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Where Are The Blood Ravens?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Miletos, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. since DoW3 is happening it's about damn time we jump start this thread again

    where are the Blood Ravens you ask ? they are in a some sort of ice planet doing gymnastics
  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

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  4. Andraina Andraina Curator

    I could start a "Where are the Banshee?" Thread since an ENTIRE FUCKING CLASS COMES OUT AFTER FUCKING COSMETICS!
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  5. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    But if we get Banshee's then people will cry that Eldar can actually fight in melee and Devastators would be fucked due to the Banshee mask
  6. Where did you get that information?
  7. Andraina Andraina Curator

    The fact that said Wolves and Iron Warriors are coming out 'next patch' but no word on the Banshee?
  8. That has nothing to do with cosmetics, but alright. You got my hopes up.

    The Banshees will get in when they get in. Would you rather they put another half built class into the Eldar roster to get bitched about, or that they get it in when they deem it built enough to be in?

    Because I'm sure they could put a screamless banshee in, haven't we seen that on a twitch somewhere?
  9. Under lincence of relic entertainment.
    As far as i know they were invented because relic didn't want to mess with existing chapters, their lore and the story about them. Everything they would do with them would get cannon, and as such GW would sit behind their backs and judge every action. So they made their own chapter to have some freedom (Where else could they make a chapter master go chaos without beeing in conflict with a ton of book series and the ongoing lore?)

    So, the chances of getting Blood Ravens are quite slim. It's not impossible, but im sure relic would charge them money for using the chapter. And why doing that if you can take what GW offers you?

    Even though they seem to be made as an excuse, i like the Blood Ravens a lot, would also like to play as them, but i see only a little chance for that to happen
  10. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    The real question is, where are the Storm Wardens?

    When you understand the question, the answer becomes obvious.

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