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What Was The Problem With Rollex?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    nah those where just meme's

    Basically the strategy back than was to use your knife until its durability was low to the point of breaking
    than use your stamina to stall for time to allow for the knife durability to regenerate.
    This made melee fights significantly longer and more epic.
    The downside was that this also meant ranged characters had more time to shoot you preferably in the head.
    This was not so much a problem at 1st because ranged was more or less balanced around this fact and thus don't. have high dps.

    But then people started crying about how useless it was to play ranged because you had no damage and you might just as well play melee all the time because melee OP.

    Than a series of patches came that changed everything.
    Significant nerfs to melee launch ranges. I think they also nerfed stamina back than irrc
    And the end of the jump apoclolypse.
    Higher accuracy for ranged.
    higher dps for ranged.
    Melee started crying about being useless because now they could get killed especially during a D-bash when a ranged could just Dbash you and shoot you in the head a few times with a cqc barrel bolter.
    Around this time is when I started playing EC just a moth or 2 orso before the Tactical Escalation Patch.

    Then eventually melee got a patch and they got more damage and some LP adjustments .
    They also nerfed tacticals with less d-bash duration to stop the d-bash head shot combo BUT! also nerfed the durability on their combat knife signifialty .. making them completely useless in melee now.
    They also nerfed power fist for some stupid reason somewhere.
    And than nerfed grenades at some point because people were throwing them and shooting them to aoe burst them around corners and over cover and wipe out whole groups of players
    They also nerfed the bolter a bid somewhere around this time.

    Anyways this basically leads us to where we are now.
    Where they just "fixed" the rollex thingy
    Some people like this..

    oh yeah and elder .. eldar got a lot of changes over time as well even tho no one plays them but myst and it was imo mostly nerfs because of team play OP.
    They got very little actual buffs.

    and orks.. orks are the forgotten steph child of EC ... did they ever get anything at all ?
    The knife nerfs completely wrecked the shit out of the pain boi for instance because all he has are pistols and knives .. and this hasn't really been addressed at all yet.

    some ppl like the way the game is now.
    I think some of the changes were shit personally. like the knife durability nerfs was imo uncalled for The d-bash nerf was enough.
    Them fighting back was never the problem.
    Them killing you with headshots while you were bashed was.
    Knives don't even have an impact mod for crying out loud and has the lowest impact rating . it basically always losses clangs.
    And successful D-bashes also cost durability.

    I like to play melee but like the way the game is now there is no enjoyment from fighting ppl with a knife. they are basically a free kill.
    The only way to make it remotely enjoyable is by nerfing yourself down to a powerfist and even then its still too easy because you know there ain't fuck all he can do for long ..and you can simply outlive his durability and keep up with his stamina shenanigans and when that all runs out he is FuUuUuUuUuct

    Lots of other stuff also happened but this is the short version ask jencent about the unbreakable heavy bolter vs the power fist.

    when you parry (clang) you lose durability when the opponents impact rating is higher than yours
    remember that HA and LA have different impact ratings and its possible to clang a HA with a LA if you time it correctly
    If you do this with a knife .. say bai bai to your durability.
    I can show you footage of me clanging with an axe and losing about 65% durability in 1 clang.
    Around 00:40 seconds.
    The Ork is armd with the Torpedo Axe , which is just a normal axe stat wise

    When you Defensive Bash someone ( with the kick) you also parry during the maneuver. which also causes you to lose durability on your weapon.
    (Essentially you catch the opponent's weapon on yours and you kick after)
  2. Meme's? It's just someone told me so, not send me a pic. :p
    How this also meant ranged characters had more time to shoot you preferably in the head? Because when you attack if it's parry then you can't shoot, if you start to shoot then you can't parry them. Actually Bolter had higher RPM but lower damage. So I think it had more DPS than now. People also called it a nerf. lel.

    How it could be OP if you can win against Power Fist? ;D

    What do you mean by "Significant nerfs to melee launch ranges."
    Yeah, range had too much recoil on the Alpha I remember.
    What is Tactical Escalation patch? Where I can read about them?

    WOW! How much damage they had before?! What LP adjustments they got?
    wtf? So now Tacticals stun you shorter than melee classes when they kick you?!
    How they nerfed Power Fist? What it had before?!
    Yeah, I know. It was so fucking annoying.
    How they nerfed Bolters?

    Where we are?! The dead of the Eternal Crusade?! WUT?! THAT'S WHY PEOPLE LEFT?! Because they listened the players?!
    They still work on factions even if no one plays them. Like Orks got some changes new even while no one plays them. What do you mean by "but myst and it was imo mostly nerfs because of team play OP."
    What actual buffs they got?!

    Why Orks are the forgotten steph child of EC?
    They got some changes new!(Not so new, last year I remember)
    But they have Bolters, so they can shoot you until you go. :p

    I'm okay with it. I don't know Alpha.
    You think what of the changes were shit personally? Yeah. So we can't change this? Maybe we can't because there is not enough people to make change anything. :/
    That's being a problem if they shoot you before you go and then you have lower health, now they kill you easily with their Combat Knife. :p
    But it had same impact as Chain Sword before you said. So it's not the case. But yeah it has no impact mod but you can use Master Crafted so its durability is higher now.
    But it costs more durability than light attack parry or not? I asked you that before but you didn't answer this. -.-

    Yeah. :/ What is shenanigans? Fuck I heard it a lot but I don't know it. So when you have Power Fist how many times you can parry Combat Knife? Since Combat Knife will give you a free damage can Tactical kill you with a Combat Knife if you don't have impact mod on Power Fist and do light attacks always?


    When you parry you lose durability even if the opponent's impact rating is same as yours. Otherwise there should be unbreakable weapons when two of them impact rating is same. Yeah. If you do HA from far then they do LA then they will parry you but I didn't know it could do higher durability damage and it fucking doesn't work with Power Fist. :/
    So it could be better to get the damage maybe because after your stun ends you can keep fighting. :p Wtf it's Combat Knife? 65% doesn't look so strong against Combat Knife. I thought you were talking about Chain Axe vs Torpedo Axe... So it looked strong to me!

    But is it the same durability damage as light attack or lower? It seems lower.
  3. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    Though....damn, I don’t even know if I can be counted as qualified in any way to talk about this, it’s all kinda a blur all together, but initially the powerfist was useless I thought, had bad attack range, with the long windup and I think this was around the point that dbashing was rather effective so it for a short period of time was awful except vehicle hunting.
    A little after they rapidly changed some items and made it so that it had further attack range and generous tracking and it’d been changed to do so much damage that it went through the dbash guard and stunned people. For this time it reigned unmatched against ranged characters and some other melee characters.
    All in all, it had its ups and downs, I’d say it’s closer to its low end than its high now, but it’s still closer to the idea of balance i think...Oooohhhh, this was also before the...parry clanging thing as well,
  4. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    Ya, it was. Still remember this moment.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    The amount of durability lost is based on the difference between the winner and the losers impact ratings.
    So if you parry a HA with a LA of your own you will lose more durability than when you clang LA vs LA.

    If both weapons have the same impact rating than both weapons lose durability.
  6. What are you talking about? How you can't be counted as qualified in any way to talk about this, how and what is all kind a blur all together? What is a blur all together too? What is what too?! FUCK IT! How it has bad attack range? Isn't it same with other weapons? I think it had more attack range than other weapons. What do you mean by "so it for a short period of time was awful?"
    How short weapons had attack range before? I remember weapons had further attack range but now it seems it shortened.
    What is dbash guard?
    What is parry clanging thing?
    I missed these times, fuck it!
    Wtf is winner and loser?
    Why you said of your own though?

    But what about when parrying? It does less durability damage or same?

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