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What Is Your Favourite 40k Game To Date?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nuttydread, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Starcraft Dark crusade, Best DoW in my mind, then Space Marine.
  2. Jaccx023 Subordinate

    Space marine even with all its lag, host migrations, broken weapons and bugs no other game has gift me the satisfaction of direct controlling an astartes, love it!.
  3. Mark Turner Active Member

    1: DoWII - Because of the customisation of squad and overall look of the game.
    2: Space Marine on 360 - Just pure fun for me - multiplayer wasnt too bad.
    3: DoW (with a few mods on it) - My fave ever RTS
  4. Final liberation.
  5. AnotherOne AnotherOne Subordinate

    I heartily agree with you there. Still they are fun to play once they are running... even if Chaos Gate is a bit too hard for my taste *g*
  6. Krake Hakula Arkhona Vanguard

    Warhammer 40000 Chaos Gate (rel 1998).

    Even though it's old as hell it still is my faworite and none of the new rts games that has come out has captured the feeling in it as well as chaos gate. Though space marine was a good game but it lacked the epicness and was too linear.
  7. Ardenstrom Ardenstrom Active Member

    Fire Warrior lighted up my interest. I couldn't finish it though, because the whole thing crashed after you beat the space marine.

    Dark Crusade was great, then I tried playing Firestorm over Kronus, it was fun but confusing at times. AI didn't work well there too and there wasn't enough tactics - basically hoarding units

    I'd say DOW II Chaos Rising and DOW II Retribution are the best tactic squad-based strategies out there so far.
    Too bad their further development halted. There was much more to expand on in the Last Stand mode.
    I still enjoy playing it from time to time

    Space Marine was a nice change of pace, we haven't ever seen a good Warhammer TPS (then again, there was only Firewarrior FPS and we played the Tau soldier). Better then nothing
    It was ok (considering it's the one of a kind game out there: it was GREAT) but many things could've been done much better

    Having very high expectations of the Eternal Crusade
  8. I tried everything and I can't get that running on Windows 8.

  9. That is exactly how I got into WH40K as well :D

    My brother and I spent hundreds of hours playing Dark Crusade 2 vs 6 Brutal AIs.

    My favorite faction was Necron (obviously) and I have many a fond memory of teleporting my Necron Lord into my recently destroyed army and then using Resurrection Orb.... Ah memories.

    Also DoW 2: Retribution was/is awesome. I loved the Last Stand Mode. I might get flamed for this but if we could possibly get a similar mode in Eternal Crusade; one where you can have players from any faction join up to fight the ever increasing waves of Tyranids; I would love it.

    Also I have been longing for a new WH40K game to give me another Necron fix. Please, Please, Please let it be Eternal Crusade.
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  10. FabricatorGeneral Unbihexium Forum Beta Tester

    I don't know. Hell, I even loved Fire Warrior. I guess I spent the most time in DoW1

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