Nothing to do with EC, DoW UA Mod is just amazing :D
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  8. A mod for DoW you say? Now I may have to dig up my disks.. to the storage bins when I get home...
  9. I've noticed the trend even with my own playtime.
    1st campaign I played dozens of games,
    2nd maybe twenty something
    3rd barely more than the minimum
    4th I'm currently playing for my 5th win with 2 days left

    The first campaign was a breath of life for guild activity, we saw huge numbers return after losing a lot of community activity. Now things have gone back to only the occasional war party active. People are just burned out I guess, lots have moved on to different games, though some still play on their own Discords.

    I think a big problem is it's just a skirmish game, the campaign being just pure win counts just doesn't have any depth. IDK, a good start would be to change the World Map to give us territories that mean something, that could conceivably one day become actual zones like the Open Territories that were said to be more feasible than Open World. I come back because A) I think the gameplay itself is fun B) the background lore of the universe makes smiting my foes more enjoyable. However, the metagame is so shallow that it doesn't draw people back in, there's no grand strategy to the campaign and the territory system is so basic. Improving the campaign would be the real staying power, but that requires more maps and such, meanwhile a meaningful World Map shouldn't be that hard.
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  10. Ultimate Apocalypse for Soulstorm.

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