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What needs to change??

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. they also lack the staying power, they go down way too quickly.
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  2. Redhatter Redhatter Arkhona Vanguard

    I am personally ok with that for most of the Eldar classes, since they are meant to be about hitting and running. But perhaps they need certain builds for classes that make them better at holding points and defending in siege maps.
  3. Reaper with shuricannon is so bad withot railing - i hit everything but enemy on the screen. Thats a joke! Accuracy is so poor...

    Any buff for avenger will be good. Or call them guardians as well.
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  4. I played recently scorpion and warlock melee build.

    Scorpion is okayish thanks to stealth but as soon as the element of surprise is gone it gets a lot tougher, not to mention being blocked by bodies making the escape far harder.

    Warlock melee might still be a possibility but it s really hard (i even got killed by a few bullets from the bolt pistol).

    I dont mind the ranged classes being weaker with EHP and having the weapons dmg (currently they are meh on a general level) to show for that but melee classes need some love on that front.
  5. SakitPerut Steam Early Access

    It really translates poorly to the Reapers. It's gotten so bad people started to tell players to switch out of it, for various reasons.
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  6. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    They need their Ground Assault classes to be stronger. Either more EHP or a complete rework of the Banshee Scream, because right now Banshees are a liability in all but the most skilled hands.

    There's 110 points EHP difference between a Space Marine GA and a Howling Banshee. The GA can also take a shield which would be the definition of a closing tool, whereas Banshees get a Scream that fundamentally only makes them stronger once they reach their target whilst doing little to help them get there alive.

    Scorpions aren't in too bad a place, honestly, but given they're the one Eldar Aspect that's actually supposed to be broadly as strong and tough as a Space Marine in close combat, they could really do with a little nudge upwards on the EHP as well. Realistically, they can kill from stealth and sneak away with 1EHP, but if they're seen, their chances of survival would be about the same as with their EHP where it is at the moment.

    Also, they gave Toughness-boosting stats to Fire Dragons and Reapers for no fathomable reason. Why don't our troops who will actually be in the line of fire get these? Or just let anyone take them; give the agency to your players. What a concept!
  7. 3dbocatt 3dferocity Active Member

    Extra toughness is supposed to represent a better save. Nurgle Marines have FNP. Cyborks/Meganobs have better saves and an invulnerability save. Assault Marines can have invulnerability saves with shields. Reapers and Fire Dragons have the best saves of most Eldar. With Striking Scorpions having a similar save, but have been restricted on toughness in this game to balance their stealth mechanic.

    What I'd like to see would be a "shimmershield" wargear that costs like 300 lp for DAs that gives an *AOE* toughness buff (not stackable) They want us to play like a team? Fine, give us teamwork tools. That way one DA in a fireteam can take a shimmershield so the whole team becomes more effective despite the one DA not being able to wear more armor, better mod his weapon, or bring consumables/grenades.
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  8. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    I think all in all, it sounds like People just want a bit more of an EHP boost. I find by playing smart, most eldar ranged classes seem to do and cover! Although reapers get put in a bad posistion as they cannot react fast. Then again, all other heavy supports are the same. I just take toughness and health boosts for reapers and I seem to survive decently. Got 30 kills on Ronan today playing reaper with shuriken cannon. Had a warlock nearby of course!

    I think banshee would benefit from a slight EHP boost. Even 25 would help out a lot, just enough so they can make it to the fight without being at a sliver of health. Warlocks are fine, and scorpions can take a lot of survival gear. A master crafted chain sabre does same damage and pen as a normal one, just more clash and durability. As a scorpion, engaging in a full on melee battle isn't exactly what it they are meant to be doing (mainly hunting heavy supports/ Tacticals). So I just take regular chain sword with pen (until I get lash sword) and I take high armor/toughness. I can get 15 plus kills a match with scorpion usually, so I think they may even be ok. They are meant to be played like assassins, and have enough armor to get them away from a bad situation. Usually as a scorpion I die if I make tactical blunders, like trying to engage a JPA with power fist while he sees me, or charge into a group of guys solo (which I try not to do but brain fart sometimes)..

    I would also like to see exarch class weapons, as like many said, other races get beefier weapons, we should as well. Imagine the screams of nerf then!
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  9. Vicious Holy_Vicious New Member

    I don't know if I missed something, but it appears to me that when using the Reaper's Launcher the cooldown for launching an entire servo, causing an overheat, takes less time to cool than a single shot. Seems counterintuitive.
  10. Dragonkindred Dragonkindred Arkhona Vanguard

    The single shot does a lot more damage and can be guided a little. So it has a longer cool down.
    It's hard to trade with though, so you need to be aware of who might see you. Your wind up is that long that you will get out sniped by every other type of long ranged weapon.

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