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What Kinds Of Accents/voices Would You Like To See For Each Faction? Also Voice Modulators.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matsukovich, Dec 26, 2013.


Would you like Voice modulators?

  1. Yis! I wanna be a spess mareen and sound kewl! :D

  2. Noh! I Don't wanna sound like a spess mareen, i like my normal voice :D

  1. What the title says, how would you like voices to sound in EC? :p
    For me, they nailed voices in the Dawn of War Series (I and II) and Spess mahreen

    For orks i enjoy the lower class english/ Australian accents

    For spess mahreens i like the posh english...ness. ( I want to see moar mark strong! :) )

    For Eldar...Damn they nailed it on the EC Website. They were damn good in Dawn of war I and II as well :)

    And for chaos i'd like to see the same deal as DOW II, evil and malicous but not spazzy like DOWI :D

    ...How would you like the other races (when they get added) to sound? I LOVED the cockney/Super english of the imperial guard in DOWII Retribution, Tau sounded rather nice too in dark crusade, Dark eldar in soulstorm were pretty darn good, but they're lines were kinda cheesy :p

    Oh and one last thing, (this is hypothetical) would you like your transmitted voice (if it has voice chat) to be "Modified" depending on your race? So if you were a voice chatting space marine, your voice would sound like a spess mareen from dawn of war and such, Or if you were an eldar, you transmitted voice to sound softer..Damn kids would sound hilarious through a vox-grille though :)
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  6. roy New Member

    id like to see the space wolves having deep guttural tones of voice but still able to make sense of what they are saying... and obviously if each race has its own war cry's and battle shouts that would be cool
  7. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Yea, those do sound better.

    I actually love all the voices on the main page. I hope all four stay like that pretty much. I love the gritty sound Chaos usually gets but I'd like something a little different in places. I'd keep it for most stuff.
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  8. Tradias Member

    They'd sound an awful lot like Angry Marines whether they meant to or not.
  9. DoW Marine voices are decent IMO, they're American-ish.
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