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What Will We Fight For?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    Cool, but I don't think this will necessarily mean adding gender options, it will probably mean adding classes. But who knows, maybe SoB could be a class for the Imperium faction (instead of Space Marine faction), otherwise they would have to explain somehow why 2 factions aren't fighting each other, or why two factions of the Imperium ARE fighting each other.
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  2. 4uk4ata Active Member

    Sounds like the same thing that brought us the Female Farseer Syndrome of every DoW game ever. Most of the core factions simply can't have females, and even some of the rest such as the IG tend to be fairly male-heavy in art or fluff, especially where the leadership is concerned. Eldar have never suffered from expectations of excessive machismo, so it doesn't really matter much if the farseer or exarch is male or female. So if you want the game to not be a complete sausage fest, Eldar tend to be the easiest route.
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  3. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    Yes... I would like to see IG eventually, they are interesting among the Imperium if nothing else. I wasn't leaning towards sex choices for marines, i would like to see SOB implemented in some fashion to SM for a female choice. And... I don't know how to comment on IG using females. I remember Space Marine ( the videogame ) Had a female... sergeant i believe, although i'm not 100% sure on Lore for it.

    Oh, and of course, IG being in opposition to the SM. I could see them backed / under command to some degree by the Inquisition.

    This is all theory of course.
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  4. Asurael Asurael Well-Known Member

    I can see the Inquisition being involved, but in a battlefield where other players play Space Marines, playing IG would just never be balanced =/ (unless it were much easier for them to find vehicles to use, and then they might be OP). I'd like to see them too, but they will probably be NPCs I think. And yeah, depending on regiment IG include female soldiers, but I'm pretty sure it's still a very male-centric faction.
  5. 4uk4ata Active Member

    Lieutenant, I think. According to the Cain series there are some (relatively few) female regiments and some (notably fewer) mixed ones. Lt. Mira is from a Cadian unit, and there has also been a female Cadian model, which sort of ties into the fluff - as the main bastion against the attacks from Eye of Terror Cadia tends to be a lot more militarized than most worlds and tends to be somewhat less biased in such matters. We can suppose that in general, most worlds prefer to use men for military (or at least frontline) duty, but there are exceptions, whether due to tradition or necessity.

    @ Asurael - I'm not sure. Stormtroopers (inquisitorial or otherwise) and inquisition acolytes tend to occasionally have access to some pretty spiffy toys, so they could be a more fragile, but with better ranged weapons. Naturally, they would have to be some pretty experienced and high-ranking personnel to compare with your standard tactical marine, not grass green acolytes .

    Although, having a ton of guardsmen might be an option for free accounts other than orks ;)
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  6. Arvina Arvina Subordinate

    From "Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade Interviews: Talking Eldar with the 40k Team"
    This suggests some sort of Eldar world to me. I don't see why a non-Eldar world would have 'prominent' Eldar structures. I doubt it would be an exodite world, so either a maiden world or some kind of outpost from the pre-fall times?
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