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What Role Will You Play?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Commissar, Oct 18, 2013.


What Space Marine class are you most excited about?

  1. Tactical or Assault Marine

  2. Apothecary or Techmarine

  3. Librarian

  4. Devastator

  1. Hædron Haedron Curator

    Devastator with high hopes of getting my hands on a plasma cannon. And later tactical dreadnaught armor, but that remains to be seen.
  2. ProtoZero New Member

    TechMarine, ProtoZero, Reporting in Sir!

    I didn't train with the Cult Mechanicus for 30 years for nothing.

    I will wade into battle with you repairing the Emperors machines with the Blessings of the Machine God so that we may purge the Heretic and Xenos filth from the Sector!
  3. DreadForce83 DreadForce83 Well-Known Member

    Paladin Apothecary definitely ;)


    or Justicar Apothecary


    Saving the lives of Battle Brothers is the most sacred calling!
    For the EMPEROR!
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  4. Jaxt New Member

    Long Fang with a plasma cannon could be fun.... melt faces for Russ..
  5. ME_2K11 New Member

    Assault with Power Fists i won't to feel my enemy break
  6. Bruva Alfabusa Bruva-Alfabusa Arch Cardinal Superior

    Just gonna go for a humble old Tactical Marine, preferibly with a flamer.
    If not, I'll try and go for anything that can have a Power Fist.
  7. I'm surprised tactical/assault got so many votes on the polls since they've been done in space marine (although I know it'll look/feel different in the eternal crusade), but I'm interested in Librarian first, than apothecary/techmarine. I wonder how they'll do psychic powers ...
  8. Assault Marine or Chaplain (They better have the Chaplain to spread the Emperor's Word). All glory is won in close-combat, eye to eye with the heretic, in the Emperor's name.
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  9. Voted for Techmarine. I love this model
    Second would be Librarian.
  10. Men, charge straight through the enemy fire, they will never see the attack coming, no pity no remorse, no fear, charge!

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