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What the game should have been, my opinion.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IISurgeII, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Surge IISurgeII New Member

    I just had to get this out there as I wanted to see what other people thought, the current state of the game, the weapons, advancements, maps ect are all great ideas but I just want to point out a number of things that would of made it alot better imo. I know nothing will ever change, I just wanted to know if others felt the same way.

    Firstly, a much softer and less choppy engine, I dont know what has been all the rage about using the Unreal engine, so far since release its been nothing but problems, animation issues, choppyness, clunky combat ect, honestly I would of used the engine that was used in wildstar, I dont think the game would of looked cartoony, it actually would have felt smooth and fluid and made to look "grim dark". And more forgiving for people who didnt have high end machiness, You could also hide helmets because the game could support facial creation that wont bomb the game with frame rate issues if it was incorporated here.

    Secondly, Chaos should not have been in the game, yup, and not multiple space marine chapters, the races should have been, Deathwatch Space Marines (and you can choose any chapter in the 40k universe at character creation because all that looks diff, is one shoulderpad and mabey some accessories), Orks, Eldar and tyranids, each race will offer a unique playstyle for each opening up many options, one example, Deathwatch could get the "HQ Classes", Librarian/apothecary/techmarine, Troops (tacticals), FA (Assault Marines), HS (Devastators), then as you progress you can become elite and be awarded the crux terminatus, and become either Sternguarde, vanguard, or terminator ect.

    A 6 hour campaign for each race would of opened up the players to the overall campaign, giving them the incentive to watch it unfold with a campaign expansion every 6 months or a year.

    Sometimes Im not sure how some decisions are made for games, it feels like a wasted potential, like Regecide, why in the good grace of the Emperor they didnt make a new version of Chaos gate with that game is beyond me, they have the animations, the sounds, the right engine, everything, but they made a chess game, a new chaos gate would have increased thier sales 10 fold.

    Just my rant, feel free to flame. just had to get this out.
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  2. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    What I find amusing about the UE4 argument is there's games out there using UE4 that run on mobile such as Lineage 2 revolution and Midnight star come to mind. Both of them look decent and run well while EC has huge issues on machines that are 100s of times more powerful than a mobile.

    As far as the rest goes some of that would have been nice such as the short campaign but really it's a bit late now to implement things like that.

    But but why no chaos ?
  4. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    I think his idea of no chaos is just because lsm/csm are nearly identical the only real difference is the sorc and 1-2 weapons. I agree and disagree with this because that would just mean instead of lsm being 60+% of the player base it would be 80+% as players playing chaos would default to lsm at that point... Very few would actually go eldar/ork.
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  5. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Well, no, I don't feel the same way you do.
  6. On pc there are actually open world MMO games on UE4. But we were told we are forced by technology to play in small map maps...
  7. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    That might be true, actually.

    But it wouldn't be because of UE4.

    It might be because of the hardware Eternal Crusade's servers use.
  8. Are those shooters? This discussion has been had over and over. Take a bit of time to find a game like EC that's open world. Spoiler: You won't find much (if anything) besides Planetside 2 (which has an experienced team that built a new engine [not for sale] exactly for this purpose)
  9. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

    Their choice in Engine is pretty much the biggest mistake they could have made (Second is Mo-Cap, LOL). It's the one reason why this game will always be a lobby shooter. It's why this game is not and will not be considered an MMO by todays standards.

    Quote me: "EC will always be a Lobby Shooter" - Remo

    They will never reach a Planetside 2-esque game on this engine. No free roaming massive maps with lots of players.

    Never gonna happen.
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  10. The concept is always greater than the final game.
    The issue with EC was and is, that it had an idea, stuck with it, lost it and then didn't know what to do from there, so it just became a bit of everything and nothing at all.
    Compare EC to battlefield.
    Both have a lot of similar ideas.
    Only battlefield doesn't bother with an open world map or anything even remotely related to an actual open world, it sticks to its mechanics and the visuals that tie into it (destructive environment) and thats all it needs.
    EC however, is trying to do both, make its main mechanics solid, but also spending a lot of time with a variety of other things that in the end, dont really matter, have meaning or impact the core game.

    Thats just the way it is.
    I'd say it comes down to incompetence, lack of direction and the heads of bE constantly swapping developers, turning EC into a big mess.

    What would I have done?
    Well I'd have gone back to the games roots, arcadish gameplay, large maps, more based around good ol fun rather than "MUH IMMERSHUN".

    What would I have wanted the game to turn out like?
    Honestly, more like DMO but with more arcade-ish action combat akin to Space Marine / dark souls.
    Large open map with main objective ponits, simplistic art style with a good use of lighting, basic character creation, single chapters no subfactions, no complex cover systems or physics, just solid core gameplay.
    Thats all EC really needed anyways.

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