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What sup with all the Love for Spessh mahreen?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by BnCodex, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    Anyone feel that GW give too much love for their precious Space Marine? Every expansion there is some sorta Space Marine in it. This time they good new upgrade primaris marine. Why can't Imperial Guard get new standard armors and guns T_T
  2. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    because Power armour wearing, uberhuman zealot Knights IN SPAAACEEE
  3. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    You're clearly new to 40k.

    They are the most featured because they are the "good guys" while at the same time competant to counteract the grimdark universe they live in.

    In most sci-fi settings, humans take the role of the protagonist. That is because they are the most relatable, but anyone will tell you that the highly trained psychic eldar, the numerous and super-strong ork(s), or the unliving killing machines that are the necrons, would whip a normal humans ass any day of the week.

    So how do we "fix" this problem? How do we make humans credible and not a joke without comprimising that the universe is in fact GRIM DARK (Which is just a fancy word for "edgy".) and having massive human casulties at the same time?

    It's simple: You create an "A-Team" faction that can "compete" (by that I mean "excels greatly over) with everyone else, then if they aren't overpowered enough to be recognized in the setting, MAKE THEM BIGGER and even MORE overpowered.

    GW wants you to like humanity even though it sucks ass in the 40k setting. because they're humans and therefore should be loved more than non humans regardless of how they do things or what they believe in. So they made Humans on the level of not being human so they wouldn't suck or be boring.

    I can think of ONE film where all of humanity has turned genuinlly evil and even then there was a little rebellion of do-gooders fighting the evil corporate miners. (It's avatar in case you were wondering)
  4. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    hahahha good guy, you're funny. Tell that to all the traitor legions and primarch. They were once spessh mahreen. Also chapter like Dark Angel are far from being "the good guy" since they fking kill all xenos and those who stand against them, even other space marine.. The only true good guy race is the Tau but even they got shady shit going on.
  5. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    1. Are you really going to call chaos space marines/chaos cults human? Half the time they're suffering some terrible mutation (Horns, tenticles, decomposition, multiple dicks) One could argue that they don't have free will, they don't even have souls. They're not human. They're mutants at best.

    2. One could argue that space marines (and by extention primarchs and traitor marines) aren't human either, but they walk that line.

    3. All SM chapters kill xenos you idiot. It's kinda heretical to do otherwise.

    4. What you mean Caliban? They fucked up a while ago and now they are doing everything they can to cover thier tracks because they DON'T want to die from the "shoot first ask questions later" Inquisition. That's not really evil. Or are you talking about thier stupid rivallry with the space wolves? because a rivallry is just that: a RIVALLRY they aren't going into full blown wars against eachother.

    5. The tau are not good, they are communist. The only reason people see them as good is because communism is not hated like it was in the 1960's. It's kinda popularized even though it's on the same level as fascism, which is abhored.

    6. You type like a drunk slav. Im not even the grammernazi type, but......... damn.......learn english.
  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Gotta milk the money for maximum efficiency, at least that's what I like tell myself when I look at the 2nd edition shining spear sprues and get depressed

    Basically everyone has Space Marines, even if you didn't start the army on table top you probably have the free one they let you paint in the shops, so why not make stuff for what everyone has? it's logical from a sale point of view but rather annoying when you play other factions that aren't a teens wet dream power fantasy of testosterone and power armour
  7. If you've played against Eldar on the TT you'd know Space Marines aren't their only favorite.
  8. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    1) since you call em good guys, I'm just pointing out their flaws

    2) Not even the human, AKA the Imperium of Man is good. They're technically Space Fascism. Have you heard about the Hive city?

    3) I guess you haven't heard about the Ultrasmurf teaming up with the Eldar which btw resurrected their Primarch, Roboute Guilliman. Dark Angel probably kill the eldar before they could even reason with them. Not all space marine are shoot first ask question later but chapter like the dark angel are. The only chapter that I've heard about that is selfless are the Salamander and the Lamenters.

    4) I'm not saying they are evil, I'm saying they are shady. Once upon a time Cypher, a fallen dark angel went and save an imperial guard from an invasion. He told them not to tell the Dark angel of his presence there. A long time later around 50 years, I old retire imperial guard war hero finally admit to the Dark angel that Cypher was there and he help them. The Dark Angel shot that old man dead for not telling them. Thats what I mean by shady.

    5) Yea, thats why I said even the Tau got some shady shit going on. They brainwash people

    6) This ain't school, I don't give a crap about grammar.

    7) Why the hostility, lets all get along like the Orks and the Space marine,
  9. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    The Imperium aren't necessarily the good guys in 40k - That title belongs to the Craftworld Eldar. Their ancestors might've fucked Slaanesh into existence but they are now focused on fixing their past mistakes and righting what was wrong, as well as fighting two out of the 3 main threats to the galaxy (Chaos and the Necrons). It just so happens that they don't really appreciate the fact that there are humans settling their old planets. Of course, some of them are dicks about those humans settling their old planets (Biel-Tan cleansing the human populace of a planet that is rightfully "theirs") but overall, they're still a lot better than the Imperium.

    They're literally incapable of being corrupted by Chaos, since every single Eldar soul has been marked by Slaanesh and if they die without their soul being saved by a Soulstone, they will be devoured. On top of that, they've structured their society to be extremely regimented in order to prevent their kind from falling into the lifestyle of the Dark Eldar (it doesn't succeed 100% of the time but it works well enough), and every Eldar knows about the Fall and the dangers of Chaos.

    In contrast, the majority of the population of the Imperium don't even know Chaos exists. This ignorance means a lot of people are vulnerable to Chaos, because how can you fight something if you don't know it exists? The Interex, a civilization of xenos and humans from the Great Crusade era, make an interesting point in that they taught their civilization about the dangers of Chaos (or "Kaos" as they called it) and as a result they were practically immune to the influence Chaos. And who taught the Interex their ways? The Eldar did.

    The Imperium of Man is too large to be fascist. At best they are a feudal oligarchy, with the overarching High Lords of Terra telling what the Segmentum Lords to do, and the Segmentum Lords telling what the Sector Lords to do, and the Sector Lords telling what the Subsector Lords to do, and the Subsector Lords telling what the Planetary Governors to do. The Planetary Governors can rule their planets however they want, whether they're ruled by an assembly of democratically elected representatives with a single person acting as the "planetary governor", or an actual medieval style kingdom with a high king as the "planetary governor". All the Imperium cares about is that they pay their tithes.

    A Hive City is not defined as a giant city ruled by a single dictator. A Hive City is just a gigantic city, government does not play a role in its definition. A Hive City could easily be a giant city ruled by all-powerful Megacorporations (think Shadowrun), just as easily as it could be a giant city ruled by a group of powerful noble families. Just because the common citizenry are oppressed does not make it fascist.

    The Ultramarines didn't make an alliance with the Eldar to fight Chaos. The entirety of the Imperium made that alliance, because Roboute Guilliman is the Lord Commander of the Imperium. That includes every single Space Marine chapter that is willing to bend their knee to the Lord Commander of the Imperium, and you can bet that includes the Dark Angels who are so obsessed with proving their loyalty.

    The Salamanders and the Lamenters are just as likely to shoot a xeno first then ask questions later. Just because they care about civilians doesn't mean they're going to negotiate with the Rak'Gol, or the Q'orl. Keep in mind just how dangerous all of the xenos races in 40k are, they're not just limited to the playable factions.

    The above-mentioned Rak'Gol are a race of extremely dangerous, extremely hostile aliens who rival the Dark Eldar in cruelty, and since negotiating with them has only resulted in negotiators being ripped apart, they are a race of shoot first ask questions later aliens.

    The Q'orl have a massive empire, and at one point the Imperium unknowingly sent a colony ship to colonize a planet in their territory. In retaliaton, the Q'orl massacred almost every single colonist and left only a single colony ship to escape to deliver the message. On top of that, they want to replace the Imperium as the top power in the galaxy. So clearly they're not going to negotiate, either.

    The Slaugth horrifying abominations that eat people and absorb their memories, giving them information on where to find more people to eat. Giving that they mercilessly prey on humans, they are also not a race to negotiate with.

    The Orks savagely butcher everything they see, and negotiating with them has rarely ended up well.

    The Necrons kill anyone who lands on their planets.

    The Tyranids mindlessly devour everything.

    The point is, negotiation with xenos races almost never works, and usually results in the negotiators getting eaten or killed. The rare cases that do work are rare exceptions, and clearly haven't resulted in enough good done that humans are willing to start trusting other xenos.

    This is all besides the fact that, during the Age of Strife, along with the Men of Iron rebellion and the rampant warp storms caused by the birth of Slaanesh, humanity was nearly driven to the brink of extinction by xenos setting upon them like a pack of wolves. And again, after the Horus Heresy weakened the Imperium enough for the xenos to take advantage of it. That is why everyone in the Imperium is taught to hate the xenos. That is why there is a shoot first, ask questions later policy when it comes to xenos. The vast majority of them are simply too dangerous and insidious to make contact with, and it's safer to just kill them all when races like the Eldar will try to act all nice before stabbing you in the back.

    If you think the Dark Angels killing people for figuring out their secrets is bad, you haven't seen anything. At least they don't kill everyone that hears about them, like the Grey Knights. At least they don't torture you for figuring out their secrets, like the Inquisition. At least they don't indoctrinate you to become their willing slave, like the Tau.

    You should type with correct spelling and grammar anyways. People are much more likely to take you seriously when you take basic education seriously.
  10. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    Anyway thanks for the history lesson, it was interesting to look up the Rak'Gol and the Q'orl. I didn't even know those race existed. My knowledge of Warhammer 40k is everything from all their game and maybe some of their lore =/

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