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What Is Wind Up?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. Someone said "It also has a wind up like a melta gun." for Destructor. What does it mean?
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Warlock offensive spell
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  3. I have already searched this. If I could have answer I wouldn't ask this. It's not like I'm gonna spamming for no fucking reason. Just definitions don't match with what has been meant.
  4. Joker1358 Joker1358 New Member

    They probably are reffering to the short delay between starting clicking fire on mouse till the weapon actually shootz and itz prolly the same for the spell
  5. So right. Am I supposed to search whole Google to find a word's definition even by changing it's spelling before ask here? Do you... even have a brain? up
    That is what I found
    And no this doesn't give me that site when I type "windup" and search in Google. You do even know that Google's giving different results to people from different countries? How are you being with that low IQ and calling me dumb? Will you stop to try your butthurt by attacking me for no fucking reason?

    Saying "Do you not have regular access to a search engine?" and asking "also what the fuck is a destructor?" is what a fucking hypocrisy and ironic. Playing Eternal Crusade for years and doesn't know a single spell of Eldars'. lawl.

    A kid with 20 IQ's calling you dumb, how hilarious is that. GTFO now.
  6. Yes when you 'google' something... you do physically have to search through every piece of information to find something if it's an English word. I now see you don't actually understand how the internet works. An English word has many definitions. When you go Urban Dictionary you will see 5 fucking pages.

    Ahahahahahahahaha who said I wouldn't knew what the DEVASTATOR class was? It's a class name and my memory didn't die like yours. So it's fucking easy to remember them. And also Space Marine had these classes, it's not special class name. How can you insult someone while having that so low IQ? I'm not talking about FUCKING Devastator class, classes have no wind up either. I'm talking about Destructor. Someone said that Destructor has wind up and I quoted from him, I didn't type it. You are fucking supposing that I confused Devastator with Destructor but I wasn't. And if you knew what the DESTRUCTOR spell was you wouldn't ask what it is and you would do same explanation to the Krayt when he explained what it is. And you would ask if I confuse Devastator with Destructor. Once again you've proven to me and any one else who's unfortunate enough to disagree that he was an ignorant and noob enough to don't know name of a single spell. What the fuck are you even talking about? If someone is unfortunate who is he? If it's me then how the fuck it's being the airspace of my idiocy? I'm just unfortunate enough to enter the airspace of my idiocy? Ahahahahahahahahaha. What a retard. You are so easy to beat as always. And with retardness YOU belong safely within the confines of four padded walls. And you will say yoor soyong No O, ofc I do when you say some shit belongs to you.
  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    *sees a new message ... more autistic screeching ... switch to next thread*
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  8. *sees a new message ... more autistic screeching ... switch to next messages*
  9. No. If you don't I'm totally okay with it. Don't read my posts so less stupid shits I will hear. Nope, you rustle nothing and it has nothing to do with number of words. And yes you can only rustle my dick with your words. It makes me feel good.
  10. About my father what?
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