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Discussion in 'Orks' started by DoomedOne, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Its because there aren't any Orks willing to say anything; they're all waiting for a new Warboss to rise on his/her/fungi's own, and none of the active Orks wanna be that toadstool. YOU are doing things and trying to get your Boyz moving again; other people aren't. In fact the only other person your faction has looked up to literally spit in their eye and buggered off, but you're still here. That kind of dedication and willingness to step up? THAT'S the kind of Boss da WAAAGH! needs!

    "It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?" Then again maybe the Orks should die out if all they are going to do is sit around and wait for a leader who isn't ever gonna come. It might be a mercy.
  2. And I play LSM because Orks don't have Chaplains and I can't ever find a decent number of Boyz to play wif, but @Talron and I were talking not too long ago about me making Rekstuff my main and helping drive the Ork presence via our efforts through WKA.

    I'm saying you should step up and be a Warboss I'd follow. Take that for whatever that's worth...
  3. Datz enuff talkin methinkz, I'z made a thread fer da fightz.

    Maybe wen da starz iz roight an da planetz aling Rokdak will consider it, FER DA IMMINIT' FUTURE DOU ITZ WEEKLY WAAAGHS!

    also 45 wurdz or less I'z readin at a 2nd grade level 'ere
  4. Mate I can't say "45 wurdz" wifout it endin' up a zoggin novela... Laf.
  5. Thrakka Thrakka Master

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  6. Honestly, who are you to EC anymore? I'll commend you for inspiring such fanatical loyalty in @Rokdakgut-rippa, but when I play my Ork - as when I play anything else in any game, digital or otherwise - if I don't see a Boss in the game bleedin' with me, then he's not a boss.

    As much as I like Rokdak and his attitude, and as much as I'd love to have him running WKA for us, I don't want him taking over another guild's alts. Rokdak deserves his own WAAAGH, separate from you and not a subsidiary of anybody, to blaze his own path to Glory. You don't even play anymore and your only claim to anything is who you USED TO BE and the fact that people who's trust you once earned refuse to give you up for dead and step out to do their own thing.

    We need Leaders. We need active Guilds. We need 'Ard Boyz leadin' da WAAAGH! on Orkona. You aren't any of those things.

    Crawl off to your hole: EC players are talking here.
  7. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    HEHAA! I didn't bail on anyone lad. And i neva cried about painboys. I'z mentioned a few times here and there dat painboyz were incredibly weak compared to Apocs but thats about it. Why are youz focusing on that? Youz need to take one of dem adeptus patterns chillpillz. Rokdak misses the game soz hes tryen to group together whoever iz left in dis dyin ship of a game to relive the fun he once had. Those dayz are gone. All of me boyz are with me outside the game no one was bailed on. And still keep in regular contact with a lot of the community outside da game. I FIND IT HILARIOUS dat many months of me being Absent i come back to find more toxic krap talkin about me and my clan STILL! Get a hobby lads. just play da zoggin game and shut yer pie holez already no one carez dat youz don't like me. JUST SHOOT DA ZOGGIN GUN AND SWING YER SWORD AN 'AVE FUN!
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  8. Quit kidding yourself.


    In the games current state and playerbase having anything at all is a blessing.
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  9. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    ITT: ViaVirtus fails to engage Thrakka in a Nobknob measuring contest and Deathwish is clueless as usual.

    The reason some (perhaps most) of the DLB boyz havent played EC much is there simply isn't enough drive/motive to, and frankly neither WCA nor Thrakka alone has got a damned thing to do with that. It's more to do with the content drought and the clarion call of the WAAAGH pulling us toward other games that not only have dedicated communities, but dedicated communities with the skills, knowledge, and willingness to expand upon them.
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  10. Agreed lads...agreed.

    Da krooza haz flown fer dis 'ere game me finks. Kan alwayz com bak but seems ta be lost wiv no direkshun or kontent.

    Life iz short even fer an Ork an dis Arkhona fing jus' ain't workin' out now. Ovva gamez iz where da real fight iz at; stomped sum gits gud.

    Gud sum muhrikan 'Umies iz still 'ere. Az fer da yurop side...dis wos trash many months ago dat iz klear. Da 'Umie git in charge ov da miserable operayshun 'ere jus' won't talk an' alienates da kustomaz - dun' luk no gud.

    Dis forum iz fer memes an dreamaz. Hope need not apply.

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