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Where all the Eldar homies at

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rokdakgut-rippa, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Ghetsum Ghetsum First Blood!

    There's a number of reasons why there aren't many Eldar playing currently.

    Low overall playerbase. Less players playing means less people playing each faction. Steam Summer sale also impacts this.

    Nerf fatigue is part of it for some Eldar players. They don't want to invest time into playing their Eldar only to see more nerfs come down the line for things which are already (in their eyes at least, and perception is important here - perhaps more important that facts and numbers) balanced against the Eldar.

    The delay for the Eldar campaign and Elite is part of it as well. I know I, for one, was actually more excited about a fancy shoulderpad than anything else... that's how few cosmetic options Eldar have. Which gets into not only low cosmetic options, but low options total.

    Lack of overall options amongst the Eldar discourage veteran players from continuing to play. Unbalanced LP costs which allow almost no customization for Eldar contributes to this, as well as simply having few choices to begin with. When you have few choices, and then aren't allowed to make half of them, that is discouraging.

    Significantly lower survivability discourages new players from starting to play. This causes Eldar to have a significantly higher learning curve, simply because it requires an extremely different playstyle from the other three factions. Most of your skillsets for the game are transferable between LSM, CSM, and Orkz, with a few small (but sometimes significant) changes between them. That's not the case for Eldar.
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  3. Oldmannings Recruit

    I don't believe that the change in mechanics between Eldar and the remainder of the races is a big issue. What is a big issue, however, is that Eldar are exceptionally weak prior to obtaining loadout customization options by maxing out on the first two supply box sets and obtaining upgraded armor. Additionally, their advancement trees force players into picking and staying very specific classes, which have narrow bands of effectiveness. This means if you make the wrong choice regarding what you're going to play early, you're forced into playing a class you hate for a very long time.

    If your squad needs a warlock, but you can only bring the base loadout, you're basically useless. DRs, FDs, DAs, SHs - all complete shit prior to modding. The only classes that are decent out of the box are some of the weakest in the game - Scorpions and Banshees.

    This is key because most games will require you to bounce between 2-3 different loadouts depending on what your team needs. I don't think I've had a single role game in the past month.

    Additionally, even if you have sunk some time in and gotten to rank 4, the low playerbase and matchmaking algorithms essentially put you multiple players down in most engagements. This isn't a big deal when the match is 18-20, but when you're starting of on a supremacy map defending with 6 vs 9, you get predictably put on the back foot from the outset. When else have you seen teams cap the first point in supremacy in 2 minutes?

    Many players see this and leave pre-emptively, leaving you, consistently, with matches where the numbers are like 4 eldar vs. 9 lsm.

    That's fucked, boys.

    People literally just alt-F4 and play another game when that happens. Which then makes your next match even less likely given the playerbase problems are even worse.
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  4. I think you're mixing the good hawks in with the next to useless ones.

    Anyway, I'll be playing in about half an hour. Good luck my kin. Lets us prevail on the battlefield.
  5. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Denial is very common in the LSM faction.

    It's not YOU with the problem, it's EVERYONE ELSE!
    You HAVE to play like that if you're going to play SH. Heck you have to play like that if you're going to play Eldar at all. You HAVE to make "dirty shots" if you wanna win.

    SH is an Eldar's Eldar. Even more squishier than the "tough" dire avengers and howling banshees. If you can play SH, you have no problem playing the other classes. Unless of course you're REALLY reliant on the wings,
  6. see, most eldar strategy goes by this flow chart: are they shooting at you? yes? run away, they still shooting at you? yes? run away, they still shooting at you? no? shoot em in the dick.

    and becuase of this people dont like fighting eldar, becuase they dont LIKE being shot in the dick. but thats the only way eldar players can really win, so they do it, a lot. and get hated for it.
  7. They even gave LSM a dick shield and they still don't want to fight! :D

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