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What's your Favorite Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Ernaddon elDorado Steam Early Access


    wow, i havent seen Jebregg s post and my maplist is same, thats werid
  2. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    1) Zedek, points B and C are excelently designed and promote interesting, non one dimensional movement instead of usual conga line

    2) Blackbolt, while more tight, different points promote different classes for offense and defense as well as going further away from the point to go for opponents vehicles, its also multi level map which adds a nice touch with C.

    3) Medusa, because its the only map with somewhat plenty of space for vehicles and manning a tank does make sense there, still plenty of great unused space and roads.
  3. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    1. Zedek
    I just love the look of it, and it lines up for some great fights if the teams are relatively equal, but with unequal teams I have finish it as Attacker with 15 minutes and 30 seconds left, though the matchmaker is probably to blame for that.
    It also brings both CQB and the option for medium to long ranged combat (limited to B and to a degree C), and you aren't forced to use the vehicles (except on B).

    2. Pegasus
    I like the CQB of this map, as you don't need to rely on vehicles that much and there are no large empty spaces. The most hated part about it is the huge amount of vehicles and the turrets.

    3. Olipsis
    I both looks and runs rather nice for me, and the points are spread out enough for you be able to cap them without to much of a zerg, but still short enough to be defended and get reinforcements, it got a good mix of CQB and combat over longer ranges.

    ^As you can probably see, I prefer relatively small maps with a bit/a lot of CQB.

    It would be nice to see a true urban map (like a mix of Zedek B to D and the outskirts of Fort Wolfmore and Harkus) with limited vehicle access (main roads would be open), would be great if you made it "ready" for TEQ for whenever they might arrive (doors should be tall and wide enough for them to pass through).
    If you could bring back capture points like Old Blackbolt A (good for JPA and relatively "cluttered" for infantry due to the large generators lying there) and Old Blackbolt B (that was short ranged combat and the "backdoor" over the ammunition conveyor belts was fun). <--- These two would obviously fit in the new Urban map ^^
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  4. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    1) Pegasus
    2) Torias
    3) Olipsis

    I pick all of these 3 for the same reason, they all make it super easy to get to the action, whether you redeploy or run and roll its always constant shooting hacking and slashing. I disabled fortress maps due to: lag, less ways for me as a player to impact the game, teammates wasting lifes.
    Medusa is my least favorite map due to how quick and fast it can end if your teammates waste transports (or your enemy). I think its too easy to spam lascannons or fire dragons for a cheesy and unfun win.
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  5. DISCLAIMER - All Fortress maps rate higher than any normal play map. My 'issues' with the different fortresses are for a separate thread/time.

    Three Favorite maps:
    • Zedek B-D. 4.5/5 Bolt Rounds. Point A feels tacked on; like people didn't feel the fight took long enough so an extra point off in the distance was added. Once A falls, though, B-D turns into multi-elevation, multi-platform city fighting the likes of which cannot be easily described until experienced. Each point is its own animal and cannot be tackled in any kind of 'by the numbers' or 'textbook' fashion (unlike many of the Supremacy maps, which by comparison can almost be taken down with mechanical precision.) Not only that, but the points are close enough that your attack and defense tactics can vary wildly. I've seen people get on the balcony of Zedek D facing C and be effective at keeping enemies suppressed or killed with near impunity until somebody gets all the way over there to flush them out. If I had a #1 map in the game, its the last three points of Zedek.
    • Pegasus. 4/5 Bolt Rounds. Compact enough to run to points if you need to (faster than redeploy in many cases,) good mix of close range fighting and ranged firefighting, plenty of paths and approaches to get from place to place, lanes and room for tank battles to happen and the quad guns needed to mount an effective defense against the tanks. Probably one of the best 'match scale' maps the game has.
    • Maggon. 3.5/5 Bolt Rounds. Some of my favorite fights have involved storming or holding out on Maggon C, but the whole map feels really good to play across with lots of ways for AV troopers to get around outside the points and lots of ways for assault-oriented players to attempt breaches
  6. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    1. Pegasus
    The best and most competitive map in the game imo. Rotating is very easy, and the fighting is constant. Maps like this are a big reason why I love this game.

    2. Olipsis
    Like Pegasus, it's very easy to rotate in-between points and the fighting is nearly constant. One of the best and most competitive maps again like Pegasus.

    3. Torias
    Fairly big, but for a 20v20 it feels close quarters enough to where it's intense. Vehicles are very important, but the map doesn't feel extremely reliant on them like certain other large maps.
  7. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    1. Zedek
    Progressive objectives, it's got a proper frontline to fight on while still allowing for flanking and sneak attacks. The fight around B and C can be a great challenge.

    2. Agnathio
    Again, progressive objectives. I actually enjoy the meat-grinder at B whether attacking or defending, it really feels like a massive 40k battle.

    3. Maggon
    Yep, another progressive objective map with frontlines and a massive battle at the end. Each point along the way has some interesting tactical decisions to make for both sides, but multiple ways to crack the nut.

    Its interesting to see the answers here are still very similar to when I asked the question, and it's still interesting to see the wide variety of preferences and how they combine, along with certain strong themes.
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  8. I am curious as to how they have not released a map pack yet, Game is almost a year old in September. Most shooters have an xpac dropped by now with at least 4 new maps.

    Oh and:

    Screw the unoptimized piles of trash that are the fortress maps.
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  9. KidMeatball KidMeatball Steam Early Access

    Olipsis wins hands down. Good size makes games super tense and fast paced. A good variety of points as well.

    I also like Medusa as well. Tactics play a huge part in winning that map and there are a lot of good terrain and approaches to each point.

    I like Zedek, but I'd like to play a different game mode on it. Ticket maps are fun, i just like the give and take in a capture and control style map.
  10. 1. Olypsis
    2. Pegasus
    3. Something else

    Those 2 maps are always fun to play on, just because the objective walk distance ain't so big.

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