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When Creating The Collector's Edition...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Savage Shark, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester


    Don't do what Relic/THQ did with theirs.

    First off, I realize this is an early on request. But I feel a desire to mention it now before later.

    To set an example of what I refer to with Relic/THQ. This is what they did when Dawn of War 2: Retribution C.E. was launched.
    I payed some $75 for what they said would be: a custom poster, cards, metal game box and art cells.
    The never included proper photos of these items, just listings of what they would include.
    When I got the order, all I got were some lame and cheap Photoshop images from the game printed on each "cell", card and poster.
    The poster was nothing spectacular, it was just game images photoshoped on a game background, I was so pissed off. I thought they would at least send me the illustration piece they did for advertising Chaos Rising?
    The cards and cells were just the splash screens for a faction load screen, total bull shit. Nothing original or spectacular. Where's the original art work? Where's the originality?

    NOW with THAT said. I have found some C.E. items that have been worth while. To me, this is what should be included in ANY Collector's Edition:
    * Original Art work on Poster (this is something done for the dev artists. Don't let it be a screen grab from the game. The current images of all 4 races and character types would be a welcomed sight on a poster.

    * Art book contaiting all concept art, development notes, sketches, 3D renders, textures, 3D stills, finished models, enviroment maps, concepts, even little scribbles on a napkin would be awesome. The artists at the company put a lot of effort into this project, let's see what they did.

    * Original sound track on CD. This means if there's original music I think everyone would enjoy getting a hand on the disk?

    * A gorgeous C.E. style game box. It doesn't have to be shiney, just something that says THIS IS AWESOME. Something similar to the C.E. box for Star Craft 2: Heart of Swarm, or Warhammer: Age of Reckoning box.

    * A prop from the game itself. Space Marine did a Purity Seal. Halo Reach did ID cards and security documentations. SWTOR did a scaled Darth Malgus figure and Star Wars Jedi Journal. Warhammer AOR had an Ork Boss model people could build and paint.

    Maybe something similar like a unique game character from each of the four factions the hobbyists could build and paint?

    * Security Key generator. Seems like a standard now a days for most MMO game accounts anyway? Why not make one specific to Warhammer 40K?

    * A Inside look at the game development on DVD?

    * Mouse pad

    * Personalized In game armor, weapons, badges, etc for each race.

    * Some early in game currency. <- in case the Devs go this route.

    * Early armor color customization? <- this is a maybe
  2. Anshar Anshar Master

    Art books and pretty boxes are norm, sound tracks are likely, I'd like a unique in game customization, even just like beakie helms or a banner or the like. Maybe a unique 40k mini, have a CE for each race with a unique table top HQ.
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  3. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    Those are good too.
  4. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    I bought the collector's edition for WAR.. it had some interesting things.. but some of the benefits were items that were not effective after a few levels of play.
    In-game items provided by collector's edition should be relevant through all levels of play.. That might mean limiting them to cosmetics or convenience items that are re-usable.. but straight up equipment that doesn't scale with you is going to end up getting discarded after a few days (or hours) of gameplay.
    It also came with books that were supposed to be game guides (I might've bought those separately but I think they came with collector's edition) and EVERYTHING in the book was just about worthless since they changed so much so fast after launch.

    I also bought DC Universe Online Collector's. It came with in-game stuff that was essentially useless but a few things that were "nifty". The physical (real world) thing it came with was a statue of Batman.. that is pretty neat to be honest. A small bust of a game character or some exclusive miniatures to be used in the tabletop 40k game would be a good direction.. T-shirts would be nice too since GW doesn't really do a whole lot of merchandising of apparel for some reason.

    WAR had a problem.. pre-orders of collector's edition were supposed to secure beta-keys/early access but there were a LOT of problems with how they implemented this and several people missed about a week of early access (if I remember right.. I was lucky enough to get an invite during closed beta).

    My ideal collector's edition would look something like this.
    MSRP: $100 +/-
    In Game - Early Access, early mount unlock (if you don't get mounts at level 1), exclusive cosmetic piece (faction specific for every new character created on the account). Possibly a pet of some kind (servo skull, squig, small space dragon, snotling, etc).
    Physical gift - T-shirt, Poster, chainsword security dongle (looks like a chainsword usb.. so when it's plugged in, you've stabbed your computer). Maybe a 40k model (very hard to choose what to inlcude though.. obviously everyone won't be thrilled with whatever faction the model is).

    Just my 2 cents..
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  5. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    Oh yea those are some good points too. The Early Access and Early mounts definitely. Though I dunno about the T-Shirt. Though the Chainsword Security Dongle would be pretty kick ass, that or a Bolter equivalent
  6. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    T-shirt might have to be done via a redemption code so people can get their t-shirt in the appropriate size.. I forget how varied us war-gamers can be in stature :D
  7. Anshar Anshar Master

    I'd prefer the God-Emperor's Holy Inquisition USB

  8. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    Big words for someone who has a Xeno for an avatar. XD j/k.

    But yea the USB thing is something that requires consideration. In Inquisitor insignia, a Chaos Emblem, Imperial Aquilla, etc.
  9. Anshar Anshar Master

    Only because I can't go pimp-slapping with my Daemonhammer, and astartes are too bulky for my taste. Anywhoo like I said before, faction specific CE's would help that a lot, more expensive to make though sadly.
  10. Azurose Azurose Member

    I liked what came with the Space Marine CE. A concept art book, a pack of cards with enemy info on them, and i think a poster... cant realy remember. All that inside a HUGE box. What would be awesome is if the CE container was a drop pod or an ork meteor rock thingy.
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