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What Other Chapters May Be Released??

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by James, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    Just to kind of put this to rest. All the "The Black Templars are sooooo different and unique!" doesn't really hold up to massive scrutiny. Hold onto your Astartes Panties and don't get them into a twist until I'm done with my post.

    The Black Templars don't adhere to the Codex? Nor do the Salamanders to a vast degree, nor do the Space Wolves, or quite a few other Chapters. It's not a big deal even though their suspected number is pretty damn impressive, lol.

    All that's left besides that is they don't really have Pyskers besides Astropaths and Navigators out of a necessary evil, and they Crusade all day and night.....which other Chapters do just not to the utterly fanatical degree that the Black Templar do. Emperor's Champion is pretty cool (and so are the Chapter's colors/iconography) but it's kind of a limited role that wouldn't be available to the masses. Plenty of other Chapter's have quirks like this but to alternate degrees...example being the Blood Ravens and their affinity for Librarians, etc.

    So, they're about as fleshed out as most Chapters besides the more heavily invested First Founding Chapters, but this isn't entirely their fault as they're a newer creation so you have to cut them some slack.

    If being a righteous Crusader is your thing they're a great Chapter, if a bit...single minded and rather blinded by their own fanaticism and belief that the Emperor is a god which is rare among Space Marines. But hey, GRIMDARK!!! Just wish people had a bit more to say about why they like them then going "Hey, our ship is called Eternal Crusader! Totally Legit Argument for inclusion!" A lot better reasons to include them.

    I envision Eternal Crusade going as thus, for the benefit of all the Space Marine players:

    First 5 Chapters are First Founding Chapters

    Blood Angels
    Dark Angels
    Space Wolves

    Once they're in, you have the game grow with small expansion packs that add playable Chapters that would fit lore wise. Examples.... (Spitballing for some as they have MANY successors, not a definitive list of good choices. Chapters in asterisks are possible 5th Chapters)

    Ultramarines - Silver Skulls / Novamarines
    Blood Angels - Angels Sanguine
    Dark Angels - Consecrators / Angels of Absolution / Angels of Vengeance
    Space Wolves - <.<
    *Imperial Fists - Black Templar / Hammers of Dorn / Crimson Fists
    *Iron Hands - Iron Lords
    *Salamanders - Black Dragons (Iffy, not sure if actually related and has a really messed up Gene-Seed)
    *White Scars - Storm Lords / Mantis Warriors
    *Raven Guard - Carcharodons / Revilers

    This list is to emphasize the benefit of applying a First Founding Chapter over the Black Templar as the 5th spot. Lay the groundwork for a solid game and add a story reason for their successor Chapters coming to their aid for reinforcements. It gives them more time to add the game systems required for more....varied styles of Chapters.
    Black Templars showing up as part of one of the first expanded Chapter inclusions could be good for BT players. If the Fists make it as the 5th Chapter, who better for the Fists to ask for aid then their brothers in black?

    Basically, add the Founding Chapter so that any added Successor has a lore link to a Chapter already in game. I think the Imperial Fists and Salamanders have the best shot as they fill a specialization that doesn't immediately overlap with the others, though I'd also like to see the Raven Guard as well.
  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I'm also hoping for Iron Hands or Salamanders. Raven Guard just don't bring enough to the table at this point. They could be called in once the severity has been revealed. The Night Lords and possibly Alpha Legion will be there. Raven Guard would be called in as counter stealth.
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  3. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    Well, the idea for me is to get the most actually varied Chapters out first (Imp Fists, Iron Hands, and Salamanders fit this best imho for the other First Founding Chapters,) with the others being called in for extra muscle or addition tactical options. Black Templars would compliment the Imperial Fists really well as a combo, etc.

    In the end, whoever they add - even Black Templars - I'll be happy. I'll just be more excited if it's another Founding Chapter.
  4. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    Raven Guard would be nice...
  5. MindlessMe MindlessMe Subordinate

    Why do the Grey Knights not make it in any game? They have a minor appearance in DoW and that's it. This needs to change. Personally I would love to see this game grow big enough to support all of the major Adeptus Astartes chapters.
  6. Rugar Rugar Subordinate

    Grey Knights are just too ridiculously powerful to make sense in the game. I'd love to see them, but unless you treated them like a Dreadnought, it won't work with the way they're designing the game.

    Iron Hands are my favorite chapter, so I'd like them to be in the game. Followed by Salamanders. I just really want to play a Techmarine or be part of the crafting culture in either of those chapters, which would give them a little more uniqueness and interest among the other playable chapters.

    End of the day its a going to be a popularity contest though hopefully the vote will be based off what the devs think will be best for the game. And until we can just make a guild and found a chapter ourselves, there's always gonna be someone left out.

    But dammit, give me Iron Hands.
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  7. MindlessMe MindlessMe Subordinate

    I agree that the Grey Knights are uber powerful but I just want to see them realized in a game. As for the other Chapters, I could definitely do some Iron Hands in the game.
  8. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    Been reading the lexicanum read about horus and some background on some legions. There is so much info gonna be busy for a while. Got ro finish the imperial guard wiki. (Ye they are my favourites). Gonna read a bit on dark angels. As long as I have a power sword to kill some xenos.
    And btw from someone thats not deep in the lore such as you guys but with a superficial knowledge about warhammer 40k you read eternal crusade you associate it with eternal crusader and BT. Ofc I cant give better reasons for them to be in the game because im still expanding my lore knowledge.
    Btw will we have dreadnaughts? Now that would be sweet.
  9. Ok, here I am. :p
    I hardly hope that the 5th playable chapter will be the Imperial Fists: they are extremely tough (defence perks) and they are masters in siege warfare (bonus perks to vehicles and heavy weapons?).
    It's also one of the first founding chapters plus they are the defenders of Terra and the Imperial Palace.
    Just my thoughts.
  10. kernowstig Member

    For me the Iron Hands would be the best choice. Whilst all Astartes chapters are different the vast majority of their abilities and character traits overlap to varying degrees. When you look at the chapters that we know are already going to be included in the game the Iron 10th stand out as the founding chapter that would be the most different. Oh, and to all the BT fans out there- you think your guys are angry. Wait until you experience the wrath of iron.
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