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What's With The Tyranid Hate?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Pouncey, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    We ARE talking about Space Marines here. They are xenocidal by default.
  2. FoxDie Sonbot Well-Known Member

    We could argue the love of the unyuufex is genocidal as it is incompatible with squishy humans. In the long run, unless species can be symbitotic or mix they are doomed in the long run to compete for resources and space.

    Unless one was able to completely detach itself from conflict/physical woes or had the overwhelming might and self control to prevent other species [and themselves] from actively destroying each other.
  3. Delgear Steam Early Access

    pouncey is genestealer hybrid confirmed, greatest threat to imperial space, purge with fire. The nids have learned to turn our bureaucracy against us ... the end is nigh.
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  4. Details Details The Spriteful

    there're confirmed genestealer cults infesting holy terra

    if pouncey was a hybrid he wouldn't need to ask the question that started this thread
    but there's always time to see the truth of the skymother!
  5. Because your view displayed here is once again ridiculous. Tyranids are more like a sentient plague than an animal.

    Or is it just the hippie stuff.
  6. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Well @Pouncey wanna know why I hate the tyranids......I'll tell you.

    YOU FUCKING KILLED THE FUCKING SQUATS!!!!!!!!!! *Immediately breaks into tears and Alcohol*

    Oh squats *sniff* If only you were here with us.....

    oh and Iyanden too BUT MOSTLY THE SQUATS!!!!!
    But.....I live on terra......
    *immediately begins to pack bags*
    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.....
  7. Delgear Steam Early Access

    Its not that they are inhuman that makes them hated, look at the droves of tau fanpeoples (me included), or eldar fans .... just because something is alien or different doesn't make it hate able, the reason the tyranids are hated is because they lack empathy, sympathy, and in fact the organisms that the poeple of the galaxy meet generally from the tyranid swarms don't even have higher brain functions, they are just programmed killers or bio automatons really. If you are in the forest alone with nothing and you meet a pack of wolves all licking their lips circling you and growling you don't walk up and say high or if you do that is the last any of us will ever see of you MOST LIKELY. You on the same sleeve arent supposed to 100% enjoy or agree with everything the imperium does, its much more portrayed in a "its the only choice we had" type flavor. Its not lik early humans in the wh40k mythos didn't TRY to be peaceful first, but when the first few alien species you meet are the slought, the eldar, the orks, those weird reptile things that cyber themselves up, i would imagine you would get pretty psychologically conditioned to shoot first and examine necessity to shoot later. Its not so different from the examining of the human condition placed discreetly in zombie horror films.

    and EVEN THEN the imperium still assimilated a couple alien species into thier culture or parlayed with them like the Jokaero, or the squats. EVEN after all that misery and brutality from the space faring species out there the imperium still managed to make peace with afew of them, technically presently including the tau, but we all know that was imperial lip service and more of a "we'll get to you later" than a real lasting peace.

    non terra sector planets are meant to have a "frontier" feel too them, the theme of wh40k is to mimic the claustrophobia of WW2, it has nothing to do specifically with race or sex relations. It is a direct allegory to the eternal(long term) suffering put out by larg scale long term wars.

    I get where you are trying to go with it to attach it to your identity difficulties in modern society, but it isnt the same i think you would probably get more traction using a tau comparison.

    because i think you probably have empathy, sympathy, and at heart good intentions much like the tau .... or at least commander farsight. But you feel like you come from an alien culture that doesnt feel or seem compatible with what you see around you.

    we even know from places that are technically canon that the norn queens dont even really have much upstairs besides "murder and eat", they just have the instincts to craft a bio army of automatons to achieve their murder spree. Generally speaking we don't pity or remorse for the psychopathic mass murderer who is rightfully jailed, same goes for the tyranids. It might be sad that thats all they are or have, but within that context and the context of "what the other species know about them"(very little) its not hard to understand why everyone panics and kills the tyranids with all the zeal in the galaxy. The context gives it away.

    to say nothing of the horror of how tyranids actually kill world populations .... ill give you a hint most of the populous does not actually die to predator nids, they die to mycetic spores and their after effects, aka virus/gas bombed to death and they die horribly melted to puddles of flesh in agony, or starving to death, or they lose thier free will and become slave drones to a gene stealer cult, thats going to leave a statement, and its going to make people band together to make sure that doesn't happen to them.

    I for one actually love the tyranids, i get that they are a rediculious aggrandizement, but i like what they examine about ourself and our society. The old "how far are you willing to go to survive" conundrum presented by zombie fliks. Also its direct comparison to unchecked capitalism (the original comparison of zombie movies before hollywood started churning them out nonstop)
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  8. Delgear Steam Early Access

    hes asking these questions not for themselves but to make us question the emperor, it is devious ....
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  9. Why do people hate cancer so much? Cancer isn't evil, it just destroys your body trying to reproduce. I think cancer gets a bad rap, it's just cells like us, you know after it kills you it can even survive a while without a host body. We shouldn't vilify cancer, people kill things to. It's just misunderstood.
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  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    The Terran pdf and guard regiments love tk use them as target practice and it helps the normal populace see what happens when they don't follow the emporers light so it's a win win and also a big major wtf gee dubs story advnpancement like that one eldar chick that can Rez anyone no matter when or how or who died frim any species...

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