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What Will We Fight For?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Dolevar Active Member

    Eldar tend to avoid attritional wars, so they must have a very good reason to be going into one
  2. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    As people have said, its hard to justtify what is going to be a war of attrition for the Eldar.
    Building on the Maiden World idea... Why does it have to be a pre exisiting one? Maybe the Eldar want to create/reuse an old Maiden World with some Exoidites that lost/need a new home. But to do this they need to "cleanse" it of the lesser races that are on it?
    Same idea could be used for an Eldar aritafact world too. Maybe not along the lines of another Craftworld burried but similar?
    Personally im leaning towards Shrine World that has a large Webway Gate (potential for a lot of bad to the Eldar) so thats why they are willing to use so many rescoures, the loss of the planet could open up the chance of this gate falling into the wrong hands, cauing more damage to the Eldar race then them fighting now could
  3. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Well, Maiden Worlds are supposed to be on the edges of the galaxy, aren't they?

    ^I like that idea, but I think the reason has to be something vital for all of 4 races, since they have said that even tho we will have little story, it will be progressing, so they can't possibly write a story for all 4 races and still have their reasons related.
    So yeah, it has to be something shared with every faction.
  4. Konsole Konsole Subordinate

    For teh emprah!1
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  5. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    Lol are you trying to make this harder?!
    Fuck well then....
    Eldar fight to defend a faction secret that makes it so they cant let the planet fall or it could open up very bad potential futures
    Chaos are the obvious choices that they want to take the planet so they can look for "insert Eldar thingy here"
    Its really an Imperial World this whole time (sucks to be them) so SM are called in after Chaos invades, because you know, thats what SM do.
    And Orks just dont want to miss out on a good time.
  6. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Well that is much closer, but what I have meant a thing that is not faction specific, but is really crucial for each one of them. So it is a thing, but not Eldar specific. Like (going very banal here...) a relic, SM wants to keep it, CSM wants to steal it, obviously it is a very shiny-thingy for Orks, and yes, maybe containing some secret of Eldar, or maybe it is corrupted or somehow related to Necron. Very cliche, but it is a template, after all. :)
    Who let you outta your cage of oppression, balalaika-man? :D
  7. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    I understand what your going for. I think the lack of it being Faction-specific is what makes it unappealing to me. Over the course of the games i find that just.... Bland. Insert X race fighting for X relic. Usually an Imperial Relic too.
    I highly doubt the story will be that neatly wraped up, and i rather hope its not. If every race has a different reason to want that planet then even better i say! Makes it more deverse, makes the Objectives different based on your Faction, and still leaves it open ended (as any EC story will need to be)
    You nailed the first four races down to wanting this (maybe Necron) Relic... What about the Tau? What about Dark Eldar, IG, Deamons, Etc. Do they all want the Relic too? See thats why i dont like it, comes off as too cut and dry, too easy.
    I love 40k for the randomness it has, the 1000's of potential choices that lead to 1000's of events that all accluminate in the races clashing together, at one time, at one place. The chances of it happening in such a huge Galaxy are so small, that when it does it immeidately makes for a good story. Or the start of one
  8. Konsole Konsole Subordinate

    Those, who put you in :D
  9. Dolevar Active Member

    If its a portable relic most likely the eldar would launch a surgical strike or infiltrate to get it back
    The same applies for destructable objects, they would just go in, destroy it and go out
    Ressurecting a phoenix lord, yeah they could go in, get his body and go out too...

    No, it needs to be something of importance to the eldar, that can't be destroyed at any cost and is big enough to not be just taken by strike team...

    A dangerous webway would likely be destroyed if the eldar sees that they can't retake it without heavy cost gotta be something that they absolutely can't lose or destroy and is of big enough importance to the eldar that everyone cares about it

    The problem is, eldar style is of being surgical and precise, mostly fighting in guerrila warfare and avoiding big direct wars of attrition, if they can do something with infiltration/assassination/demolition teams, they WILL do it

    So it makes it quite hard to see reasons for them to fight
  10. GrimLord GrimLord Subordinate

    I think the relic idea is fine. In order to make the game more than just a standard Assault/Defend when it comes to relic recovery though, certain Eldar units should be given some type of infiltrate ability in the game (Scorpions and Rangers). Then it would be up to the Eldar commander to decide if he wants to take advantage of the Eldar's stealth/infiltrate capability and perform a surgical strike or an all out assault to recover whatever the Relic was. I think that this would make the game much more dynamic and force the defenders to consider the attacking Race's capability.

    It would be cool if the relic was Phoenix armor and mission success meant that a Phoenix Lord could be deployed on the next mission or something.

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