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What Other Chapters May Be Released??

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by James, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. the iron will get easily melted by the fire of a salamanders breath!
  2. MrSatan MrSatan Curator

    Space Marines who see a Grey Knight are mind wiped, anyone else who see's one is killed, there will never be Grey Knights in this game because it would break the lore!
  3. Bran Redmaw Member

    Would love to see Iron Hands. I really enjoy their back ground, and how very different they are compared to the other codex chapters. With their clans instead of company's, the reverence of Dreadnoughts and how they distribute the warriors clad in terminator armour which fluff wise is similar to space wolves.

    Legion of the damned could be interesting but not as a playable chapter. They could upset the balance of the game easily.

    Relictors could be a fun choice, a loyalist chapter that uses chaos weaponry. Could be fun.
  4. Bran Redmaw Member

    Or how about these guys :)

  5. hehe i would like to have some special customization options of the angry marines
    would like the "face here" sign :D
  6. kernowstig Member

    Pfft! No chance. The Iron Hands technical skills would allow them to swiftly develop and deploy a mouthwash canon which would solve the Sally's halitosis issue :) On a more serious note I like the Sally's. the Gorgon did too, I believe he made ' The Furnace's Heart' for Vulkan. They would also make a great addition to the game.
  7. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    Not hating directly on the BT but it's definitely not the first thing I think of. However, you liking the Black Templar is just as good as most for reasons to be included into this game. I mean, my favorite Chapter is in game already so I've been blessed, nothing wrong with others hoping for the same for their own favored Chapter.

    Which might work if the Relictors were the only Chapter in Eternal Crusade. With the others in the same warzone they'd come down on the Relictors for their use of Chaos weaponry. Otherwise, they're fine :p
  8. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    I forgot to add in my point of view stonewolf. As I said im pretty new to warhammer 40k. Im more used to warhammer with my dwarfs. For now I will go with dark angels I like chapters with an ecclesiastic sense to them. I like the templars because irl my country had deep ties with the templar it was a plus for me.Lore wise only read about the 3rd armaggeddon war. So im a bit disconnected about all this space marines chapters rivalry. I just want some xenos (good old warhammer hate) to hack with a power sword.
  9. Bran Redmaw Member

    You need just one phrase then my friend "Suffer not the Xenos to live" pretty much covers everything;)
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  10. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Blood Angels and Space Wolves can know about the Grey Knights. So it's not like every single Imperial would be mind wiped/murdered. Just most of them.

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