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What Is Your Favorite Flavor Of Ork?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Krage, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Vostroyev New Member

    Mek, all the way. Can't be a proper ork without the unpredictability
  2. I'z gonna have the most dakka!
    By which I mean flash gitz are best.

    However Freebootaz are pretty cool too, and I do seriously want to participate in races with the Kult of Speed.
  3. Grots..
    In case it wasn't clear.....;)

    More specifically


    Killa-Kan Pilots
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  4. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate

    'Ooevah said ya can't 'ave 'nuff dakka.

    Well, dey'z a jeenus.

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  5. Iz gunna be eeva a Mega Nob or iz gunna be a loota Dakkadakkadakka OI OI OI
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  6. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    Oooooh this is a toughie. Ummmmmmm lesse... Ahah! This is one of my favorite recipes!

    LEG OF ORK by Marduk, Sons of Malice Head Chef.

    For this recipe you need:

    1 Leg of a fairly medium sized orc.
    4 1/2 Ork Eyeballs to be squeezed for red juices.
    3 teaspoons of Tyranid Horns dust for seasoning.
    6 Eldar ears (Wax included if you want the leg to have a nice buttery after taste).
    3 - 5 Human Bones to be grinded down. Preferably the Rib cage which is really nice.
    1 -2 Necron skulls for metal shavings. Always need a little Iron in your well balanced diet.
    Some fruits, veggies and blue Tau skin courtesy of the Tau Earth Caste. Always be sure to have some nice leafy greens. You may be a heartless barbarian, but that doesn't give you a reason not to be healthy.

    Now to begin.

    1st. Take said Ork leg and chop it off from around the calf level. It is recommended that you get a fresh leg but if you happen to find it just lying around on the battlefield somewhere that works too.

    2nd. Take Ork eyes, Tyranid Horn dust, scooped out Eldar Earwax (optional), Human Bones, and Metal Shavings in a mixing bowl and mix till a fine paste.

    3rd. Cut open holes in leg then chop up some leafy greens. Put in each vegetable and fruit in open holes in leg.

    4th. Rip off skin from Tau, drown it in earlier made sauce, then wrap around Ork leg and tie it up together.

    5th. (Optional) Put in a nice little conventional oven and cook on high for about 4 hours till a nice crispy brown.

    6th. Take out and eat :D
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  7. McKwain McKwain Subordinate

    Nob or Tank busta

    Personally, lootas. If no choice in that I would fall back on choppy types.
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  9. OrkReich OrkReich Curator

  10. Das-Goat Das-Goat Subordinate

    Wiv out da meks all da ova stupid orks wud still be stuk on some stupid rock just floatin around sum place. Da meks is da reel powah uf da orks.
    But seriously Shock attack gun is the most random fun I have ever had in a 40k game ever. I was once fighting a bunch of marines all bunched together around a Baal pred. Turn 1 I get hammered by this gun line that can only be bested by the Tau. Turn 2 I shoot the shock attack gun at the tank. I roll the results that shoot the mek instead of a snotling. Lucky for me I had given the mek a Klaw. I get the assault, pop the tank and the resulting explosion kills enough of his surrounding troops that the game is effectively over. 1 shot killed an army! It was Epic.
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