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What's your Favorite Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Loving the feedback all!

  2. Attrition is a great mechanic if done well. Look at Battlefield 4 and BF1 conquest mode. Loads of fun, 25 to 30 minute games almost every match, and it's based off of attrition and holding control points.
  3. Torias - This map allows for good strategic decisions due to the point placement. It can zerg, but benefits teams that feel out where the enemy is and attack the weak points using the high transport count. Spotters are useful especially on the defender side.
    Medusa - Same as Torias but a bit too easy to steam roll defenders if you take a couple of points and blow up their limited rhinos.
    Blackbolt - Also suffers from a lack of transports on the attacker side, but the map is really fun as long as the attackers get a foot hold on a point before their transports are destroyed. The points are close together but it isn't as zergy as Pegasus.
  4. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    My favorites:

    My least favorite:
  5. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard


    The space between B and C is probably the most fun one can have in this game. The street fighting, building to building, winding roads with crates to help firefighting. It is amazing and I truly hope we see more of this, especially in a fortress match. I would love to Aganthio B take a feather out of this hat and both flanks and the inside of the point past the main entrance have this sort of design rather than what it is now. Look at the difference and not just in numbers (in fact I would loveto see a 60player Zedek match). Even though Charlie on Zedek has a great angle on the point itself, it has little importance to all the routes to C itself, and every route is a dream to play. Its brutal and fun at the same time. Aganthio B really does rely on a single tactic: gain control of the balcony, which is why people hate it: It's two elevators totally exposed to fire all the way to the lift and every point of attack is defended from multiple angles. Even though it's the same thing as Zedek C, EXACT OPPOSITE of Zedek in every way. For some reason, it was a good idea to have all the guns in the building easily able to cover those nigh important elevators, where in Zedek, the guns just point in same direction as the tower itself. It's tough, and really, honestly, a tactical nightmare because no tactician worth his salt is going to attempt a fair push to this place, he'd set charges and collapse that part of the building and then start the real fight knowing it's not really worth sending forces into some terrible crossfire. I definitely understand the general hate of this point. Which is a shame because A is great.

    Blackbolt. Both versions were fantasic. The old school version needs to have the attackers start by controlling A. The slog to breach the wall was a chore and new players I think would struggle to appreciate the challenge old timers had to deal with. Love the melee here (both new and old maps) love the firefights. I hope a 3rd version comes out some day that combines the new and old version of this map.

    I really wanted to put Pegasus on this list for mulitple reasons but in terms.of sheer tactical diversity it has to be Olipsis. I love Pegasus and it's a close 2nd to Olipsis (and easily was my favorite map when it came out after blackbolt and Olipsis), but Olipsis has proven to be a masterpiece in terms of tactical gameplay. If you have an idea for tactics, it can be done on this map. Fully mechanized? This map. Fully ranged? This map. Fully melee? This map. Supremacy game mode? This map. Tug of war? This map.

    Truly the only thing that reallg makes me doubt the place of this map on this list is that it's set in the desert instead of snow. Pegasus gets a big push for the scenery and aesthetics alone. Had Zedek gotten the snow treatment I think I'd attempt to play nothing else, and if ever mutators become a thing Olipsis would truly secure a place in top 3 for being timeless.

    @jbregg can we do a worst 3 for map fixes? I think a lot of the "worst maps" could honestly use some better player feedback. Aganthio really is one makeover away from being one of the best maps in the game.
  6. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    1 Original olipsis
    2 Zedek
    3 Original blackbolt

    Reasons being that the best feeling i get from maps comes from the entire team pushing 1 front, that was achieved by putting the capture points outside instead of inside the same buildings. Worst feeling comes from (torias refinery) when all the points are as far away from each other as possible, you just pick a point that you drive to, the enemy team reacts by redeploying there, the entire fight happens at the building that holds the cap point and its all about zerging inside and killing attackers that rush through doors. This is when the rest of the map is left unused and its all about quickly reacting to enemy attacks and destroying rhinos.

    The optimal (map) and capture point would be (point c to d in original olipsis)

    on open ground with cover to all directions (sand bags and boxes)
    one that you can park your predator tank nearby but not directly next to it so you cant block it.
    and it probably needs to be next to a hill or a building so that a firing line is formed to one direction.
  7. Intercept Inter Prefectus

    1. Zedek
    The design of this map is great and gives a lot of options for different tactics, gameplay and classes. The ruine fights for attacking B are the most intense in my view!

    2. Harkus
    Ruins are back here and give the map while fighting the "wall" a lot of intense. The sideway pipes are also a awesome way to flank the enemy. What I would like to see is if the place in front of wall could be also used as a fighting place with an additional capture point. This would breap up the unused places in many maps.

    3. Olipsis
    The same as Zedek. The design is awesome and it brings to me always a broad grin If I see the loading screen. The most polished map in my point of view.
  8. You know what would make an awesome 5 point map? The Garrison.

    Why isn't this a thing? @jbregg
  9. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    1) Pegasus. Every point is constantly under threat, very dynamic.
    2) Torias. Has more lulls, but this leads to bigger pushes, and thus bigger team fights rather than constant duels.
    3) Ollipsis.

    Notice how they are all supremacy maps, as all the other game modes suck.
  10. fortress ronan, love defending and leading a charge off the walls to kill stuff in the trenches.

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