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Whats With All The Connection Errors?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by sleepyman224, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. sleepyman224 Recruit

    I'm not sure whether this is an issue affecting just me or if the entire game goes down, but it seems that whenever I log on to EC, I can play 1 game, then when the next match is about to begin or I return to the hub the game tells me that it cant connect to the server and that my firewall/antivirus is to blame. I've added EC to the list of exceptions as recommended on the FAQ, but this has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME I've played. 1 game then an hour or two of “cannot connect to server. Your firewall or antivirus settings may be the cause” or “we are experiencing issues at the moment.” yesterday it was an issue with steam session tickets.

    is it just happening to me or is this just a string of bad luck and I've been logging on just before maintenance?
  2. Amazon servers and f2p avalanche... i dont blame newcomers. Happy to see them, but server part is totally wasted any hopes for f2p success. Probably a part of them will stay.
    That was expected.
  3. sleepyman224 Recruit

    Pretty much my overall experience for today, got to join the last 30 seconds of a match, then the first ten seconds of the next before I lost my connection totally. I'll probably give the team a few weeks to sort out their server issues, then come back and try again. I love the game from the three matches I've played, enough to buy premium in hopes of supporting the developers even just a little but it seems that the game at the moment is extremely unstable, and mostly unplayable. So i guess i'll see you in a few weeks.
    Ta Ta for now! :) 20170319132718_1.jpg

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